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The Best Gaming Keyboards | 12 Days of Tech

what's up guys it's Seth from Texas and welcome to day two of 12 days of tech where each day I feature a category of tech all the way till Christmas this episode we'll be focusing on keyboards ranging from budget to high-end as always if you guys missed the first episode which we covered monitors I'll have it linked down below let's begin kicking out the show we have some extremely budget gaming keyboards with membrane switches so first up is the popular red dragon Karura that features seven different back lift colors for brightness levels and a full 10 keypad I like that it comes with a wrist pad and the keys itself are very flat so the travel distance is kept short for quick reactions and gaming for only $23 you can't go wrong if you're on a tight budget the DB power a8 is a dollar more however this will give you more mechanical feeling even though the switches are membrane you get 19 non-conflict Keys removable key caps and a tactile feedback the downside is that you only get three color options that include purple red and blue but they do come with an optional breathing mode as well but if you're set up as imagine a vouz colors then this is probably a deal-breaker venturing into mechanical keyboards the velocity v vm zero one comes with brown switches and a full keypad for only 40 bucks the downside however is that you only get a turquoise backlit option with five different modes that include breathing fading and a few others now the eagletech is a bit better because you get to choose which color you want to go with the black with blue lighting or silver and white with blue lighting as well which is actually my personal favorite they do offer a rainbow version as well but it's eight dollars more and I'm honestly not a big fan of those multi color keyboards anyways but that option is there if anyone is interested so HyperX has made a few keyboards in the past but nothing really yet stood out to gamers not until they recently released the HyperX alloy which is currently going for a solid hundred dollars you get a very compact form factor with cherry blues and red backlighting you don't get any extra bells and whistles like media controls wrist pad or even full RGB lighting but if you're only looking for a solid gaming keyboard for $100 that gets the job done then this is it sticking with high-end gaming keyboards the Logitech RGB GH 10 is next up for being a very solid keyboard around $100 it's actually currently on sale for $50 off so the g8 ten is well known for having a minimalistic design while being packed with awesome features so this keyboard features logitech's romaji switches which aren't as squishy as cherries various switches but the main selling point for this keyboard is the technology it's set to have up to 25 percent faster key actuation than standard mechanical switches combine that with full customizable RGB backlighting and you have a very solid gaming keyboard no doubt Corsair has made a name for themselves in the keyboard Department as you have some of the best keyboards out there my personal favorite is the Corsair strafe RGB which is curling the keyboard of choice that I'm using right now the build quality and design are one of the reasons that separate these keyboards from the competition it features a USB pass-through full 100% anti-ghosting keys and it even comes with a comfortable detachable wrist rest if either choose between this keyboard and the Logitech G 810 it would definitely be the slave RGB for those MMO or RPG players out there that want macro keys and the worldcat ryos is a very solid choice the brown switches cost $110 so if you want reds or even blues you're gonna have to pay a bit extra you get full media controls up top five macro keys on the left side and a wide wrist pad it also features two USB 2.0 ports and both an audio in and out jack as well this keyboard is packed with features the only downside is that you only get blue backlighting however they do have an RGB version which costs $40 more and finally the last keyboard on the list and the most expensive is the SteelSeries apex M 800 for my ballers out there this keyboard claims to be the fastest mechanical keyboard on the market and features competition grade mechanical q s switches which lasts up to 60 million clicks you also get six dedicated macro keys media controls full RGB lighting and two USB pass throughs the only downside is that it doesn't have a wrist pad and also the build quality is a bit plasticky you would think a keyboard $150 would be built a little better maybe with some aluminum but hey so that is it for day 2 as always if there's a category you guys want to see next let me know in the comments section down below episode 3 will be on gaming mice again from budget to high-end but if there's a different category you want to see let me know down below and also if you guys enjoy this series let me know by leaving a like it helps a ton I love your faces and I'll see you in the next video
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