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The Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor? | LG 34UC79G-B

many of you know that my monitor of choice is an lg ultra wide it provides an ideal workspace for editing videos and most games I play at this point natively support 38 40 by 1600 resolution however I wouldn't say that the model I'm using which is the 38 you see 99 is suited for serious gamers with the tie price of $1500 refresh rate of only 60 Hertz and a 5 millisecond response time but the good news is that manufacturers have finally noticed the growing demand for ultra wide gaming monitors and that's why the LG 34 you see 79g comes in but for the sake of this video I'm going to call it the 79 G instead it's a lot more affordable at $700 has a 2560 by 1080 IPS panel with a 144 Hertz refresh rate and a 1 millisecond response time it's also free sync ready and comes with a handful of software additions geared towards gamers but does LG achieve what they set out to do with the 79 G let's find out compared to other LG ultra vires I would say that this is more aggressive than elegant with its geometrical stand and accompanying red accents it actually feels well put together with its plastic body and because of this material choice it comes in at 19 pounds 14 pounds without the stand so on the back we get hdmi 2.0 ports DisplayPort 1.2 a USB 3 pass-through that gives us two additional USB 3 ports and then you get the audio jacks and of course the DC power input fun fact USB port one is actually quick charge enabled which is something I've seen before and I found this to be extremely convenient if the only device that's quick charge ready in the box you get a single HDMI and display cable a cable management hook as well as a three pronged power cable LG didn't however include a pass-through cable which is kind of a disappointment seeing as this is a feature that comes built-in to the monitor and I wouldn't have custom that much to include it the stand lets you move the display up 4.5 inches vertically as well as giving adequate tilt angle I found I could be using this sitting down or standing up without any problems you don't get any pivot or swivel adjustment however and finally the legs are super easy to install with no tools necessary and it can also be detached and used with VESA mounting the 34 inch IPS panel a gentle curve to it nothing too aggressive and no matter what angle I was looking at it from I didn't see any loss in quality it also has a matte coating so gaming in a brightly lit room posed no problem especially if you sit next to a window where there's lots of sunlight the panel has a resolution of 2560 by 1080 P which obviously isn't the highest when we're talking about ultra lights but I feel like this is the perfect resolution when it comes to gaming ultra wide monitors that way it's not as aggressive on the graphics card I mean considering that the response time is at one millisecond and 144 Hertz refresh rate on top of that things wouldn't run as smoothly if there were more pixels to push as far as backlight bleed is concerned it is somewhat noticeable if you're in a completely pitch dark room however if there is some light source then it is hardly noticeable we must also consider the price now if LG was to implement these high performance specs into a panel that was let's say third a 40 by 1600 and the price would be certainly over $1500 all right so this panel supports 8-bit color and the color gamut covers 72% of NTSC well I found gaming and media consumption to be enjoyable I wouldn't recommend this panel for professionals that need the most accurate of colors for example a 99% RGB coverage something else I've noticed was the low brightness when compared to other ultralights I've tested the panel goes up to 250 nits which when compared to the monitor I'm using has a max brightness of 300 nits which means that this monitor is 17% dimmer now even though that's a noticeable difference on paper I found these 79 G's max brightness was adequate for my usage but it's something to keep in mind something else that stands out about this monitor is all the built in features and presets we had several different modes that include game mode fps RTS modes cinema mode reader mode and of course custom I personally select the custom and tweak the panel settings for my needs but it's nice to have quick access to presets for different usage I found myself for example switching to reader mode often when using a monitor at night it kind of dims things down and gives a screen a red tint to reduce eyestrain navigation is done with the joystick that is located on the bottom just like all the other LG ultra lights and even till today LG still has the best interface for their monitors everything is easily accessible and the joystick eliminates the need for extra buttons I'm glad that LG hasn't changed that and I hope other manufacturers adopt this method as well oh by the way these aren't speakers in fact the 79 G doesn't have built-in speakers at all now personally I don't mind this one bit since I do use an external audio solution but I could see this being a deal-breaker for a lot of you guys that rely on your monitor for audio so besides all its quirks as stated before the monitor was great for consumption with his game focus specs the 79 G brought a breath of fresh air into my gaming experience and is definitely noticeable coming from my 38 you see 99 the lower lag as well as the higher refresh rate was immediately noticeable and even the software add-ons that I thought were going to be gimmicky were enjoyable now I'm not gonna make a wild statement like this monitor made me a better gamer but it did improve my gaming experience so in conclusion if you take your gaming somewhat seriously and don't mind the lack of speakers or unfavorable color accuracy for content creation then I could definitely recommend this monitor going back to my 38 you see 99 is going to be a bit difficult but I am a content creator first and a gamer second if in the future LG decides to combine aspects of this gaming monitor to the monitor I'm using currently then consider me sold I don't mind if the prices go up a bit but if I can get the best of both worlds I will definitely do that then guys so much watching I will see you in the next video
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