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The Best Gaming Mice | 12 Days of Tech

what's up guys it's that from Jax source and welcome to day three of the twelve days of tech today we're gonna be focusing on gaming mouse ranging once again from budget all the way to high and so that wasting our time let s begin so starting off the video we are going to take a look at some really great budget mice and the first one actually caught my attention because it just looks so badass and judging by the 5-star rating this is probably one of the best gaming mice that costs around ten dollars so features six buttons - on the side for back and forward and one on top which is the EPI button that lets you select from 1000 up to 3200 dpi this is also the same button that's used to select from seven different LED colors overall a very good looking and ergonomic Mouse that's compatible for both PC and Windows and for around ten dollars you can't go wrong next up is quite possibly the most popular and well-known gaming mice which also happens to be the number one bestseller on Amazon the red dragon M 601 is still one of the best budget mice for under $15 as it offers some extra features like an eight piece weight tuning set and a braided cable the downside is that it's only for left-handed users it works only on PC and you only get red LEDs which might be a deal-breaker for most the jelly chrome 4000 is also a very nice-looking and comfortable Mouse I personally like how the LED glows from the lower part of the mouse that either looks pretty cool you can use their software to change the LEDs to anything you want from the RGB color chart it also features a dpi cycle button near the top and a back for button your aside which has a non-slip grip by the way which is perfect for gamers that constantly need to lift the mouse up it stays that the original price is $60 and that it's on sale for 17 dollars but honestly I'm not sure if that's true regardless for 17 dollars this is an incredible Mouse if you're looking for a wireless gaming mouse for under $50 and you Logitech g600 2 is definitely the mouse you're looking for it's well known for being one of the best if not the best wireless mouse in this price bracket battery lasts up to 250 hours and you get a plethora of buttons to choose from which makes it a great choice for MMO and RPG as well the bass is also very accurate you can't really tell the difference between this and another wired mouse I have to give credit where credit is due Razer has managed to create one of the most comfortable and minimalistic gaming mice pher with a 10,000 DPI sensor RGB LEDs and one of the best sensors in the gaming market the DeathAdder chroma is one of the most popular gaming mice out there you don't get any removable weights or fancy extra buttons just a solid organ ama gaming mice that gets the job done the grip on both sides of the mouse is also very nice to have currently it's out of stock but if you guys don't mind waiting you won't be disappointed here's another very solid gaming mouse for around $50 now this is a pretty heavy and large Mouse which is great for people with large hands and it does have the most accurate sensor on the market it features a 12,000 dpi sensor personalized weight and balance tuning and 11 programmable buttons if your palm gripper the side buttons might be difficult to press during gaming but overall a very comfortable gaming mouse if you guys have smaller hands and prefer a lighter gaming mouse then this isn't for you and then we got the coarser m65 pro RGB which is a solid FPS gaming mouse because of the optimized sniper button on the left side which significantly lowers the sensitivity when you are sniping or need the most precision during a game this also features a 12,000 dpi sensor and a weight tuning system the mouse is really light with an aluminum structure which is great for people that constantly lift their mouse and if black is in your color they do have a white option as well both of which are RGB back again with Razer the Naga hex v2 is d gaming mouse for MOBAs with seven dedicated buttons outfitted with mechanical buttons this thing will give you a huge advantage over other mobile gamers the mouse also features a 16,000 dpi sensor which is overkill and it does come with RGB lighting so if green is in your color then you can customize it to any color you want the SteelSeries rival 700 is an interesting mouse as it has built-in motors that vibrate depending on how you configure it so for example if you get stunned in a game you can actually set an alert to go off and then have it stop the instant the duration of the stun ends which actually lets you make quick decisions in games it offers zero recoil which means it won't affect your gameplay at all it's also a pretty small Mouse with only two side buttons and a dedicated dpi button on the top the grip on the sides are a very nice thing to have and what's also cool is that there is an LED indicator displaying the battery life and other useful information it does feature RGB as well but the coolest feature I think is the modular design you can 3d print your name in the back or swap out other parts like the cable for a longer length you can even swap out the optical sensor for a laser sensor and even swap out the top cover last but not least we have the best high-end gaming mouse in my opinion that's also wireless it's also the same else that I'm using the game and make videos with I absolutely love this mouse I just wish it wasn't so expensive but I guarantee you guys that you are getting what you pay for so you can use this mouse either in Wireless mode or wired and honestly you can't even tell the difference between the two the optical sensor is incredibly accurate and not once have I experienced any lag from the time I've used this the battery life isn't the best though I get about three days of use with it and I average around 10 hours a day but the charging cable is nearby and it doesn't really bother me it is RGB as well but the only color you can change is the G logo right on the mouse my favorite feature on this mouse has to be the hyper scroll wheel by far just like the MX master you can click on the top button and enable infinite scrolling which is amazing for those extremely long pages I think this feature combined with the accuracy in Wireless mode is what sold me on this mouse and honestly if I can go back and buy it again I would so that is it for my picks on the best gaming mice out there if you guys want to see a wireless or a Productivity type version of this video let me know down below and also let me know what category of tech you guys want to see next thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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