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The Best Budget Portable Speaker (2014) - Lugulake (4K)

hey guys it's Edie again from Texas and today I wanted to introduce an amazing bluetooth wireless speaker that you probably haven't heard about this is the lookalike wireless speaker and not only is it a speaker but there's also a spot on here to place your phones which most other Bluetooth speakers don't have so you can have your mini theater experience if you choose to which i think is a pretty cool addition now to make things interesting I have brought over three other popular wireless speakers that cost the same and compare them with the Luga leg to find out which speaker sounds the best and you guys can also be the judge but before they all go head-to-head I just want to share some info on each speaker starting with the luga lake you can pick one up for only 40 bucks in either silver blue gold or metallic like the one you see here it also has a connection range of up to 33 feet the anchor speaker also costs 40 bucks and comes in either black blue or white and also has a connection range of up to 33 feet the angle speaker is the same price as well and it's only available in the color you see here and it's connection range is up to 30 feet and last but not least we have the portable speaker from JBL and it comes in a variety of colors as well and it's connection range is well zero since it's not actually wireless anyways that's enough of nonsense let's get to the real comparison the actual sound test we will be comparing overall sound quality from the beat to vocals and even some bass so without wasting any more time sit back relax and enjoy the show five Ford Mustang all righty so that concludes the test I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you which speaker did the best the Luger leg speaker wiped the floor with the other speakers the sound quality was just a lot more clear and crisp and the music just sounded so much better even with the high bass songs but I wanted to ask you anyways do you guys agree with me did we hear the same thing or am I wrong let me know in the comment section down below I'll also leave a link in the description section if you guys want to check out the new Gaelic for yourself anyways this is Ed from tech source and I will see you the next video
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