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The Apple Airpod killer?! | Air by Crazybaby NANO Earbuds

what's up guys it's a FinTech source and as unfortunate as it is headphone jacks are sadly fading away with manufacturers like Apple and Google spearheading the change the Nano from air by crazy baby is a wireless and cordless earbud solution that I think a lot of you would be interested in it does retail for $100 and has a lot of the same functionality that you would find in Apple's more expensive air pods so I've been using these for a week now and I have to say I'm actually impressed but before we get into the earphones let's talk about the carrying case it has an apple vibe but it's all white glossy design and magnets that hold the ear buds together as well as the built-in battery that will charge the earbuds it uses these contact points to do so and they do have to be perfectly aligned in order for it to work as for the battery life the nanos will go for around 12 hours when recharging with the battery in the capsule and three hours with a single charge three hours isn't really that great but considering we get 1.5 hours of use from just five minutes of charge it's easy to work with the LED built into the side gives you the charging status and on the other end we'll find the USB C port used to charge the entire case and it's nice to see that they went with the new standard one thing I do want to mention is that on my pre-release unit the sliding capsule doors are kind of wobbly and don't seem to be put together very well one of the doors also slides open pretty easily but again this is a pre-production unit so I hope these issues are addressed before the official launch oh and speaking of launch it will come with ten different color choices so you can match it with pretty much anything you want one of my favorite features they've incorporated here is the quick listen and what that will do is it will turn the earbuds on and pair them automatically when you pull them out of the capsule I found this especially useful in situations where I can't avert my focus from a task and fiddle with my Bluetooth settings or plug in headphones in ear the nanos are comfortable they're small and lightweight and angle in perfectly with the ear canal and I want to worry about them falling off either thanks to the ergonomic design and the rubber ear tips however if you're going to be very active with these earbuds in for example if you're gonna be jogging or going to the gym I do recommend using the included sport strap it's also splash resistant so it can definitely take the sweat if you're planning to workout with these on looking around the earbuds we can see an LED indicator for the connection status and right above that there is a button it's attached fairly well to the earbud but I wish it was a little more clicky with the left ear but we get controls over phone calls and voice assistant and on the right ear bud it gives us control over music I really enjoyed using Siri with the nanos it has a built-in microphone and with bluetooth 5.0 s extended range I can be pretty far away from my phone and set timers ask questions or whatever else that I deal with Siri I actually find myself using her more with these on than I have ever have without any earbuds on and also these shortcuts work with Android of course now for the important part the sound quality if you want strong base then I'm sorry to say that these aren't for you the sound profile is very clear however and has good highs and mids but there just isn't any low-end vocals are clear as well and I found these to be perfect for podcasts you also get fairly loud I typically keep them at 70% volume I don't recommend going above 80% otherwise you can damage your hearing so for $100 you get a saw a pair of wireless earphones that deliver everything that the more expensive Apple earpods already do if you have one of the latest smart phones that don't have a headphone jack or if you're just looking for a really solid pair of bluetooth earbuds that I do recommend checking these out I'll drop a link to it down below as always thinking guys so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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