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The Best Gaming Laptop There Is! - ASUS ZEPHYRUS

thanks to Squarespace for making today's video possible what's up guys is that from Texas and what I'm holding here right now is the world's thinnest most quietest powerful gaming laptop and it's almost perfect I've been using it for about two weeks now and I'll be sharing what I liked about it as well as things I didn't like about it this is the AC zephyrus and it starts at twenty six ninety nine it comes equipped with an i7 7700 HQ 16 gigs of ram and a gtx 1080 with max-q technology so in order to achieve this extremely sleek form factor they had to come up with a different approach instead of just throwing in the best GPU in there they went after obtaining the best performance with maximum efficiency this means that the clock speeds are slightly less than other GT X 1080 laptops the trade-off is that the GPU uses less power which means requires less cooling and that also means that the laptop is a lot quieter because the fans are smaller and don't need to work as hard and speaking of cooling the bottom portion of the ACF Zephyrus opens up as you lift the screen for better air flow now because the clock speeds are lower on the max-q design GT X 1080 the performance is also affected it's about 18% lower compared to other 1080 laptops I personally think the trade-off is worth it because in return you get a quiet and powerful gaming laptop in a slim and lightweight form factor one of the things I love about this laptop is the design it's a premium device from Asus and it's built really well I don't think they cut any corners here then again for around $2,700 there better not be the top has a brushed aluminum surface which does attract fingerprints and oil and there's an ROG logo that lights up when the laptop is on lifting the lid up which you can easily do with one hand we are greeted by an interesting layout for the keyboard everything has been pushed down and closer to the edge so that they can use all that extra space up there for hardware and cooling personally I prefer to lay out a lot more than the traditional keyboard setup it's a lot easier to type on and your palms won't accidentally touch the trackpad since it's all the way on the right side Asus was even kind enough to throw in a wrist rest for those that want an extra level of comfort but personally I had no problems at all typing without it what's really cool about this trackpad is that it doubles as a number pad all you have to do is click on this button near the top and an LED grid with numbers will pop up which is genius although the is very accurate I personally don't like using that because it doesn't offer any type of feedback so you won't know if you tapped it unless you look at the screen as you tap on the numpad if they subside something similar to the taptic engine on their iPhone 7 or basically if I were to tap on the numpad you would get a small vibration if they add something like that to the trackpad it would be really awesome but I realized I was asking a bit too much having the two-in-one trackpad & numpad was probably the only design option you had to go with in order to fit everything near the bottom but the trackpad and numpad are both very accurate the keys on inter hands are very nice to type on you get excellent feedback and responsiveness with one point four millimeter key travel they are obviously backlit with three different brightness levels that you can choose from and they are RGB but you can only change the colors from three sections of the keyboard the qwe are WASD and the rest of the keys unfortunately you can customize each key separately but here's what I found annoying so the color of the grid of the numpad + the keys on the top of the trackpad are always going to be red so basically if you do want to change the colors of the LEDs on the keyboard to anything other than red it's not going to look good together honestly kind of defeats the purpose of having RGB keys in the first place if you can't change the colors on all the keys on the keyboard the display has a 15.6 inch 1080p anti-glare TN panel with a 120 Hertz refresh rate which also comes equipped with G sync the front-facing camera up top is a standard 720p camera with a decent low-light performance no major complaints here when it comes to ports I was a little disappointed to find out that there isn't an SD card slot but you do get an HDMI 4 USB 3.0 ports and a USB type-c the speakers are located at the edges of the laptop and they are upward firing speakers the quality isn't bad but on a max volume you can hear slight distortion from the sound vibrations that's from tech stores and welcome to setup wars episode 110 potatoe edition with the crappiest of the crappiest setups the laptop does get pretty hot during full load but only in the area above the keyboard I haven't noticed any heat coming into contact with my hands while the laptop is on full load you can definitely hear the fan noise during full load but the noise easily gets now if you're playing on speakers or have headphones on the GTX penaity does work on every game I threw at it max setting then 1080p I got over 100 fps and most titles other games that were more intensive still pushed over 60 so I'm not complaining here Gaming on this laptop was so much fun the gameplay was very smooth thanks to the 120 Hertz g-sync monitor and the GT X 1080 with max Q technology delivers and performance does that first even handle editing like a champ I was able to add a 1080p video without any problem the video playback never started or even lagged once overall the experience was very smooth and also these are the render times using Vegas pro 14 I did one for 1080p and one for 4k and both of these were 60 seconds RAW files battery life however isn't the best it's got a 50 watt hour battery and it lasted 2 hours and 8 minutes before it died watching YouTube videos non-stop from full charge also the PC mark work battery benchmark came in at 2 hours and 6 minutes which is very close to what I tested and by the way both these tests were done on balance mode with 75% brightness so the things I liked about laptop on the start off with the obvious its form factor its super light and thin making it perfect for travel I just love the premium design and the feel of the keyboard while typing it's very comfortable and the trackpad is extremely accurate it's also nice that Asus threw in a wrist rest it's got a pretty fast boot time of 9 seconds which I can appreciate the 120 Hertz g-sync display is very nice and the performance is incredible for both gaming and productivity it's crazy to think that I'm able to play the same games from my high-end desktop PC on this thin laptop so the things I didn't like but I'm tired integration although very cool and creative it's not something I'm a fan of simply because it's missing feedback it doesn't have an SD card slots and being a content creator I find it inconvenient not having at easy access the speakers are decent and are maxed volumes you can hear slight distortion but a lot of people don't care about speakers on laptop since they use headphones anyways the battery life isn't the best but I understand that you can only do so much given the sheer size and the amount of space to work with expendability is very difficult the laptop does come with a screw driver which is weird because that's only to access the back cover where you can't really do anything to access the storage you will need a Torx wrench and even then that's the only piece of hardware you can replace or upgrade and finally the RGB feature on the laptop is contradictive you can't change the lights on all the keys the four keys on top of the track title always remain red so that will always throw up the color scheme for the rest of the keys unless you're going with all red LEDs now I do realize that most of these things are just mean it picking things and that's because the AC zephyrus is a solid laptop and there aren't how many things that I find wrong with it so in conclusion the AC zephyrus is the best gaming laptop that you can buy right now if you're looking for the best performance in a light thin and quiet laptop now obviously it's a bit expensive but honestly I can safely say that you are getting what you pay for so that does it for my review of the A to Z first gaming laptop I'll double link to a down below check it out if you guys are interested if you enjoy these types of laptop videos on the channel make sure to leave a like to reassure me that I did a good job but if you guys didn't like the video feel free to dislike as well that's cool too now let's talk about the giveaway so I talked about my what's in a box video that if that video gets 50,000 likes I'll do a giveaway on this laptop but I'll give you guys another chance as well since that didn't hit 50k if this video gets 50,000 likes I'll do a giveaway on this gaming laptop as well and one lucky subscriber will win this bad boy so all you got to do is drop a like on the video and comments down below if you guys do want to participate on the giveaway just in case it does hit 50,000 likes announce the winners at the end of July so this video has like two weeks to get 50,000 likes which is a lot of time anyways I'm done rambling doing guys so much for watching I will see you in the next one again a huge thanks to Squarespace for making this video possible it's an all-in-one platform that lets you create a beautiful website without having any experience and coding even an idiot like me can do it in fact my website deal stores tech where you can find daily tech deals was created on Squarespace over a year ago and I still have it even till today if you have a lot of templates to choose from or you can start from scratch like I did it's really easy to set up a new domain name and get started so check out Squarespace comm slash tech stores and get 10% off your first purchase I'll drop a link down below if anyone is interested
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