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The Best Gaming Laptop for $700?! - Acer Nitro 5 (2018)

when it comes to gaming laptops people are always trying to find the most performance with the lowest costs the question is always how much performance can I get out of a laptop by paying the least amount possible right now in terms of just performance for a dollar this is actually the best laptop for the money you get the new 8th gen I 580 300 H processor 8 gigs of ram and the nvidia gtx 1050 TI for $700 this is currently the lowest price you can find on a gaming laptop with these exact specs it's also exclusively available at Best Buy and I think it's on sale too which explains the extra $100 off now I don't know how long that sells gonna be for but even for $800 and the specs you're getting this is a pretty good deal aside from the specs on paper is a laptop any good let's start off with the build which is actually one of the things I like about the laptop it's got an old black theme with the faint red accents for the hinge and a brushed aluminum look it also doesn't scream gamer which is good because I prefer a more cleaner looking laptops instead of the aggressive gamer look the build itself is mostly plastic as expected for the price it was a good amount of flex for the screen and slight bowing on the keyboard but nothing out of the ordinary now the lid doesn't necessarily open easily with one hand which is what I would have liked but the hinge itself is built really well I do like the keyboard the keys itself are backlit and they're spaced nicely I'm very picky when it comes to laptop keyboards sometimes the right shift key is hard to reach on other laptops but here it's perfect the only other key after reach out a little bit for is the backspace but it's not a deal-breaker one thing I notice while typing is that the keys have a relatively longer travel compared to other high-end keyboards the trackpad however is nice it's got windows precision drivers very accurate no complaints it's also got a good amount of port selection on one side we got 2 USB ports with the headphone jack and on the other side is the SD card reader HDMI and the USB type-c the screen is really nice it's 1080p IPS with great viewing angles it also gets pretty bright at 2:18 it's so if you're playing next to a window or any source of light then you'll be fine I wouldn't recommend that for color sensitive work because the panel itself is not that accurate now this laptop only comes with a 256 bita says the but it's easy to add more storage just pop off a few screws and you get access to the RAM and the SSD near the back the battery is a 48 watt hour battery and I'm getting a little over 4 hours of use with a screen brightness of 100 nits and the balanced power plan so depending on what settings you have the laptop on you'll either get slightly more or less but expect around 4 hours of solid battery life on this thing now the speakers are located on the bottom of the laptop and they're actually pretty good they get pretty loud they're nice and bacey with decent highs for a gaming laptop I was actually pretty impressed all right let's talk performance with the 1050 Ti I was able to game comfortably over 60 fps and fortnight on high settings typically I liked the game over an hour just to see if there's any throttling present but there is none that I can see the CPU temps were in the high 80s but it didn't affect performance gameplay was smooth and I was getting anywhere from 60 to 80 FPS consistently that's also when the fence kick up and become audible it's nothing too crazy so if you're playing with headphones on then it won't bother you now counter-strike was a different story because it's a less demanding game so I was able to hit well over 100 fps and max settings also there was no throttling present the CPU remained that are consistent 3.9 gigahertz under 90 degrees Celsius I also ran a 3d mark stress test a few times to double-check and make sure that there isn't any throttling present and all the numbers look healthy we got steady clock speeds and temperatures across the board the reason why I'm checking for throttling so much is because last year's model was known to have thermal throttling issues with the CPU but for some reason they fixed it with this year's eighth generation iteration that's interesting because the fan design is still the same now for productivity this laptop is also really good I was able to render out a 10 minute 4k file in a little over 12 minutes editing the 4k files were pretty smooth for the most part I did set the playback to have quality and scrubbing through the timeline adding color grading transitions and other effects or overall a positive experience I didn't notice any major lagging or stuttering so the cool thing about the nitro 5 laptop is that it comes with nitro scents pre-installed this program basically allows you to control fans feed on both CPU and GPU so I did some testing I cranked up the CPU fan to max and it actually lowered the maximum temperature on the CPU by a few degrees in exchange for a much louder fan noise so that's kind of the trade-off you get with it cooler temps louder fan noise but if you are gonna be cranking it up to max I'd strongly recommend using some really nice headphones with noise isolation otherwise you will hear it increasing the fan speed doesn't necessarily improve performance all it does is really lower the temperatures for both the CPU and GPU in fact I tested this by rendering out the same 4k file in Vegas with max fans and there was no difference in rendering times so in conclusion for the price and I'm talking about the $70 price tag this is a very solid laptop that can be used for gaming and productivity if you guys can pick this up for $700 you are getting a really great deal because there is no other laptop out there with a 1050 Ti and an eighth generation processor for seven hundred bucks you guys can check it out now for $800 it's still a great laptop but it is in the tier with other competitor laptops that come equipped with a 1050 Ti it really comes down to your preference at this point do you like the laptops design if you like the keyboard layout you like the battery life and most importantly does the Nitro 5 offer you the performance that you're looking for if the answer is yes to most of those questions then the Nitro 5 should be on your list to check out but anyways I pretty much it does it for this video I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check it out thumbs up if you enjoy the video and as always I'll see you in the next one
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