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The Best Live Streaming Setup? - MEVO Plus

so I just finished a livestream that you guys saw a glimpse of in the intro using this the Mevo plus which is a camera that offers live editing while streaming the nivo plus can record up to 4k on the internal SD card or stream up to 1080p and you can do this anywhere over Wi-Fi or LTE so let's take a quick look around the Mieville plus and the front is the 150 degree all glass lens that's covering the sony 4k 12 megapixel sensor and right below that is the microphone which actually sounds really good taking a look at the back you will find a microUSB charging port and the SD card slot the amiibo plus by itself will give you around an hour of screaming time on a full battery however I strongly recommend picking up the meebo boost if you're considering buying this because it will add an additional 10 hours of screaming time there's actually several accessories that you can purchase separately that will complement the amiibo plus like this hard shell carrying case and a portable mic stand with an adjustable mount to give you that perfect angle but anyways back to the amiibo boost this is essentially a battery pack for the amiibo plus and what makes this so cool is that it doubles as a power bank that you can use to charge your phone or device under the flap you'll find an Ethernet port and USB which can be used to hook up an external audio device and the micro USB charging port so what makes them Evo plus so unique is actually in the app itself not only do you have the ability to edit the video but you can do it while streaming live you can pinch the screen to zoom in or out you can drag focus point anywhere on the screen to pan or simply tap on the focus points to do a quick cut you can also check on all the focus points by tapping on the six squares on the bottom right of the app up to eight focus points plus the default wide view you can even have the camera follow someone so that they don't go out of frame which is pretty cool as I mentioned before you can stream up to 1080p at 30fps unfortunately you can't scream in 4k just yet but you can record it directly into the SD card you know I see the memo plus being useful for a lot of people someone who likes to broadcast themselves to their audience large or small and someone who likes to just stream live events for example a podcast right you can set up the me Bo plus on a tripod setup different focus points on each of the hosts and quickly pan and cut to each one of them those are just one of the many scenarios that you can use amiibo plus now if I were to use this in my personal life I would hands down use it to livestream PC builds I think that it would be a really cool way to interact with my viewers I can answer you guys questions like we can talk about life whatever it is while I'm building a PC and I think that would be really entertaining I can see this being a game changer in the streaming world because of what it offers the ability to edit during the stream is innovative and would be interesting to see how people would use this in their lives and that pretty much wraps up my video and first look at the amiibo plus I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did tossing a like would be awesome I'll drop a link to it down below if you want to check it out and just for my subscribers they're offering a $50 discount if you guys use the coupon code listed below thanks so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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