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The Coolest Power Bank - Vivis Knight V3 (4K)

hey guys it's ed from Texas and today I wanted to share an awesome power break that I stumbled upon a few days ago this is the viv aspire Bank and not only does this beast have 13,000 milliamps which is enough to power seven iPhones but it has a pretty cool design and a spot to stick your phone in and watch videos which I will show you later in this video so there isn't really much to unbox here after removing the item from its plastic container you will find the power bank sitting on top of the user manual which shows you how you can use the product and how the charging works by beneath the plastic tray is the microUSB to USB which is needed to charge the power bank and finally a pretty cool carrying case which kind of feels like velvet material if he asked me I'm definitely diggin the awesome carrying case something you don't see often when buying power banks now the material has a leather feel and look to it and the sides are gold-plated which brings a pretty cool look to it instead of being a plain old brick like most power banks are honestly if you ask me I would have left to seen a black and red combo with this it would have looked a lot better so the power bank has one USB port up top to connect iPhones or any other electronics that work wire USBs like cameras handheld gaming and such and on the back side is where the built-in micro USB is tucked in when not in use on the side of the power bank is the LED indicator button which if pressed will display how much juice is left inside the power bank right next to the indicators is the micro USB port which is used to charge the power bank so so far it seems like an ordinary power brick so you might be wondering why I decided to do a video on this well what sold me on this power brick was such a simple feature it has a section to hold your phone and charge it at the same time which means that you can watch hours of video without worrying about your phone dying I have like 6 or 7 power banks over here at the office sitting around that do only one thing charge your device so when I came across this I was definitely impressed I would however love to see more color options available in the near future for example black in red and maybe a larger power bank with twenty or even thirty thousand milliamps but overall this is a very solid power bank and I'm extremely happy with it so that is why I wanted to share this with you guys I will leave links in the description section about the product if you guys are interested in checking them out but anyways this is that from tech source and I will see you in the next video
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