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The Best $650 Gaming PC You Can Build - 2017

what's up guys is a from Texas and welcome to one of my two budget builds that I'm gonna be doing for December one for Intel and one for AMD and both of these are gonna be sub $700 gaming pcs that will get you over 60fps and maxed out settings and 1080p this particular build will cost you around $650 at the time of making this video and it features the rising 3 1200 quad-core CPU which I was able to overclock using the stock heatsink and by using the MSI be 350 amp gaming Pro motherboard I spent $10 more and picked up the MSI board over the asrock because of stability and I wanted something more reliable when it comes to overclocking for RAM I picked up a big bites from Patriot which are rated at 2400 megahertz now this is the sweet spot for risin builds paying for faster ram won't get you much more performance based on the benchmarks i've seen and for storage I went with a simple 1 terabyte hard drive from WD however you can always easily substitute this for an SSD or add extra storage as you please the point of this bill is to get the most performance possible by spending the least amount of money speaking of performance I opted for the gtx 1066 gigabyte variant from ZOTAC because currently this is the best performing mid-range card for the value that's why guys it actually cost less than the rx 588 gigabyte version that usually goes for around 280 dollars which is $20 more if you look at benchmarks between these two cards there are pretty much even in terms of performance and in some cases the rx 580 does have a slight lead over the 1060 but the difference is miniscule and honestly I'd rather save $20 and get access to GeForce experience you get to use shadowplay to record games smoothly and of course you get G sync power in the build is the 500 watt power supply from EVGA and the case I went with is the Roseville fbm x1 and this is actually a pretty good case for only $27 it has 4 USB ports in the front two of which are USB 3 you also get a clear side panel and two pre-installed fans it even comes prepared with standoffs already installed the cable management wasn't that bad either I was able to hide some of the wires behind the PC and keep the rest of them hidden behind the hard drive rack I'm still surprised that this case is going for this cheap as I said before he can easily hit 60fps and high or max settings on triple-a titles GTA 5 on very high settings you get around 100 FPS doom OpenGL over 100 fps and destiny to maxed out was actually running in the high 80s which was very impressive I jumped in to a few events I joined some PvP matches and drove around my air bike and not once did the frames dip anywhere near 60 I was getting steady 80 to 90 FPS and sometimes it would peak over 100 in areas that don't have any action going on what was more impressive though was actually getting over 60 FPS and pop G on high setting so this game is horribly optimized and the fact that it was running very smooth in the mid 60s was very nice to see inside buildings the frames would jump in the high 80s and low 90s just overall very smooth gameplay at this point I do want to mention that both the GPU and CPU were overclocked unfortunately I didn't get lucky in the Silicon Lottery and I was only able to push my rise in three-chip to 3.8 gigahertz at one point 3 to 6 volts which is actually the minimum it can go I have seen other people using the same cooler and the same exact motherboard combo that pushed there are three 1202 4.0 gigahertz so it's definitely possible you just have to be a little lucky the GPU overclock however was a lot smoother I was able to throw on another 100 megahertz to the core clock and 350 megahertz to the memory the GPU boost clock peaked at 19:30 but once the temps kicked in the 1060 was keeping steady at 1873 megahertz for the boost clock and a total effective memory clock at eight thousand seven hundred and six megahertz do keep in mind that the zotac gtx 1060 came out of the box with a boost clock of 1708 so that's a healthy gain of 165 megahertz on the overall boost clock temperatures were a bit high as expected after all I did push the parts to its absolute maximum to get the most performance out of it both the CPU and GPU were running stable Abbie's overclock settings with the horizon 3 1200 peaking at 74 degrees during full load and the GPU peaking at 88 degrees the Foundry's wasn't too bad with the side panel on during full load the fan noise was around 50 decibels for five spec benchmarks I got a score of ten thousand four hundred and seventy five and when it comes to productivity it does a decent job I mean it's not the worst I definitely don't recommend doing any CPU intensive tasks like editing or graphic design but just for reference I rendered out a three-minute 5k video file in a little under 15 minutes this is a 5k resolution video file the reason why I'm throwing all these numbers at you is because I'm gonna be comparing all the benchmark numbers in this video to the Intel build which is coming up shortly so make sure you guys stick around because we're gonna find out which one of these two builds is gonna give you the best performance and also the best bang for your buck overall this is an awesome gaming PC delegate to over 60 FPS maxed out and 1080p across almost every game and it's only gonna cost you around $650 which is very tempting if you guys want to build this PC for a lot less than be on the lookout for discounts and deals coming up for Christmas in fact the best place to check for PC deals is on my website deal sourced tech because we update the website four to five times throughout the day with fresh deals that we find on Amazon Newegg and eBay so if you guys want to save money on your next build or maybe you want to pick up a few parts and upgrade your current PC then make sure you guys are bookmarking the website and checking back constantly especially during the holidays the website is gonna be packed with some awesome deals if you guys are new to the channel consider subscribing for more PC builds like these and if you guys are excited for the Intel build make sure to smack that like button thank you so much for watching as always everything mentioned in the video will be linked below I love your faces and I will see you in the next one you
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