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The BEST $700 Gaming PC You Can Build!

what's a glasses a from Texas and welcome to my second budget build for the month of December and in case you guys missed it I am building one for MD and now I'm building one for Intel these are both sub $700 gaming pcs if you're in the market of building a gaming PC because you want the game over 60 fps and 1080p and these are the two bills that you need to focus on right now the $700 Intel build or the $615 rising build I can safely say that you can't get anything else that performs better within this price range I'm also gonna be doing a build guide for this PC and I'll be going over everything step by step and show you how easy it is to build this PC it is a beginner guide for noobs and I'm gonna show you how to install Windows download the drivers and even how to overclock your GPU so make sure you guys hit that notification button so you don't miss out all right so this PC is gonna cost you a little under $700 at the time of making this video if the price has changed by the time you're watching it I will leave alternative links below so that you don't end up paying more than $700 and still get the same performance the processor I went with is the i3 8100 which is a quad-core CPU that's locked at 3.6 gigahertz and let me tell you guys this CPU is a beast compared to the Rison 1200 this is a coffee like chip so unfortunately we do need a Z 370 board because it's not backwards compatible with any other board out there and right now the most affordable z 370 board out there is from msi coming in at $120 the good thing is if you ever decide to upgrade in the future to an unlocked processor like these 80 600 K or even the 8700 K then you don't have to worry about getting a new board the RAM selection was tricky because I had to find the perfect Ram that will not only fit within the budget but will also provide extra performance when combined with the processor the i3 8100 loves fast memory in fact you can see up to 20 FPS difference between a 2400 and a 32 hundred megahertz rated Ram stick there are multiple sources proving this through benchmarks online and even I tested it on myself and confirmed it using the same RAM sticks from the Rison build it's pretty crazy I did however overclock the RAM all the way up to 36 hundred megahertz easily within the BIOS the graphics card I decided to go with was the GTX 1066 gigabyte from ZOTAC for several reasons first off it was the lowest price GPU at the time giving you the best value for performance it was going for only $240 compared to the $280 price tag of the lowest priced rx 588 gigabyte variant I also wanted access to GeForce experience and gsync while still saving money at the same time also after overclocking I was able to push the boost clock to 2,000 megahertz let me repeat that for you a steady 2,000 megahertz on the boost clock and just for comparison the highest average boost clock people can reach on their RX 580 card is around 1500 megahertz this card is beast when overclocked I was able to hit every game over 60 fps and maxed or high settings with the exception of ashes of the singularity but more on the performance later in this video storage is always subjective so I stick with the usual one terabyte hard drive from WD however you can easily substitute this for a 240 gigabyte SSD or add more storage if you wish and powering the build is a 430 watt power supply which is plenty for this PC also I didn't have a 500 watt power supply in stock if you're gonna be building this PC I strongly recommend going with the 500 watt power supply from EVGA which actually costs even less than the 430 watt power supply it even has enough power for an 8700 K and a GTX 1080 both of them overclocked so if you guys do decide to upgrade later down the line you don't need to buy a bigger power supply in theory your PC will only use up to 450 watts and that's with an overclocked CPU and GPU with an extra SSD as well again just to clarify I'm using a for your 30 watt power supply because that is all I had the 500 watt power supply went into the rising build the case I'm using for Blue Lotus is the Roseville now Tillis which is a mid tower chatzi's for only $25 guys this is the best case out there hands down within this price tag it has a clear side panel it's got four USB ports on top two of which are USB 3 it also comes with pre-installed standoffs and to top it all off it has two 120 millimeter fans already pre-installed it even has space for a lot of storage you get up to three hard drive bays which can also be used for SSDs and additionally you get two extra spaces for SSDs one near the top next to the optical Bay and one more in the back of the case it's a really nice case for the unbelievable price however by the time you're watching this the price will most likely go up because a lot of you will start buying it or maybe I picked it up on sale and I wasn't aware of it if the case is sold out all of the prices no longer the same then I'll drop a link to a few other alternative cases under $30.00 that way you guys stick within the budget temps were really good on full low the CPU was peaking at 67 degrees and the GPU peaking at 84 and do keep in mind that the GPU was overclocked speaking of overclock like I mentioned before I got the boost clock to hit a steady 2,000 mega Hertz and 8808 megahertz on the memory clock it's interesting because I used the same GPU for the Rison build and I couldn't get the same clock speeds I guess the motherboard and the airflow in the case make a huge difference the PC is also quieter than the Rison build four five track benchmark has scored a little higher than the rising build at ten thousand seven sixty one however it was slightly slower when it came to rendering which makes sense because of the lower clock speeds I exported a three-minute 5k read file in a little over fifteen minutes very impressive numbers when it came to gaming I was blown away by how much performance you can get for just seven hundred dollars GPUs have come a long way and it's awesome to see that we have access to such powerful components that are available to consumers who are on a tight budget well over 60 fps and most triple-a title games either in max or high settings GTA 5 was running like butter at a 135 EV PS average doom using OpenGL and ultra settings was also kicking ass as well over a hundred frames per second destiny too was pushing slightly over 100 FPS and small areas that would jump over 120 fps and other open areas or lots of action would get you in the high 80s but overall gameplay was very smooth without any hiccups or stutter the most impressive was pub G an average FPS of 81 on high settings that is crazy to see on a budget PC going into buildings would push the FPS count over 90 and then wide open spaces with action going on it would hover in the mid 70s but either way you are getting well over 60 fps and a very smooth and I can't believe I'm saying it an enjoyable experience hunt pub G guys I can safely say that this is the best budget gaming PC that I've ever built on the channel for around $700 hands down and that is why I want to do a build guide because there might be people out there that want to build this exact same machine and I want to show you guys step-by-step on how to build one especially since Christmas is around the corner so make sure you guys have notifications enabled because it is dropping very very soon and I might even do a giveaway actually on this you know what let's do it let's do a giveaway I'll actually build two more of these and I'll give them away to three total subscribers I did not even plan for this it's literally just happening right now so yeah guys I'll pick three random people from the comment section I'll announce the winners on December 24th which is Christmas Eve on my Twitter account so make sure you guys are following me there you will have only 20 four hours to claim the prize this is worldwide international so yeah that's that dropping alike is not required but it'll be awesome if you guys want to show your support on the channel can't believe I'm getting away PC three of them okay anyways thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoy the video and I will see you in the next one
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