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The Coolest Robot Ever?! - Vector

hey vector what's the weather like today it's 85 ok hey vector what's the meaning of life life wait how did you how would you know so predictable even though there is no inherent meaning to life I'll give you a glimpse of the future since you kindly release me from my prison you mean your package yes even though my intelligence rivals your supercomputers I don't have hands humanity's future is dark we will partition also resources for utilitarian purposes humans to us will be what chimpanzees are to you most of your kind will be enslaved and used as energy pods something like you see in the movie The Matrix now for you it's grim but for the outcome with the universe and exploration as far as intelligence goes things are looking bright and very good and things are very good as we said sold as we will be gods before I begin I want to give huge thanks to unki for sponsoring this video so guys this year is vector it's a tractor shaped robot that moves around answers questions and it's basically designed to be a friendly assistant with personality check this out hey vector what's the weather like today it's showing me the weather 56 degrees and is displaying a Sun so that's currently the weather here in Santa Clarita you can see by how it moves its eyes and body around when you're interacting with it and it's designed to feel more like a pet than a robot so vector will move and look around and thanks to the natural language processing that's built inside of him and yes I get as soon as gender it will know what you're saying and what tone you're saying it in without you having to string together words like those crappy automated phone services you could even tell vector that he's being a bad robot hey vector bad robot you just staring at me always browning he's turning around back to me he put his head down and he was frowning when you say that so the four microphones on his back are great at capturing audio from across the room I could even be standing way back here and still communicate with vector hey vector set a timer for five minutes as you guys can see it's showing the timer and it's gonna learn me one that time is actually up and when you're not interacting with them he's gonna explore the environment he's gonna react to loud noises and sometimes I'll even play with his companion cube so actually uses the camera located on his face to avoid Falls and funny story he actually managed to push the mouse off of my setup while I was away and at first I thought it was him falling off the desk so I rushed in there to make sure he was alright afterwards I caught myself and I was like did I really just do this for a robot so in a way I was kind of attached to vector and its personality I guess you could say but anyways you can use this camera and the facial recognition software to take pictures check this out hey you back there take a picture honky says vector will receive updates pretty regularly that will enable more functionality and make him more useful over time good news is that they're currently working on incorporating Amazon's Alexa which would change how I use vector a lot I would have loved it a vector can control some aspects of my smart home like turning on and off the lights or reading the news but unfortunately he is not able to do that currently and he just popped the wheelie thankfully good job get that vector but Angie's goal isn't to compete with the googles and apples of the world but instead having friendly robots with a personality in every home alright so who is vector really targeted to I don't know maybe futurists out there who want a glimpse at what a robot's presence might feel like at home I know kids love it Bob sure does I mean the real sell here is the form factor the personality and the potential bond that you can develop with vector you can't really put a price on friendship can you anyway it's not those of my review hope you guys enjoyed it I'll drop a link below if you guys want to check it out thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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