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The Best Home Security System? - Blink

so guys I've been constantly in the search for a solid in home security system i've actually reviewed a few on the channel before and they were good but they were not great you see I have a ton of tech in my house so I definitely need some solid security so Blink sent in their home security device which is literally this and I've been using it for about a week and after my time with it it is now officially the headquarters main security camera now don't get me wrong this isn't perfect by any means no security device is but for what this offers in such a small compact form factor not to mention how affordable it is it's really hard to pass up in fact I have a full list of pros and cons of this device at the end of this video so make sure you guys stay tuned besides being extremely affordable it's completely wireless and requires no monthly subscription which is the best part so here's the deal one unit cost 100 bucks if you buy two would cost 169 so the more you buy upfront the bigger that discount is the most popular is the three camera package that costs 229 which is a savings of 70 dollars additionally if you change your mind and want to add additional cameras later down the line it would only cost you 75 bucks so you don't have to pay full price for one you also get a sync module with your purchase and this is required to connect all the cameras in your home just simply plug it straight into your wall outlet to give it power and you are done these are the camera modules they are very small and in the front is where the motion detection sensor is located along with a mic and a built-in flash along with the camera they include a mounting bracket with some adhesive tape and they're also kind enough to provide two double-a batteries which are needed to run the cameras in case you guys are wondering each one of these actually lasts up to a year on average on just two double-a batteries so you don't have to constantly worry about replacing them the mounting bracket is optional in case you want the ability to rotate or tilt the camera and this relation is also very simple once the sync module is hooked up and the batteries are inside the cameras all you have to do is open up the app which is available on both iOS and Android and follow the instructions to sync each one of them you can hook up to 10 cameras on each system and also you can download them on each device so if you have a family or multiple devices you can install the app on each one of them alright so with that out of the way let's take a look at the actual system so everything is done within the app accessing the files arming your cameras or changing the settings there is no desktop version as of yet if there's anything that blinked it really well it's their app the user interface is very friendly and minimalistic so this is the main page and you have access to pretty much everything to start off you can tap on this icon to add additional cameras by entering in the nine digit serial number which can be found on the back of each device I will send three cameras so I put one in the living room dining room and one in the office after syncing the cameras I pretty much have complete control over them using the app clicking on the video icon will show a live feed of what's currently going on now because the camera has a built-in mic you can also hear what's going on what's up guys so this is basically the audio quality of the camera and this is unedited and basically this is what it sounds like talking directly at the camera tapping on the cogwheel for each camera takes you to the settings for that specific camera and in here you can basically enable or disable motion detection you can also adjust the sensitivity with my time of use I actually haven't run into any connection issues as of yet despite two of the cameras being located downstairs and away from the router which is actually upstairs so the way this works is it only records one of the text motion and as I mentioned before you can set the sensitivity in the settings section I find the highest setting to be the best because it can detect the movement from a long distance and activate the camera to start recording arming all of the cameras is done by a single swipe near the bottom right which only takes a few seconds to activate afterwards you can disarm single cameras so for example I always keep the living room camera armed since I'm upstairs working most of the time with headphones on so I can't really tell what's going on downstairs and in this case I disarmed the office camera speaking of recording it does shoot only in 720p up to 30 frames which obviously isn't the best but I mean it does last up to a year with double-a batteries so increasing the quality to 1080p will drain the battery life a lot quicker 720p is still good enough to clearly see what's going on as well as see a clearer image of the person face it also has a wide-angle field of view if you haven't already noticed 110 degrees to be specific so you can practically see everything that's going on around so here's a quick demonstration of me arming the cameras and stepping out and then stepping back inside my home even in low-light it does pretty well it doesn't have night vision so it's forced to use a flash that's built in the camera so after it detects the motion it will start recording based on what length you selected in the settings and afterwards it stores it in their cloud and you can access it anytime within the app it can store up to 7200 seconds of video or 1445 second videos you can simply click on the folder icon on the top right and view the files you also have the option to send the video or save it straight to your phone and finally you can even set schedules so that the cameras activate on specific times on specific days but that's pretty much the gist of it it's a very simple and affordable home security system that offers a lot for the money so here are the pros and cons I'm going to start off by stating the obvious first its Wireless affordable no subscription fees and the user interface is one of the best that I've seen I also love the accuracy and reliability of Blink I haven't noticed any disconnects errors or any issues in connecting this past week that I've been using the cameras I love the wide-angle lens and the fact that it comes with a microphone so that I can hear what's going on is very useful live viewing and playback all within the app is also very useful but with all that said here are the cons it's not waterproof so you can't use it outdoors it won't be able to eat motion through glass so if you're planning to put this in front of a window looking out it's not going to be effective no pan or tilt feature within the app the camera stays static you can only adjust the angle manually using the bracket there is no alarm which was kind of disappointing I wish blink would have included some sort of an alarm or siren built inside the camera that can activate once it detects motion I think that'll be a very useful feature if someone were to break in no desktop access if you want to view the files or store them on your PC you have to either send it to your email or transfer them from your phone which is kind of inconvenient so in conclusion if you guys are looking for a very solid home security system that won't break the bank then I suggest trying out the blink home security system now if you're looking for an anti-theft security device that will activate alarms and sirens and also notify local law enforcement then this is definitely not for you this is simply a monitoring security device however what you can do is pick up a separate alarm device that you can hook up to your door and use it in combination with the blink home security system I actually did a video on it if you guys want to check that out I'll drop a link to it down below that's pretty much of a video if you guys enjoyed it make sure to leave a like to show your support if you guys want to check out the blink home security system I'll make sure drop links to them down below thank you so much to blink for sending these in for review as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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