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The Best Holiday Gifts | 12 Days of Tech

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to the final episode of 12 days of tech I tried so in this video I'm gonna be going over some last-minute gift ideas for my slackers out there I mean it's better late than never right so before I start the episode I'm gonna throw this in first because it's technically not considered tech but I thought it would be an awesome gift for any Star Wars fan out there it's basically a cute little bb-8 ceramic mug which is part of a collectible I think there's one for Darth Vader and a stormtrooper as well so starting up the episode we have a pair of sweat proof earphones for those fitness junkies out there it will ask you up to 6 hours on a single charge and comes with a built-in mic the sound quality is pretty good you get clear highs and a pretty deep bass which is hard to find on earphones in this price bracket then we got a few projectors on the list first up is the leaf on a video projector that supports 1080p via HDMI and scales anywhere between 30 to 120 inches which is insane it's perfect for anyone that wants a home theater or gaming setup imagine playing Final Fantasy or Gears of War on a screen of this size the projector also has really great color reproduction compared to other projectors in this price bracket but keep in mind that the native resolution is 800 by 480 so the larger the screen is the more pixelated it gets for $10 less you can pick up a different version of the projector now the quality isn't better than the one I just talked about because it doesn't have the same 1200 lumens meaning that the image won't be as bright but if you're trying to save some money then you should consider this option he also makes some pretty good cameras so this one is a 1080p wireless camera with two-way audio and motion detection with night vision it shoots in 30fps using h.264 and the best part is that you can actually access the camera on your phone within the app now even though it says Wireless it still needs to be plugged in for power it's wireless in the sense that you don't need to connect it to your router via ethernet cable and instead you can use Wi-Fi for only $80 this is a really great deal on a 1080p camera with night vision the omae's sports 2 wireless speaker is not only the number one bestseller in amazon but it's also a great sounding speaker as well it's waterproof with an IP x7 certification for up to 1 meter submersion for 30 minutes it features 20 watt speakers and it can be paired with another one of the same speakers for a sound experienced the eighteen hundred million of our battery life gets you around ten hours of music playback and some pretty cool features include a tripod mount near the bottom so that you can actually hook this up to your bike or equivalent mount and also comes with a built in mic so you can accept calls for fifty bucks this is a very solid Bluetooth speaker and he'll make an awesome gift for anyone who enjoys music now here's an interesting gift for console gamers out there so it's called the Console tuner and this will pretty much mod your controllers without having you do any physical changes it's all in the software so for example if you're playing an FBS game and have a weapon that shoots in burst mode you can adjust the number of bullets fired per burst as well as the time between the bursts so technically I guess it's considered cheating but it's on Amazon and if this is something you guys are interested be sure to check them out now I do only that some people in the review state that it doesn't work with some games so if you're not happy with it you can always return it for a full refund through Amazon here's a pretty simple gift for practically anyone a twelve thousand million of our Peres Bank from wrath power that won't break the bank it features dual 2.4 AB outputs with eye smart technology which will provide simultaneous charging on two devices at full speed also takes five or six hours for a full recharge on the power bank and currently for this holiday season it's actually on sale now here's a pretty cool tech that will look good on anyone's desk this is the dive ohm or a box and it's pretty much a cube that lets you design your own art using their app or set it to a pre-configured notification for example if you get any notifications from Facebook Twitter emails etc the cube will display the appropriate icon along with a sound to notify you or if you don't care for any of those we can simply pick a solid color and use it as a desk light for your setup speaking of lights this next one is pretty pricey but it's a really awesome thing to have in any room you get nine triangular panels and some mounting tape which allows you to hook these up to any wall and you can control the lights of each individual piece using their app this is definitely a great gift and a sweet piece of tech to spice up any room or set up the edify our e 25 lunar eclipse speakers are no stranger to the channel these have appeared many times on tech stores and they're actually the speakers that I'm using right now on a daily basis I can't praise these enough it's some of the best sounding speakers I've ever owned and I recommend these to anyone that's not only looking for amazing sound audio but also something that's aesthetically pleasing as well you can knock these up via 3.5 millimeter Jack Bluetooth and through optical cables which is what I've done with my own setup and finally here's another cool tech for the Star Wars junkies out there it's a simple bb-8 desk lamp you tap on its head to turn it off and on and it comes with three different temperature modes natural white amber and warm white it's constructed out of aluminum and weighs about one pound so it's not your average cheap desk lamp as always you guys can find everything I talked about in this video links down below in the order that they appeared thank you guys so much for watching I hope this video was helpful and I will see you in the next video
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