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The Best Headphones for $200 - Massdrop x Sennheiser HD6XX

what's up guys is that from tech source and I'm excited to bring you guys an overview of math drops new pair of headphones these Sennheiser HD 6 XX the reason why I'm so excited to do this video is because these headphones are going to change the game in terms of price to performance in the audiophile industry so these are a variation of the extremely popular Sennheiser HD 650 s which is considered to be the Holy Grail in terms of professional headphones in fact there hasn't been any major technical or aesthetic changes made to the headphones since it was originally released about 20 years ago guys and this is the first time ever that any major revisions are being made now the classic HD 650 s range anywhere from three to five hundred dollars but mass drop is letting their version go for only $200 guys which is unbelievable price for the headphones of this caliber so the master of variation will feature no changes to the sound signature all the changes are based on aesthetics or utility the adjusted is a 10 feet cable down to 6 feet so it's more manageable they've also changed the quarter inch jack to be an eighth inch so that way the headphones can be plugged into a phone or laptop however an adapter to convert it into a quarter inch jack will also be included for audiophile enthusiasts who prefer to use a DAC or amp in my case I plugged these straight into my audio interface these are extremely comfortable to wear the fact that they're really light makes you forget that you're wearing anything after just a few minutes the headband area has plenty of cushion for the top of your head and the ear cups are made out of velar which warmed up my ear quite a bit I mean we are getting it to winter over here and the weather is kind of cold so it didn't bother me that much but I would imagine wearing these in the summer would be somewhat uncomfortable but thankfully there are replacement here cuffs on Amazon to combat this and I'll drop a link to something down below the build quality is also really good then again I didn't expect anything less from Sennheiser most of it is plastic but you get aluminum sliders and it's pretty flexible for the most part the ear cups do pivot and rotate very slightly but it's enough to get that perfect fit over your ears one thing I did notice was the clamping force they don't stretch out too far and I feel like they did this on purpose to get that nice and snug fit however after a few minutes I don't really feel that constant pressure and of course after a while they will loosen up after you start breaking them in now let's talk about the sound first off these are open back reference style headphones which means that you don't get any noise isolation and there will be plenty of noise leak after all these are professional-grade headphones I mean I wouldn't take them to hiking or to the gym or even quiet spaces like libraries unless you want everyone to hear what you're listening to the sound quality on these are amazing to say the least all the notes are very clear and you hear everything so it's playing clash royale using these headphones just to hear what it sounds like on a phone and let me tell you guys I can hear some of the music from the background that I haven't even heard before the amount of detail you can hear with these are insane and that's one of the reasons why these are so good for audio monitoring now if you guys are looking for heavy bass headphones then these are definitely not it but don't get me wrong the bass on these are incredible I don't think they're too overpowering in my opinion I would say that they are perfectly balanced do overall soundstage is really great on these headphones and I would recommend these for monitoring audio listening to music and even gaming and watching videos I would say that these are all around solid headphones so guys unfortunately I'm gonna be swapping my Audio Technica m50 X's with these now it's kind of suck because I'm gonna miss the deep band skins and the overall really cool looking headphones but in the end I am going for what gives the best quality and these are obviously it so I'm gonna be editing my videos now using these headphones the band if you're watching this video please please make skins for these so that is it for the video I'll leave a link down below in case you guys want to check these out you won't find them anywhere else with this incredible price this is only a mass drop exclusive product so once again I'll drop a link if you guys want to check it out thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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