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The Coolest Mechanical Keyboard I have Seen! - ET ROBOT Review

what's happening guys at from tech stores in this video we're gonna take a look at the et robot RGB mechanical gaming keyboard by the way huge thinks the last pass for sponsoring this video last pass is the olden one password manager that not only remembers your passwords but also keeps them safe I use it every day to remember all my login information and passwords for the websites I visit it doesn't only store passwords you can also use it to keep important information like bank accounts insurance information and more it keeps it all organized and safe in their vault you can also share your passwords conveniently and safely to your friends or family to the vault and it's now easy to use with the new iOS update so you can store your password safely and not have to remember them ever again thanks again to LastPass for sponsoring this video to learn more click on the link below so I was shopping around to find a mechanical keyboard to do a video on and this one caught my attention for several reasons the price the rating and the design it just looks like a really cool keyboard and judging by the reviews I thought hey maybe you guys might be interested in as well I did accidentally buy an extra one and instead of sending it back I'm just gonna do a giveaway on it so if you guys are interested all you have to do is drop a like and leave a comment below on what your favorite part about the keyboard was I'll pick a winner next week and I'll announce it on my Twitter account and yes this is worldwide so the keyboard is currently going for $60 in Amazon and it comes equipped with Hawaa no switches they're basically equivalent to Cherry MX blues by no means am i a switch expert guys I cannot tell the difference between these and actual Cherry MX blues all I know is that they both sound and feel the same to me people online say that the hano switches are slightly heavier to press than Cherry's which is actually true because they have an actuation force of around 60 grams you still get that satisfying click and the tactile bump that you expect from Cherry blue is while typing I personally don't like blue switches I'm not a fan of the tactile feedback and how loud they get while typing or gaming my preferred choice is always Cherry MX Reds as far as build quality the et robot is built really well for $60 I'm impressed that they were able to use an aluminum frame for most of the keyboard in fact the only plastic piece is the back cover there's no noticeable flex anywhere on the keyboard nor is there any bowing in the center overall very solid construction and it's pretty hefty - I know let's talk about the keys so this is a full-size 104 key anti-ghosting keyboard with a Windows lock and a full numpad the keys are nicely spaced and have a concave shape to it which helps identify the center of the key that way you're not accidentally pressing other keys I also didn't notice any noticeable wobbling on any of the keys once again solid construction as far as the font I'm not a fan of it to be honest they're nice and big which is great but it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie some of the keys are harder to read like the letter B and the number 6 which to me looks like the letter G the keyboard does come with media controls however they are hidden which is kind of annoying you have to actually look in the manual to figure out which keys do what for example holding a function key and pressing f8 will skip track and the f7 pauses and plays sometimes I would forget which key does what so accidentally press the wrong key and instead of pausing or playing it skips to the next track which I find kind of annoying what I would I prefer to see is text on the side of the key labeling what each key does while holding down the function I don't think it's gonna be a deal-breaker for most people however I guess it's a lot better than not having any function keys at all sadly the keyboard does not come with a wrist rest nor do you get any extra key caps instead you will find a key removable tool and two extra switches in case you need to replace some speaking of replacement you can actually hot-swap this entire board judging by one of the reviews left on Amazon for this keyboard so if you guys are not a fan of the blue equivalent switches then you can swap them out with the ones you prefer on the bottom of the keyboard you'll find the standard rubber feet and legs that give you a bit of tilt another thing I don't really like about the keyboard is the cable running straight from the center of it it's actually more of a nitpick than anything really I much prefer keyboards with the cable coming out from the center because I do like to route the cable straight underneath my desk for a much cleaner look but unfortunately what this keyboard I'm not able to do that finally let's talk about the lighting which I think is the main selling point of this keyboard I do want to start off by saying that the RGB lighting on this keyboard is on par with other high-end keyboards like courser and razer which is crazy considering it's only $60 aside from the keys being backlit there's an ambient light that wraps around the keyboard from side to side which i think looks really cool the keyboard has 18 backlit lighting modes and 9 ambient light modes you can control the color of the lighting with the function and the right arrow and the brightness with the up and down arrows and the left arrow controls the direction of the lighting to control the effects you have to use the function and any of the six keys above the arrow keys the plus and minus buttons control the speed of the lighting and finally to control the ambient lighting around the size of the keyboard you have to use the Print Screen key if you guys want to see all the RGB effects that the keyboard can do I actually made a separate video going through every single lighting effect with this keyboard so check out the video if anyone is interested I mean it doesn't have a wrist rest and the function keys aren't visible but hey um does this keyboard kick ass and pretty much everything else this is honestly the perfect keyboard for anyone that's looking for a solid RGB Mac keyboard - the high premium price that they would have to pay for it I just wish they had a white version of this keyboard which I think would look way cooler and a penny much wraps up my review of the et robot keyboard if you guys enjoyed it and want to see more types of keyboard videos on the channel feel free to drop a like as always and don't forget to comment below on what your favorite part about this keyboard was if you want to enter for a chance to win one and once again it is worldwide and announce the winners on my Twitter account thanks again for watching guys I love your faces as always I'll see you in the next one
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