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The All-In-One Smart Home Device | Almond 3

technology has come a long way there are many things we could do today now we can do so easily let's say 10 years ago so I kind of wanted to make a video to give you guys a comparison or an example of this and because of that I've partnered with Sakura Phi to make this video possible I hope you guys enjoy today in what you will take a glance at how cutting edge technology is being used in the home to change and to improve our lives leaving this evolution towards an era of smart homes if Microsoft Corporation among the world's leaders in dynamic applications of high technology let's take a look at the home of the future as designed by innovative engineers and scientists of Microsoft everyone imagines the connected smart home to be a concept of future but a distant reality that Microsoft has envisioned is possible right now your weight is now over so enjoy a comfortable connected secure home of the future as Robin enters she just touches welcome home on the nearest wall panel so the house is set just the way she likes it the president is actually better than the future imagined you don't have to press any buttons just use a voice command to tell Alexa to activate a scene you can turn on the lights set the nest thermostat to the preferred level and operate the WindowBlinds by just a voice command Alexa tell elmond I am home when the rest of the family gets home there are many ways the house makes life easier Almond can store multiple scenes and can group smart devices in one room in a scene such as TV time Alex sets the scene in the dining room by selecting family dinner from a wall panel besides setting lights and background music this turns off the phone all men can also block the kids internet during dinner time easily through the app or voice command Alexa block the kids internet robban meanwhile is in the home office where she has the same control over every aspect of the house from the PC including heating ventilation and air conditioning so you've seen how Robin Chris and the kids have the convenience of electronic lists instant communication between family members control over household settings and interruptions as well as easy access to all kinds of information and entertainment in addition to all these convenient features the allman app on your smart phone can do much more with supported accessories the peanuts plug power monitoring switch can report the amount of power a connected device is using the outlet can also be powered on or off with just a tap no matter where you are now if you add in the elements click we can use that to control any connected sensors including the peanut plug without needing to carry around a smartphone the element app also allows you to get a glance at the status of your element router as well as make modifications to some of its settings you can change advanced settings of the router itself reboot the device or even get a quick glance at the settings such as the network names and security types while we already set a scene with the element we can create rules as well which will take action on their own for example at the time at 7:00 p.m. I can tell the element to power on the peanut plug therefore turning on the desk light I can also take it to a step further and have the light automatically turn off at 11 p.m. every single day so when the day is over my smart home takes care of it for me the wait is finally over the home of the future is now thinking so much for checking out the video while drop a link to the element down below and when it's interested thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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