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The BEST iPhone X Cases - Ed's Picks

what a piece of junk that was huge thanks to 23andme for sponsoring this episode more about it later in the video what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to an interesting type of video so a lot of you guys know I recently upgraded to the iPhone 10 or iPhone X whatever you guys want to call it and the only thing missing right now is a nice solid case so naturally I spent hours on Amazon and I came across some cases now everything on this table is actually purchased by me with my own money I think I spent over $300 on the cases and the accessories additionally I'm going to be testing the cases with wireless charging to see if it still charges wirelessly and of course a third-party charging dock so now I know there's a lot of people out there that don't even use cases on their phone they prefer to go naked on their phone of course so in that case you guys still have to protect your device obviously and the next best thing aside from the case is obviously a skin and right now the only brand out there that knows what the hell they're doing when it comes to wraps or skins is deep brand I have a few selections on here of course ranging from carbon fiber to marble and even their new Dragon Skin they're rocking in fact I'm even using a skin for my phone right now underneath the case this is the black leather and they do have a bunch of other colors and materials to choose from and they have it for laptops and a bunch of other devices check it out down below if you guys are interested alright so let's take a look at the first case that's already on the phone this is actually the first case that arrived and I decided to slap it on to protect my phone until the rest of the items arrived actually don't know the name of this so let me look it up real quick so it's called the anti scratch shockproof from VIN V I don't even know how you call it it's six dollars actually and I think they have a few other colors to choose from they got blue and black I'm in love with this case it's very light very clean minimalistic and one of the things I love about it is that has a clear back panel a few things I noticed it actually has a really nice grip to it because of the rubber material the buttons are very easy to press no issues there and it has a very small lip on if you guys can tell so if you want to put your phone flat on the surface or even on the back you're not gonna scratch the camera lens or the front of the device it does work with wireless charging because I've tested it for the past two weeks let's see if it works with a charging dock though okay very nice so yeah I mean overall a very solid case for six dollars this thing is six dollars guys it's hard to believe this is definitely one of my favorites but again I have to go through the rest of the cases and rate my top three so yeah let's move on to the next one let's go ahead and take a look at this one has an interesting packaging so this one cost $13 and it has obviously several colors to choose from I think the cool thing about this is it comes with a car mount which usually costs at least five to ten dollars if you're looking at the cheapest one so oh so there's not one of those event car mounts you have to basically push down this button and stick it between the vents for your AC or heater alright this pops right in that was very easy definitely add some heft to it the phone is noticeably heavier with this the buns are very easy to press not much force is needed the lip on this case is more raised so you can easily leave this flat on any surface you have to worry about it scratching the volume buttons and the power button have this pretty cool texture on there the silence which is a little hard to get into you might have to actually dig a little deep in there to flip the switch which isn't really a big deal the design looks pretty interesting I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of it maybe it will look better in a different color but yeah I'm actually curious if this would even wirelessly charge because it's it is a bit bulky so let's check that out so no wireless charging on this case unfortunately and for the charging dock it actually works just fine as long as you have a tip that sticks out just enough and I think the best part about this charging dock is actually there are a few adapters you can go with that extends the tip of the lightning cable as you guys can see you get a total of four adapters which lets you adjust the length of the tip depending on the case you're using so that's pretty cool alright so the next case is 25 bucks and it's from fate 10 at the ants where you call it it's basically a full protection armored case it covers both the front and back of the phone comes in a few different colors you got golden black golden red black on black and even camouflage but first impression is this is my type of phone not because of the black and red color scheme but because of how it looks and the premium feel in the hand it's definitely a little bulky obviously that's kind of the trade-off when you want a full protection case I love the black carbon fiber in the back I think it adds a really nice touch to the overall aesthetic and comfort level honestly it feels really nice in the hand there isn't any sharp edges that kind of poke you there's a nice little grip on the side here because the rubber insert actually kind of sticks out a little bit and it gives a nice grip to the phone unfortunately the case isn't waterproof aside from the usual water resistance you would get on the iPhone 10 it is shockproof and the spoof however it does come with a rubber insert for the charging dock as well as the volume keys and even the power button and of course the vibrate switch in order to put your phone on vibrate all you have to do is push down on this button and in vice versa if you want to take it off vibrate it's honestly a very smart mod on this case and it's actually done very well how do you can charge it wirelessly but check it out wait what well you can charge a wirelessly okay I did not even know that okay so here's where it gets kind of annoying you're gonna have to pull down on the flap and you're gonna have to hold it in place as you slide it in yeah this is not as convenient as I would have liked when it comes to mounting it on a charging dock but it is still possible but the cool thing about that is you can actually remove the cover for the charging port if you don't want it there so you basically just peel this off once you take apart the case and then well now you won't have any protection obviously but at least it won't bother you when charging the final verdict for twenty-five dollars this is a really nice case offers full protection