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The Best Cool Tech - 2015

so one of the reasons why my channel is growing so fast is because of the cool tech series I started back in April 2015 believe it or not most of those videos which over five hundred thousand views each it became one of the most popular tech series video on YouTube but since 2015 is over I went ahead and went through every single one of those videos and hand-picked my personal favorite out of each video and I'm gonna share with you guys all so if you guys are feeling bored I'll go to leave a link down below to the playlist of all of the cool tech videos I've done for 2015 it's actually pretty impressive to see the transition from back then all the way till today a lot has definitely changed but anyways without wasting any more time let's start the video so everything I feature in this video will be linked down below in the order that they appear so it's easier for you guys to find them so starting from the month of June I featured the audio technica hanger which is great and hiding headsets or headphones on the right table since it can rotate also in June I introduced the cootch ear LED lamp which is a touch sensitive desk lamp with different dimming options and four modes whether you are reading a book studying relaxing or sleeping it also uses eighty percent less energy than traditional incandescent lamps but offers the same level of brightness it features a USB port on the side and it's the most flexible LED lamp that I have ever seen jumping into August I featured a bunch of really cool stuff but I'll go over my top three picks for the sake of time the first item is a Bluetooth lock called the quick lock you can unlock it using your smartphone and NFC card that you can carry in your wallet or by using a keychain card I still use it even till today and it's great for travel going to the gym or just for anyone really who doesn't like carrying extra keys or remembering pass codes next up are the NX 80 earphones which was one of the best finds for my channel even till today I'm shocked at how a pair of amazing earphones like these cost only thirteen dollars the quality you get from these are incredible considering the price tag and it's also available in red blue white and black my last favorite item featured four cool tech of August is the cheese stone this is a wireless charger that doubles as a four thousand milliamp hour power bank what separates this wireless Qi charger is that it's actually wireless meaning you don't have to plug it into a wall for it to work it's compatible with all smart phones that have wireless charging September's edition of cool tech was by far the longest and that's because there were a bunch of really awesome stuff like these Wireless LED strips from friends of you that's actually been part of my setup for the longest time it's a bit pricey but I can assure you that it's worth every penny not only can you control the lights from your smartphone but they are RGB meaning you can set them to virtually any color you can think of the notification integration makes it super easy to switch between the scenes which you have pre-configured and you can even turn them off and on by simply tapping on the scenes easily one of the best tech I've invested in for my set up the next item is great for travel and on the go this the SanDisk I expand for iPhones and iPads it's basically like an SD card but for Apple devices instead of transferring large movie or video files onto your iPad or iPhone you can store them into this flash drive and stream the videos music or even movies straight from it this is a lifesaver when I'm traveling especially effective for long flights then I go charger is also one of my favorites and I still use it even till today they have one available for the ps4 and Xbox one and it basically connects to the USB ports and acts as a charging station for the controllers these dongles connect to the microUSB port and begin charging as soon as you place them on the station and yes they are magnetic so you can just drop them off and they will snap in place since they occupy the two USB ports in the front you will find two USB ports in the back for pass-through the last item I featured in September are the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset which also remains my favorite gaming headset today super comfortable to wear that comes with a detachable mic and features 7.1 virtual surround sound it's compatible with PC and Mac as well as ps4 and Xbox one but you might need a stereo adapter for it to work on the Xbox one moving on to October I featured the popular Titan loop which is a lightning cable made out of industrial-grade flexible steel it's MFI certified which means that it's made for iphone it's great for travel since you can hook it up to your keychain backpack or even pocket if you have pets that eat up your cable and this is the answer you are looking for speaking of keychains this next item is called an orbit key and it's basically a wallet for your keys it can hold anywhere from two to seven keys and it's a great way to prevent scratches to your other belongings if you happen to put them in your pocket with your phone or toss them in your backpack with other devices you just simply pull out the key you need to use and slide it back in when you are done they also come with optional add-ons that are compatible with the orbit key like a USB flash drive and a bottle opener one of my favourite take on their $5 is this foldable life in the shape of a credit card if it's easily in wallets or wallet cases and the blade itself is really sharp there's also one available in a light blue which looks a lot cooler and finally we arrive at the last month's episode of 2015 cool tech on their 50 for December which is easily my favorite episode of them all the first item I feature is this amazing mini tripod from Manfrotto so that I use for vlogging it's a really solid portable tripod that can be adjusted by pressing down on this button and is available in many different colors this next item is something I use religiously every single day ever since I stumbled across it never again will I ever need to buy batteries the EBL battery charging station comes at four double A batteries and triple-a batteries that you can juice up anytime you want for my experience using these the past month they seem to last longer than regular alkaline batteries and they make my life so much easier Thank You e BL for this amazing invention seriously my new favorite power bank of all time is from Ankur this is the 10050 Power Core Plus which I take with me everywhere it comes a Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 feature and charges my iPhone 6s plus from zero to 100% in about an hour I do not the last item in this video is the e box power cable box if you have a power strip with a bunch of plugs and want to clean up your cable management game then this thing can definitely help out so before I head out I'm gonna give you huge thanks to for making this video possible you know being a content creator such as myself it's extremely important that I put out the best content I can that way I can separate myself from the rest and since it's a new year it's the perfect time to start learning something new Lenna comm will certainly help you with an online learning platform with thousands of video courses to help you learn whatever it is that you want I've been using the website this past few months to get better at video editing and color grading the tutorial guides are shot in HD and are very easy to understand you guys can use the website to improve your own skills whether that's learning your tricks on editing videos mixing music or even improving your photography and shooting video seriously though guys check them out for a free 10-day trial so you can see for yourself what I'm talking about visit ly and the slash tech source and start your free trial today I'm going to drop a link down below if anyone is interested so those are my top picks for my entire cool tech series of 2015 if you guys want the series to continue for 2016 make sure to hit that like button to show your support and as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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