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The Best Gaming Headsets | 12 Days of Tech

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to day four of the dwell twelve twelve days of tech in this video we'll be focusing on gaming headsets now I know there's a ton of amazing headsets out there and there's no way I can feature all of them in this video something instead I'm gonna be going over my top picks and also keep in mind that these are headsets not headphones so these do come with a built in mic so if you guys want to see a separate version on just headphones by itself let me know in the comment section down below also guys keep in mind that the purpose of these videos are to give you gift ideas for the holidays these are not reviews of the headphones or headsets I should say so if you find something interesting on the channel make sure you do some research make sure you look at a few reviews before you pull the trigger so starting off the video we have the Aki headset which is going for a crazy 15 dollars and it works with Mac Windows and even Android right out of the box the ear cups are made out of memory foam and they do sit on the ear so you won't be getting much noise isolation compared to and over the ear design it does come with a remote box which lets you mute the mic and adjust the volume it's not a USB headset so you will need a 3.5 millimeter jack for both the microphone and speakers the Bangu is also a very solid gaming headset for under $20 and features seven breathing LED colors at cycle and it's only compatible with PC so if you're looking for a console headset you should pick up the first headset in this video there is plenty of padding for ear cups and the head bridge for long hours of use especially since the ear cups go over your ears which by the way also provides excellent noise isolation the USB cable powers the LEDs and the 3.5 millimeter Jack's power these speakers and microphone venturing into mid-range headsets the HyperX cloud stinger is easily one of the best gaming headsets for 50 bucks and this feature two sets it in my cool tech video so if you guys want to learn more make sure to watch that video I'll have a link down below but the headset feature is large 50 millimeter audio drivers adjustable steel sliders and comfy memory-foam ear cups the mic on this headset is also very good compared to other headsets within this price bracket it's extremely lightweight and very comfortable to wear for long hours at a time and the best part is that it's compatible with PC Xbox one and even ps4 the Logitech G 231 prodigy at set features 40 millimeter speaker drivers soft ear cups and a folding microphone with intuitive controls the ear cups have a breathable cloth material which means that heat doesn't build up during the summer and they are removable for an easy wash it's compatible with PCs consoles smartphones even tablets since it has a 3.5 millimeter input the new series of gaming headsets by SteelSeries consists of three models the Octus three five and seven each model features a sleek design the same high quality audio drivers as the Siberia 800 headsets and exceptionally comfortable ear pads and headband every artists headset supports 7.1 surround sound however the three and five have a plastic build while the arktech 7 has steel alloy elements in the build the microphone is also retractable which is nice and the volume controls are located on the back of the headset if you looking for a wireless headset then the corsair void is a solid pick with a 2.5 gigahertz wireless connection and 16 hours of battery life this headset is perfect for anyone trying to keep a minimalistic set up the headset does feature Dolby 7.1 surround sound and RGB lighting which honestly seems a bit pointless on a headset but if that's your thing then you will enjoy these the earcup cushions are made out of microfiber which will keep your ears nice and cool and it offers great noise isolation since the ear cups go over your entire ear the HyperX cloud tools still remain one of the best gaming headsets that I've ever used these are extremely comfortable to wear for long hours at a time the ear cups are made out of memory foam and they completely cover your ears it also comes with an extra set of little ear pads and a detachable microphone it's a bit on the pricey side but I show you guys these are worth every penny and it's also compatible with both PC and ps4 now if you guys want to save a few extra bucks you can actually pick up the original hyper access for $80 instead the main difference is that the cloud 2's have 7.1 virtual surround sound noise and echo cancellation as well as more padding for the headband the Sennheiser Game one PC is well known for being one of the best gaming headsets out there not just for gaming but for listening to music and watching videos as well the sound is very clear and accurate as well I might even go as far as to say that you can use these for light audio monitoring nothing too serious or extreme obviously plenty of velour padding which will keep your ears nice and toasty they also go over the ear and although they don't offer any noise isolation since they are open-back headphones they are extremely comfortable to wear for long hours at a time if you're willing to spend almost $170 on these then you won't be disappointed but the competitive gamers out there the Turtle Beach Elite Pro tournament gaming headset is a very solid choice coming in at $200 it isn't cheap but you are getting one of the best gaming headsets out there 50 millimeter nano clear speakers and large Aero fit ear cushions make sure to block at all the outside noise and lets you focus on the game the set set also looks great with people who wear glasses because of their pressure relieving technology if you want the best headset out there for competitive gaming then you're going to have to pay for it so that is it for this episode of twelve days of tech as always let me know what the category of take you want me to cover next down below and if you enjoy the series leave a like thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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