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The Custom Water Cooled Build Continues - Episode 3

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want to mention why the price change went up from 7,000 to 9,000 a lot of you guys were talking about that in the comments section and that's because the original build was actually non water-cooled parts the extra 2,000 was the EK parts that was added to the total which is why I came out to around 9,000 but again prices fluctuate so don't take that seriously so the last episode we did a bunch of things as you guys can see if you guys missed the episode make sure to watch that before otherwise you'll be confused we were waiting on some fans to arrive and as you guys can see they did come in and we're also waiting for some paint to dry on some of the parts so despite the situation we were in with the parts I think the paint job came out great so just to recap the parts we painted in the last episode we got the mounting bracket for the reservoir we got two PCI brackets for the GPU one m dot two shield and three more PCI brackets so in this episode we're gonna do a lot of work we're gonna finish up the GPU blocks and the next episodes actually be the finale where we do the bending put in the liquid and any necessary mods needed and first boots I don't know if I'm gonna be doing benchmarks because it's not interesting to a lot of people nobody really cares about that nonsense anymore but if you guys want to see that let me know in the comments section because at this point a high-end gaming PC like this is pretty much gonna clean games at 4k resolution max settings so that is why it's not interesting to do them but if you guys want to see it let me know the comments section there's actually one more thing at the side of the change and that's the sli bridge originally I was gonna go with the EVGA one and take out the stickers and custom paint the shield red but I feel like I want to do a completely custom s library so I hit up a son from v1 Tech and they sent over some covers so let me open this up actually for you guys they sent over one RGB and one non RGB so I'll have to decide which one I should go with but yeah this is the person I'm looking at these actually oh these are clean so there's actually two versions but there's one with the white backplate and there's one with the black I don't know what yeah which one looks better let me know guys in the comments section personally I think this one the one with the white and then the red TS logo will look sick but let me know what you guys think I feel like since the case is mostly white and this one will look a lot better so basically what I'm gonna do is peel this off and stick it to the stock asus sli bridge so it's gonna go like this and it's gonna look so much better than the basic one and then you got the RGB one so it's basically the old white backplate and this middle part over here lights up I think you get to control the light in it actually so it comes with a remote control so if I want to red LEDs I'm gonna get a red LEDs but anyways it's I guess I should say you know what screw the black one I want you guys decide RGB or non RGB let me know in the comment section all right so both of the GPU blocks have been installed successfully let's go and put them inside the case and then install the radiators right after so let's pop this one in first so when you're winning us-ally there are usually two methods that you can use to hook up both of the GPU blocks together method number one is individual fittings and method number two is using a terminal which is usually what I do in my builds so I think in this case I'm gonna go with the ek terminal and see how that turns out if I don't like the design of it I might just do individual fittings but we'll see so okay oh this is the plexi one and I think I think this is too big actually I don't know this can go in between both of the GPUs or maybe you can let me see no this is a little too big all right so what I've decided to do is bring up the bottom GPU one more slot that would solve the bridge solution and also actually give me more space near the bottom because I just realized if I installed a radiator in the bottom and hook up the fans on top is barely gonna be any clearance between the bottom GPU and the top fan which is gonna restrict airflow from the fans of course so I think this way it's gonna work out the only issue is I'm not gonna be able to use the sli bridge so Hasan if you're watching I'm sorry dude you're gonna have to make another one we're gonna have to do a one slot as the libraries that have a 2 slot but I feel like that it's gonna be a lot better for the build and I feel like it's gonna look a lot better so yeah let's do that all right so now that those are both off the terminal basically sits like this between both of the GPU blocks and then I have to use the same screws and tighten it to the blocks tell me that doesn't look a lot cleaner than these bulky black ones the only thing is you're not going to see the GTX 10 atti a logo but you can see it on the back plate near the top so it doesn't really bother me got to make sure to put seals back on otherwise the terminal will leak this is the tricky part making sure the seal is still stuck on in the terminal while you screw this in place because if you move it around too much it might fall out of place got those on let's do the rest boom ladies and gentlemen that is installed and I just realized I might have to take apart the GPU blocks or the GPUs just to get access to the bottom rail here because once I install the Raider and the fans I think it might be difficult to mount the fans on the radiator so yeah there's definitely gonna be a lot of back-and-forth for this entire build so I'm okay