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The Best Setup of 2016!

Walter Paget's dead from sex toys and welcome to the best setup of 2016 where I showcased all the winners from setup wars of last year and you guys get to vote on who has the best setup of 2016 so it's going to be three prizes first place winner gets $300 a custom-made plaque and also a text or speakers while second place gets $100 a Texas t-shirt and then third place just gets $50 so there will be a straw poll links down below make sure you guys to click on it and vote at the end of this video and it's going to be like 50 setups in this videos I'm not going to waste that much time on each one so with that said let's dive right in if you guys are shopping around for your next game make sure to check out g2 because they have the cheapest CD keys available for pretty much any game I'll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out the first set up of 2016 was from Mike and he has a pretty cool gaming setup in his bedroom with an articulating mount on his TV so he's chilling on his bed he can get the perfect viewing angle from episode 33 we got to blur with a very dope looking ultra light setup and great cable management with a badass water-cooled PC of course we can't forget about gem from episode 34 with a very nice triple monitor setup I like this one a lot because of the symmetry and cable management I appreciate the fact that he drilled a hole in the desk for the keyboard and mouse sultans setup was from a budget edition of setup wars but I'm going to include it in this video regardless and then we have the popular Yazzie from episode 36 so this is actually his first appearance on the show and since then he has improved his setup greatly in fact let's fast forward a bit to episode 77 everyone was upset that he didn't get the seal of approval for having such an amazing setup and although I did give valid reasons as to why people still didn't agree with me but this time it's up to you guys to vote on the best setup of 2016 so it's not up to me anymore continuing where we left off episode 37 we have a dual monitor white and black set up the acoustic foams I nice touch and a water-cooled PC was the icing on the cake for Roca not only was Andy the winner of episode 38 but he actually won a seal of approval for this amazing white and wooden ultra light setup everything was so clean and all the products on the desk at purpose it wasn't on there just for show his whole room just screams productivity and motivation from the wallpaper to the posters resting on the shelves just an excellent setup and still one of my favorite still today from episode 39 we have Martin with a budget set up nothing too crazy but what got him the win was the simplicity and the beautiful white and black PC speaking of white and black Eric was the winner of episode 41 with a very clean and minimalistic dual monitor setup surprising us on episode 42 with Sam oh and his six triple monitor setup he was also rocking a MacBook on the side for when he needs to go mobile so G was also one of my favorites from last year mainly because of how clean the setup looks I don't see many dual monitor setups that I mounted against the wall and even though those speakers are not exactly symmetrical the presentation was awesome here was another popular setup a lot of you guys actually liked Andres setup from episode 44 the white and black contrast on his setup was spot-on and I really liked the portal turret he had on his desk for that added personality I think Jimmy was officially our first-ever contestant with a Pokemon themed set up well technically all he had was the wallpaper some figurines and even a custom decal on his PC so I don't know if it's technically classified as a Pokemon theme but it was definitely a refreshing to see our look from episode 46 definitely impressed us with the presentation of to set up the acoustic foam layout would be red LEDs be on a TV really made this setup pop speaking of popping cydnus did such an amazing job on his setup as well from the Joker mural on the wall to the symmetry and custom water-cooled PC just wow everything was pretty much flawless and I was really close to receiving the seal of approval had I not disagree with a few things Tobias also had a great setup very simple and straight to the points with amazing contrast the Star Wars theme has proved to be a popular scheme in 2016 and I think Tobias did a great job keeping it to a minimum Marcus from episode 49 in fact received the seal of approval despite me stating otherwise on the video it was actually meant to be a joke which a lot of people didn't get unfortunately but let's be real the cable management alone in this setup is worthy enough for a seal quite possibly the cleanest setup i've seen on the show yet marking about the win for episode 51 for having a very clean and symmetrical mac setup while justin got the win for having a massive monitor and a dope looking PC everyone was impressed with Stan's and his battle station a fully custom-built PC inside a desk or what did it for me was the two giant reservoirs that ran down into the desk very impressive Ethan's black and red budget set up 1 episode 54 of setup wars and Allan 1 episode 55 because of his shoe collection seriously I don't think there's not a person on this planet with this many shoes but joking aside he does have a very nice ultra light setup as well Colin from episode 56 10 an interesting that was built on a custom-made desk and his creativity earned him a seal of approval and then we got David with an updated set up from last year this was