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that was probably the worst way to start this episode I have to clean all this crap up what you guys as mtech stories and the time has finally come I've been teasing about this day for months and months and months I've been getting emails I've been getting tweets I've been getting comments the day is finally here to finally expand text source now before I continue if you're not interested in working with text source stop watching this video and move on to one of my other videos because this is not print a ting to you and it's not going to be in interesting videos can be very boring I'm just going to be me sitting front of the camera talking about stuff now if you're still sitting here watching this video you probably didn't care about what I just said a few seconds ago your rebellion I like that little seriousness though I am having two full time individuals a reviewer editor and also someone who could shoot video we need to have these three skill sets to apply for the position this person needs to be able to relocate wherever they live so if you live outside the states or maybe in a different state you guys are gonna have to move to LA and so we're close to where I live I'm gonna be moving to Santa Clarita at the end of July which is about 30 minutes north of LA and if you guys are worried about the payment the salary here is basically enough to get your own place in LA and still live comfortably I'm not going to tell you what the celery is now because it depends on experience and it depends on a bunch of other factors but more info on that as the hiring process continues this is private information of course so the tumor viewers I was talking about the first one has to have excessive knowledge and skill sets on the PC side we're talking about graphics card reviews motherboards CPUs benchmarks PC builds keyboards gaming runners the list goes on but you guys get the idea the other person has to have expertise and general text so we're talking smartphones operating systems like Android iOS we're also talking about headphones speakers and basically everything else and it doesn't have to do with PC gaming if that makes any sense both of them need to know how to edit on Adobe Premiere or on Final Cut Pro and also they need to know proper scram both of them are going to be reviewing products so obviously you have to sound like you know what you're talking about basically guys I'm looking for sharks I'm looking for self driven dedicated loyal intellectual individuals I want to join something big also it's been one of your dreams to always live in California then this might be your dream job one thing that's missing this year compared to last year when the channel is doing so well is consistency I upload every single day but now that I'm not the channels kind of this plateauing I mean still growing believe it or not I'm not complaining at all with the numbers it's just I expect it to be at a certain number at the end of the month and I'm not hitting that number so in order to do that I got to pump out more videos I gotta push out more content and I believe that this is truly the next step to make that possible so with that said I'll drop a link to the application down below but honestly guys the most important thing about this whole application is the actual video that you're going to have to create to send to me so basically I need you guys to review a product and send me the video file now I'm not expecting high quality production videos in fact something guys might not even own a camera but this is where the people who really want the job will outshine the people that don't want it as much I feel like obtaining a camera is fairly easy I'm sure you know one of your friends or family that owns a camera or you can go to your local camera store maybe borrow it from them or purchase it shoot the video and then you can return it back I mean there's plenty of ways to do that as far as the voice-over section if you guys aren't comfortable voicing over the video you can send me the script I'll voice over and I'll just send you the audio file and you guys can put that in your video so if you have a PC side grab maybe I don't know like a graphics card and do a video on that with benchmarks and stuff like that and if you're on the other side general tech grab maybe a smartphone or a pair of headphones and do a video on that don't grab a power bank or something simple to do a video on just to do a video guys I need to be impressed okay I'm gonna be looking at the editing skills I'm going to be looking at the way you present the item I'm not looking at the quality per se I'm just looking at how you guys present the item I'm going to be judging it off that it's like this is the best place to reach a poor potential candidates for several reasons one you guys watch my content so we know what type of videos I produced familiar with the style of my videos and to you probably into technology if you're subscribed to tech source so instead of reaching out to an agency to hire people that might not even know anything about YouTube or social media or anything like that I think will be a complete disaster and waste of time so this I feel like is the first step in it into finding someone or finding the two people that are perfect for the growth of tech stores so that about wraps up this video I think yes so much for watching and for those of you who aren't even interested in watch the video thank you so much for the viewership this year's going to be very big for tech source we're going to be expanding and I'm so excited to welcome to lucky individuals to join a tech source team honestly big things are happening this is the beginning I cannot contain at the excitement I have all these series ideas I have planned and all the content that I want to shove in your faces as soon as I have the team and the office space to do it I want to bring you guys more ultimate that set of videos hopefully you can do that once a month or once every two months or something more frequently and just a bunch of other PC bills and stuff like that but and I'm done rambling check out the links below if you're interested if you have any questions hit me up on Twitter at IDI underscore tech stores I'll see you guys in an excellent
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