buttons are very easy to press it feels really nice in the hand very premium look and feel pretty solid case for 25 bucks moving on alright next case is gong extreme protection looks like it's water resistant dirt proof snow proof and shockproof let's check this out packaging is pretty nice okay comes with a lanyard comes with a tiny screwdriver and the case itself okay this is definitely gonna be a pain in the ass to install you got 12 screws on each side guys 12 screws here 12 screws here it is a pain in the ass to take apart and then put back together so alright so does it look cool okay looks cool I guess depending on who you ask to me personally I think it looks different I don't know if I would say aesthetically pleasing but it looks different it looks interesting way heavier than before I would say probably twice the weight it's easy to grip thanks to the textures on the side the buttons are harder to press than the previous cases I've tested the power button especially you get no feedback whatsoever so you don't even know if you pressed it until you look at the phone for the charging port looks like there is a seal or a covers of some sort not that easy to peel off you're gonna have to try a few times until you get a hold of the tip there and then peel it off okay that port is very deep in there I'm pretty sure it's not gonna be compatible with most charging docks unless you have one like mine where you can adjust the tip $26.00 and there's two colors Oh black or the silver and blue I don't think you can even charge wirelessly with this yeah it's it's way too thick there is a vibrate switch just like the previous case however this one doesn't even work at all yeah just I think poorly executed poorly designed case whoever made this you need to rethink some things for twenty-five dollars I say do not buy this case it is not worth it what a piece of junk that was so this was an interesting case this is pretty much it this is what it looks like it's an aluminum frame and it has a key ring in the back ring I don't know what you guys call it so basically just snaps on so just snaps on your phone just like that very easy to install and that is it's all right so this is the she rocks aluminum metal bumper case and it's going for it's around $15 I don't know if I would pay $15 for this to be honest comes in silver rose gold and black basically the colors of the iPhone obviously it's not meant for full protection it may maybe protect your phone if you drop it on the side or hits one of the corners or something but the main purpose of this case is for a better grip so I guess you put your middle finger or whatever finger you want and I guess it's just easier to hold on to your phone additionally I guess you can use it as a kickstand so that's also pretty cool other than that I don't really see another use for this type of case to be honest other than the kickstand and a better grip on your phone whether you're taking selfies or whatever it is you're doing with your smartphone it definitely doesn't sit flush with your hand in fact it's a little uncomfortable because of the keyring in the back but yeah if you're looking for a type of case like this then also because of the keyring obviously it's not going to be compatible with wireless charging can't even can't even fit on the stand because it's pushing it off however for the third-party dock I don't see an issue with it at all so yeah it is charging that's completely fine charging docks are fine while this charging is not fine with this case oh it also comes with a screen shield so for fifteen dollars might be worth it if you're gonna use the case for what it's intended for I think this will be a nice case to have on the side because it's so easy to take out and put back on so in case you are gonna use it for those special occasions let's say if you're going somewhere and you need a kickstand to watch movies or something on your phone this would be pretty cool accessory to have on the side but as a main case I cannot recommend it I'm sorry alright next up we have a case from ghost tech looks like it is a wallet case there's a place for your cards even some cash maybe let's go ahead and pop this and okay goes in fairly easily first impressions it's actually a good looking case it's very light kind of slippery on the sides there isn't grip to be honest it doesn't sit flush with your hand because obviously if the cardholder but the material on the back is really nice it has some texture on it it kind of feels like one of those laptop bags feels really nice the card holder itself is very smooth it kind of feels like fake leather it does have a lip in the front so you can easily put it face down it won't damage your screen there is plenty of protection for the camera in the back the buttons are very easy to press no problem swiping up from the bottom the vibrate switch is again kind of hard to reach you have to poke deep in there and use your nails not very convenient can i wirelessly charge no obviously it cannot I was kind of hoping it would to be honest but I'm sure with third-party charging docks yep no issue there alright so I got four cards with me let's see if they can hold up to four cards okay so yeah I can fit four cards but I don't recommend that it's a very tight fit pulling out the cards is how are very difficult actually so this case is called the ghost tech x''k two-hybrid tough armored case it goes for twenty dollars does have six colors you get red silver purple pink brown and the black yeah not a bad case at all let's move on to the next one alright this next case is an interesting one two pieces of aluminum it is a bumper case so it's going to put this on a little quick alright bumper is installed my first impressions is this is a pretty cool looking bumper the first thing I noticed it was actually the color of the aluminum frame in the back this is supposed to be the black and red version but this has a pinkish tint to it I don't know if you can tell through the camera definitely not happy with that now I notice that the back is completely exposed there is no cover and even what they slightly raised the lip the protruding camera is still kind of sticking out a bit so yeah the camera is definitely protruding out a few millimeters it is not flush against the bumper I don't recommend putting this flat on any surface you can down the lens on the camera unfortunately actually I think that the brand even offers skins for the camera so if you are gonna be going this route adding a skin around the camera cutout can help you protect it from scratches the power and volume buttons have this silver kind of aluminum texture to it which is pretty cool the vibrates which is kind of in there but it's not as hard to get to like the previous cases that I looked at let's see if it