personally one of my favorites as well because of the sheer creativity he put into this and I'm not just talking about his 3d printed PC he actually 3d printed eight orange cubes which he is using to hold up his tabletop and he even added some LEDs and therefore a glowing effect because of that it was an obvious decision to award him a seal of approval so damn good winner of episode 58 was Josh with his very minimalistic ultra light setup and episode 15 I went to Isaiah with a black and red dual monitor setup the only thing I don't like about this was the fact that the second monitor was blocking off his PC Janak had a pretty cool white and green setup from episode 61 and Dmitry took the crown for episode 62 for the budget edition another one of my personal favorites was Gus from episode 63 not because it's black in red but because of the level of consistency symmetry and that badass PC of his I mean sure the cable management could have been slightly better but his setup was overall amazing Jonas took the win for episode 64 for having a very clean and symmetrical ultra light setup with flawless cable management just like Eric's from episode 65 I mean look at the wires there isn't any because you can't see them he did such an amazing job keeping everything under his desk he would have done the steel is a 1 for one of the bottles having less liquid than the others now here's another unique and colorful setup that got my attention Chris from episode 66 blew me away with his creativity I wouldn't even call this a setup this is art this setup belongs in a glass cube somewhere in a museum of course we can't forget Julius from episode 67 god damn every time I see this setup it makes you want to throw mine out the window such perfection symmetry color coordination and cable management this setup has it all speaking of quad display setups we have J's a custom made desk built with cable management in mind I especially like the placement of his PC on the top shelf Valerie from episode 69 made history on setup wars for being the first girl to win a very clean black and red setup not much else to it I don't know what it is the black and red setups but I've noticed that people who rock that color scheme have a higher chance of and that's definitely the case here with Michael's ultralight setup cable Angemon is also one of the strongest aspects of the setup and of course the PC itself running SLI Sean has banished or once before but this time not only did he win the episode but he also picked up a steal as well not because he has a quad display setup or an amazing-looking PC because of his attention to detail and next level consistency he even wraps his Amazon echo and D band schemes to match his setup that level of customization is where to see a true battle station and worthy of my seal of approval with an unusual name Pig managed to steal the win for episode 73 with a badass black and red setup once again no surprise here I was also impressed that his custom made wall shelves that managed to hold up to massive bookshelf speakers another good-looking setup came from Rick if you want to explain what symmetry is to someone to show them a picture of this setup and they will get it cable management and attention to detail are the reasons why Wieck took the win here's another budget winner James with a single monitor setup with exceptional cable management from episode 75 then we got J with a crazy gaming room featuring a few setups the most noteworthy was the NES console setup on the left side episode 78 winner was Robert with another quadrants play set up but what got my attention when addevent scans on his consoles and his audio interface also I'm a huge fan of DBZ so the fact that he can draw Goku and Super Saiyan 1 mode easily got my vote a true artist at heart and an amazing set up that reflects that Saru setup was actually one of the best for 2016 and it wasn't because of how clean the triple monitor setup was no sir he stole the show by his custom water-cooled ps4 and Xbox one console on the right side what you are looking at here are both ps4 and Xbox one PCBs inside a rectangular case that's also water-cooled this dude is a genius of course he has his own water-cooled PC as well and his entire room is white and black the level of consistency in his room is unmatched it's one of the reasons he got awarded the most recent seal of approval despite him not even claiming it truly an amazing gaming room alright I think black and red setups are getting a bit too repetitive John took the win for episode 81 for how a badass squad display setup and a monster PC so we got two more setups left the first one is from Felix from episode 82 this is actually his second time on the show with major improvements as you can see on his monitor custom made speaker stands with built-in headphone hanger and excellent cable management is the reason that he won that episode and finally we have Richard from episode 83 another very sexy black and red ultra white setup with a killer PC so that is it for this video I'm going to show you guys all the setups that I've mentioned and they're going to be in order from the beginning and there's also going to be the episode number right next to the name so make sure you guys click on the straw poll and vote on who you think had the best setup of 2016 and as always honest the winners in a few weeks on my Twitter and Instagram accounts do you guys so much for participating I hope 2017 will be an awesome year as well continue submitting your setups as always I will see you in the next video
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