with it but anyways this part is done let's finally move on to the radiators we've got to figure out which ones to use because they did send four total and I can only fit two in here I can fit a 360 and I could fit a 240 so let's get these out of the boxes so we have the cool stream SE from ek let's put this aside this one is a cool stream 240 duals so I think this one's a little thicker that one was the slim the question is can I fit the thicker one in the case so yeah right off the bat you guys can tell it's definitely notice we take care it's also wider it's also wider for some reason so yeah it's thicker and longer just like mine I think we'd have to use a slim one though let's just let's check it out actually no we can put the thicker one to hold up let's try this one oh no I lied it's too tall it's not gonna close yeah it's not gonna it's not gonna close okay the slim rad is fine I guess so let's try this again there we go beautiful so wait it'll go on top the fans will get installed from the bottom here question is are we gonna have enough clearance from the top oh yeah there's plenty of space okay you know what probably gonna go with the slim 360 as well because there's not gonna be enough room for the double so I'm not gonna even open that up let's open up the slim though okay all right so now I'm gonna flush the radiators it's always recommended to do this before you install them so that you can get rid of any dirt or particles inside the preferred method is using distilled water so what I'm gonna do is fill both of them up shake it a little bit and then pour the liquid out and I do this about three to four times per radiator to make sure that the insides are clean and ready to go all right so I'm letting the readers sit for a bit and I came back here to kind of look at the other parts that I'm gonna be using this here is the reservoir and this year is the pump I don't know what I was smoking on but I don't know why I thought this would fit inside the micro ATX case there was barely any clearance so yeah this is clearly not gonna fit in here and this is definitely my fault because I requested this one instead the problem with me is I want to cram as many things as possible inside a tiny case so I map to see if EK has a shorter version of this because there's no way I'm gonna put this in here let alone in the pump the pump is massive so I might have to get a smaller pump as well so yeah fortunately I won't be able to install that in this episode so which leaves me to do the fittings and then the radiators and that's pretty much it but yeah I promise you guys on the next episode everything else will be pretty much ready to go there's not gonna be any more issues or we're not gonna be running into any problems that I will promise you guys but yeah anyways let me go check on the radiators and continue with the build all right so the radiators are squeaky clean its install the fans on here what are they here it is I was thinking about actually painting the rotators but the fact is they're gonna be hidden inside the case so there's really no point in to painting them oh there's actually one other thing I was gonna tell you guys what did I put it I'm gonna end that to shield that we painted here it is this was originally supposed to go over them to inside actually between the GPU is aa BS can even see that but since the GPU blocks are covering yet there's really no point in to using it so instead I'm going to use this and cover up this MDOT to over here so it's gonna sit over the slot like this I'm gonna mod it so obviously it sticks on here but it looks a lot better than just leaving the MDOT to visible and just like I said earlier guys I'm gonna have to take apart both of the GPU blocks to gain access to the bottom portion so more work for me yay so here's another fly found on this case can someone tell me why the fan holes over here are so small I'm trying to mount 120 millimeter fan over here and the issue here is let me show you guys an example so this is a typical fan screw that came in with the corsair fan and look how small these holes are there's no way it's gonna fit anything smaller then this is not gonna hold the fan in place so unfortunately I'm gonna have to drill my own hole it has been a very long day guy this is one stressful bill this is the hardest PC I've ever built in my life hands down I just hope it's worth it near the end so there's a few things I'm gonna be waiting for obviously before I continue there's nothing I can do in this video waiting for a new reservoir and pump once that comes in I can finally plan the loop I'm also gonna order obviously the new SLI bridge and I'm gonna be ordering some fangirls because the three fans and the bottom as you guys can see it's facing downwards you can see the cable and the sticker part we're just gonna look nasty same goes for the rear fan over here so yeah so fan grills SLI bridge and then I can plan the loop once the reservoir pump comes in and then whatever mods I need to do to make it stand out for example the mod for the PSU cover and stuff like that it's gonna be coming at the very very end but yeah I think I'm happy so far with the progress I don't want to jinx anything but I think once the reservoir and pump come in they should be smooth sailing from there but anyways I hope you guys enjoy the video if you did tossing a like would be awesome and if you guys don't like the series please feel free to leave a dislike and let me what you guys think so far about the build anything you guys want to change anything you guys like anything you guys hate let me know as always in the comments section below this is that from tech source I love your faces I will see you guys in the next video you
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