is well it should be able to charge wirelessly because there is no yep looks fine let's check the dock no issues with that either so $20 for a black and red aluminum bumper it actually comes in 10 different colors black on black yeah there's definitely a quite a selection there so yeah other than not getting a backplate like I was supposed to or a screen shield for the back it's a really nice bumper case the only complaints I had with it was the color is completely often what I saw on the Amazon page is supposed to be red not pink and - I'm really paranoid of scratching the camera lens on the back placing it face up so yeah than that I mean it's a really nice solid bumper case I don't know about spending 20 bucks on it though last but not least we have this tank of a case this is a full protection heavy duty case waterproof shockproof and dustproof gonna cost you around $17 and it actually comes in several different colors obviously this adds a lot of bulk to your phone probably double the weight of an iPhone X cuz it you can pretty much kill someone with this thing the buttons are very easy to press I don't have any issues swiping up from the bottom it definitely feels a little unnatural in the hand because of its sheer size luckily I do have large hands so it's not bad bad for me but if you have tiny hands then this is definitely not for you this case is definitely for people who are more outdoorsy whether you're hiking whether you're construction worker if you go diving whatever the hell you do outside if you need full protection case this is definitely it especially considering the price that's only 15 dollars compared to let's say on a heavy duty case from OtterBox which is around 50 bucks then you're definitely getting a lot more for the money going with a case like yes obviously you cannot charge wirelessly on its and as far as the charging dock I think the flap is actually gonna get in the way we can try it out though yeah now that the flap is in the way so unfortunately you're stuck to the usual charging via cable one of the things I really like about the case is the vibrate switch mechanism it's actually done really well on this case compared to the other one that I was having problems with it's very accurate and there's a button over here on the side I would push it up and it would take it on vibrate push it down it would put it on silent so very nice job there no complaints there's definitely some distortion when listening to music and especially taking calls because it is a waterproof case so there's a small seal on the top speaker portion but that's kind of the trade-off you get when you're going for a full protection heavy duty case like this alright so out of these cases my favorite one has to be as to give this one like I mentioned before the overall feel and it's compatible with wireless charging that's one of the things that got me sold on this I love the feel the build quality of this case definitely my favorite one out of the rest some of the cases in here actually have its own purpose for example if you want the ultimate protection dustproof shockproof water cooling water cooling oh my god what the hell am i smoking on shockproof dustproof and waterproof then obviously this is the best case out there that'll give you more bang for your buck compared to other heavy-duty cases out there that are overcharging the crap out of you guys this tiny little case here is actually pretty cool if you want to slap something on for a quick kickstand or maybe you want to hold your phone more securely that's pretty cool side case to have I don't know if I reckon if I can recommend this as a main case the case from ghost tech is really nice if you only carry cards around with you it's built really well it's light I love the material on here definitely one of the really good cases out there for card holders the most affordable case on here which also gives you the most value I would say personally is this one I still can't believe it's six dollars I don't know how on earth this company is making money for around five bucks you get a clear back cover and you get pretty decent protections really light doesn't add much bulk to your phone or all this is a very solid buy I'm very very impressed with that one but I pretty much wraps up this video I've been here for literally over an hour making this video for you guys so I hope you enjoyed it and if you did tossing a like would be awesome if you guys didn't like it feel free to dislike that is fine too you can find all the cases mentioned below as well as these awesome accessories in the comments section thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one guys the results are finally back I'm gonna be sharing with you my DNA story and if you guys recall a few months ago I partnered with 23andme and I sent over a saliva sample to their lab for them to test out and well results came in 23andme is an ancestry service that can help you understand your DNA better you'll be able to see which regions around the world your ancestors came from and learn how your DNA influences your facial features hair taste preferences and more right now they are having a special holiday offer through December 26th so go check them out at 23andme comm slash text source I'll also drop a link below also guys I want to point out that I have not looked at my results just yet this is actually the first time I'm gonna check them out right in front of you so I'm pretty excited alright so it looks like I have five ancestry reports let's check this out 96.9% Middle Eastern it even gives me a breakdown so 97.5% Middle Eastern and North African 0.8% European 0.7% South Asian okay those of you that don't know I'm actually Armenian but I was born in Russia so it's interesting to see this breakdown let's take a look at my traits so asparagus odor detection likely can smell bitter taste likely can taste back here likely little upper back hair very little bald spot no bald spot so that is hundred percent accurate well it's got a bunch of other traits in here light or dark hair likely dark that's also true let's check wellness genetic weight predisposed to weight less than average caffeine consumption likely to consume more yep very true more likely to be a deep sleeper that's also true alright so I think that's enough about me that was pretty interesting and some pretty scary stuff a lot of that stuff is out to be very accurate because when I try it out for yourself make sure to visit the lean 23andme comm slash tech source and get a kit for you and your family today wow that was pretty that's pretty interesting all right thank you so much for watching huge things 223 Emmy for sponsoring this episode as always I will see you guys in the next video peace
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