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Techsource Rewind | EP2

added the type of person to cable manage a newborns umbilical cord what guys I said and welcome to tech source rewind where we look back at the months and go over some highlights some channel updates future projects and announced all the winners for the giveaways as well as these setup wars winners but with that said here are the table of contents let us begin so few things are happening with the channel first and foremost a huge massive upgrade in quality I recently picked up a few things from BH photo I just got thinking the last episode I talked about me getting the Ursa mini 4.6 k camera today I got the sheen or zine however you say lens which is a wide-angle Sinaloan that's going to look amazing for those cinematic shots and I'm most going to be picking up some better audio gear and lighting gear so basically a lot a lot of stuff I'm picking up to bring you guys just better looking videos I want to increase the quality and the production quality of this channel and I feel like that's the next step and huge things to BH photo for hooking me up with this amazing deal on all of my gear from the camera to the lens to the battery packs as the I mean everything you guys are awesome I'll drop a link to all the gear I'm picking up from BH photo in case you guys want to check it out I'm very excited and I know you guys are going to be I just about have everything to put together the perfect desk setup episode four which by the way it's going to be insane it's going to be black and yellow setup Wolverine themed and it's going to feature electro box I am just so static static I am so ecstatic for this and honestly it's going to be one of the best it's not the best video the only thing is I'm waiting for the rest of my camera gear because I want to shoot this video in the best possible quality and bring that to you guys I figured it's gonna be worth the wait so just give me a few more weeks maybe a month but aside from that I did a few other awesome builds coming up on the channel next few months one of them is going to be a rising five budget extreme budget build and that's going to have a build guide because I actually haven't done one of those in such a long time and I know a lot of you guys love the field guides so excited satellite so the top 5 tech of April according to your votes in the nice app in no particular order are as follows the gigabyte b250 motherboard which is one of the go-to boards for budget builders out there looking to build a PC running on either the sky lake or kb lake platform it's got four dimm slots and that to support as well as 4 USB 3.1 fours next up is the Logitech G 9 10 RGB mechanical keyboard which is actually fifty three dollars off right now in Amazon and then we got the very popular one terabyte drive from WD which you guys are probably sick of seeing at this point since it's pretty much in all of my builds the 7600 K also made a list making it a sweet spot for gaming around $240 and finally the most popular cooler on the planet the 212 Evo even until today there hasn't been another cooler to take its crown usually it goes for around $35 but it's actually on Amazon for only 25 so you get to save a measly $10 and just like always every single month the top 5 tech of the month will be given away one to you and one to a lucky friend more information on that and the giveaway in the nice app link below winner of set of words episode 96 was Josh and his incredible nerdgasm ik man cave with 1940 votes his room was a paradise for any gamer out there well deserved 97 went to Zach and his sick black and blue set up with a wall-mounted PC this is actually the setup that I sent the blue carbon fiber skins to and it looks like he got them just in time on Twitter enjoy buddy Z took the win for episode 98 not only for his extremely clean ultra light setup but the fact that he built his PC inside a pull out drawer very impressive well deserved and finally with 1800 votes Francisco took the crown for episode 99 the ultimate edition with his jaw-dropping triple monitor setup excellent cable management and the water cooled PC definitely one of the better ultimate set ups I've seen on the show and here are the 10 winners of last month's nice giveaway for the top 5 tech if your name is on here make sure to check your inbox because you would have done an email from the nice app also here are all the winners for the cool tech on a 25 for April as well if your name is on this list make sure to send me a private message through YouTube that I can verify it's your account please do not send me a separate email you have about two weeks to respond before I select another winner here are the winners of the $25 Amazon gift cards as well basically if you have voted for a setup within the nice app your name is automatically thrown into a pool and four winners are drawn every single month to when it's very easy to enter and it doesn't require any extra work also check your email to claim your $25 Amazon gift card if your name is on this list and finally the giveaway that you all been waiting for the $1500 setup giveaway which is worldwide in fact I haven't even selected a winner so I'm going to do this live right now in front of you guys let's go and pick one lucky bastard well technically it's not lies because I'm not screaming it but you guys get the idea all right let me go to my channel quick pull up the video which was episode 100 copy the link go to the random comments picker which is the website I use to basically select the winner every time the best thing about this one is it actually tells me which person commented more than one so that way I can just disqualify them because obviously if you comment more than once it's not fair so right now it's loading all the comments there's about sixteen thousand five hundred comments to load I'm not gonna let you guys obviously wait here so I'm going to cut to it once it's done loading and then we can randomly pick a winner all right so it looks like it's done let's go ahead and click on randomly pick a winner this person's gonna win 52 bucks towards their dream setup here we go three two and one Lucas T Oh chorus or charas let's check out his kids copy this make sure you only has one kid because obviously to have more than one you will be cheating audio for my PC kids that's it wait a minute how much is this this is this might even be just 52 bucks Oh a thousand dollars for the Sony high-resolution audio system wow that is interesting that you would spend fifty million dollars on this but hey it's your kid it's your setup and congratulations if you're watching this let me just make sure you only have one kit on here yep there's only one kit very simple very straightforward yes congratulations Lucas puke RS if you're watching this video you just won yourself a pair of speakers I'm going to reach out to you make sure you check your inbox and we're going to get this sorted out everybody else wintered thank you so much there's actually one that's currently still happening it's for episode 101 of set of fours there's going to be another $1,500 setup giveaway that's going to be done in a nice step as well so watch the episode 101 of setup or if you guys want to enter for that but anyways you guys enjoy the text so let's rewind and you want to see it done every single month make sure to leave a like and if you hate the series feel free to dislike as well just so I know if I should continue or not thank you again for watching I'll see you in the next one
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