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The Best of CES 2014 - Top 3

this video is made possible by Squarespace the one tool needed to create your very own website or portfolio for a free trial or your first purchase use the Kotex source one for ten percent off so CES 2014 is over and there were a lot of products that we did not get a chance to see mainly because it was our first time there there were a lot of cool stuff at the event so I'm just gonna go over the three products that I thought were the most interesting first up is the announcement of PlayStation now from Sony with PlayStation now you'll be able to stream popular hits and classic games from the ps3 library they'll be first available on the ps4 and ps3 systems followed by the PS Vita in addition to the PlayStation platforms most 2014 US models of Sony's bravia TV lineup will support PlayStation now as well eventually the service will expand beyond PlayStation platforms and Sony devices allowing you to scream PlayStation games across a broad range of interconnected devices always play the most updated version of your game with games hosted in the cloud you can take your game with you anywhere you go just simply log in with your sony entertainment that would account on a compatible device in your games & save progress will be easily available PlayStation I will begin a better program in the US at the end of January what an expected full rollout in the US this summer another interesting thing that got announced was the pebble steel this year is a SmartWatch it's basically a device that connects to your smartphone and displays key information like caller ID emails and other notifications and it could also want a ride variety of pebble apps it's compatible with both iOS and Android with the battery lasting up to a week the plastic shell and banned from the original pebble have been replaced with CNC machine Chessie's and gorilla glass protector display whether you choose a brush stainless steel or black matte finish the pebble steel will be paired with matching metal band and black leather straps functionality between pebble steel and the original pebble is identical the only the vonage that the pebble steel has is a boost of internal storage which allows you to install roughly double the number of applications pebble still carries a price tag of 249 making it a hundred dollars more than the original and fifty dollars less than the Samsung Galaxy gear the first batch of pebble steel smartwatches will ship January 28 lastly razor and build something cool at CES as well they called it project christine what you're looking at is a pc with a completely different concept instead of the traditional tower set up with all your components installed inside this was created to make it much easier for people to take advantage of pc customizability so here's how it works you choose any module on the fly whether it's the cpu memory graphics card or power supply and you simply plug it in the pci express architecture of the project christine automatically syncs the components together each sealed module is entirely self-contained and features active liquid cooling and noise cancellation this unit here is actually dummy they have the real thing at their offices back in California razor and build it at CES to see how people would react to it before they go ahead and start with the production the challenge is being able to convince companies like Intel and AMD to support the idea and have them make custom parts for the PC they want to have the proof that people are interested so they can show those companies that there will be demand anyways that wraps up the top three items that we thought were the most interesting at CES this year if you guys want to stay updated with the latest and greatest products from the tech world then hit that subscribe button this is the text source and we'll see you next time so before I go I want to thank Squarespace for making this possible and show you guys our website yeah we do have one in fact we had a for a while now for those of you that did not even know it existed we built it using Squarespace and it was extremely easy for us I think you got up and running in less than a day everything is drag and drop which makes it super easy to configure and there's a bunch of awesome templates that you can choose from or you can even start from scratch like we did this isn't just a website you can do a lot more with squarespace you can build your own portfolio create an online store and sell stuff and also scales to look beautiful on any device the support team is also available 24-7 if you have any questions or one into any problems and they offer live chat and super fast email responses the best part about all this is that it's free to try there's no credit card required to sign up if you guys do the setup setup an account use the offer code tech source one for ten percent off that already low prices so that wraps up the video thanks again for watching and we'll see you guys next time you
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