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The First Ryzen 3000 Build ft. RX 5700 XT

and these new third-generation risin ships as well as the new Navi GPUs are here and I thought what better way to show off their performance than in an actual PC build let's get to it I want to give each thanks to Nord VPN for sponsoring today's video if you guys care about your privacy and security every time you go online and you should be using a VPN much like a firewall that protects your data on your PC a VPN protects your data online with Nord VPN your data gets encrypted any location stays private so you can surf the web anonymously without worrying about anyone stealing your sensitive information nor VPN has thousands of servers in 61 plus countries and it's available iOS and Android so you can protect yourself online even when using your smart phone you can stream content download videos and shop online without your ISPs knowing the best part is my subscribers can get 75% off a three-year plan plus an extra free month by using the code listed on the screen so make sure to visit noir VPN comm slash tech stores or click the link below and start getting protected today so this is storm a gaming streaming and productivity PC featuring the Rison 9 and 3900 x12 core processor we also got 32 gigs of ram in here and the RX 5700 xt which is a m-- these newest GPU based on their rDNA architecture the 5700 xt is made to compete against the RT x 2070 while d 5700 goes head-to-head with the RT x 2060 you will see gaming benchmarks on all four of these cards later in this video so I decided to go with a stormtrooper color scheme for this build hence the name storm and the purpose of this build like I mentioned before is for gaming streaming and productivity of course the three included intake fans provide plenty of fresh air for the GPU and practically the entire case really and then I added three more fans as exhaust we have one in the rear and two more on the top needless to say the PC definitely has plenty of airflow the g.skill transy royal RAM sticks adds a nice amount of bling to the build finally I threw in some custom sleeve cables for the finishing touch I wish there was a way to turn off the red Radeon logo on the side because it kind of messes with the color scheme I mean the red accents around the card I can deal with but the LEDs not so much so the 3900 X actually comes with their rate prism RGB cooler and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test it out and see how well it cools the CPU during heavy workloads and gaming that's pretty much the only reason why I didn't install a beefier cooler I want to see what this thing can do the Wraith president my GB cooler comes included with your third generation rising 7 or higher CPU starting from the 3700 X based on the current prices the total cost of this build is around $2,500 give or take a few bucks including the CD key which you can pick up for only $15 if you buy it from your CD key calm just make sure to use my code for an extra 10% off as always of course I'll drop a link to it below alright let's get into temps real quickly on stock the 3900 X idles between 65 and 55 degrees you guys can tell by the histogram that it would peak at 65 Celsius and then dip down to 55 and then it would go back up this is what the fan profile said to normal I did not touch any of the settings in BIOS unload the CPU peaks at 88 degrees and stays there consistently and this is after 2 hours of non-stop rendering I mean the cooler does its job and keeps it from overheating but I do recommend going with an aftermarket cooler if you plan on overclocking both the 5700 and xt models idle around 40 degrees and a peaks at 91 degrees while gaming for a couple hours even inside a case with lots of air flow both GPUs tend to get pretty hot now let's get into the performance starting with a synthetic benchmark Like Heaven we can see that the 5700 XT Falls a little behind and both resolutions compared to the 2017 same goes for the 5700 the RT X 2060 bit score higher however it looks like the gap is much smaller in 1440p csgo can pretty much run on any potato so the FPS I was getting here were really high across all the cards in both resolutions however the 27 he did score an average of 5 fps more on both runs for some reason while the 57 X T capped at 250 it looks like in pub both aimed en Nvidia cards showed similar performance in both 1080 and 1440p with the AMD cards edging slightly ahead by a couple FPS similar results for overwatch however the gap between the 5700 and 2600 is much wider compared to the 5700 XT and 2070 on Tom Clancy's siege however both AMD cards dominated the r-tx cards showing as much as a 30fps difference and 1080p and 9 fps and 1440 when it comes to Apex Legends both cards traded blows with the our Tex 2070 slightly up performing the 5700 XT in both resolutions while the 5700 slightly better than the 2060 on port night the roles have been completely reversed with both Nvidia cards doing noticeably better than the AMD cards and both resolutions however the gap between the RT X 2070 and the 5700 XT seems to be bigger battlefield 5 seems to favor the AMD cards more on the X 11 since both AMD cards do noticeably better than nvidia even in 1440p the gap remains the same looking at overclocking performance we can see some really nice gains from both cards an average of 10 FPS gain on the 5700 XT and 9 FPS on the 5,700 I mean these are extra frames for free just by increasing the memory and boost clock so what does this all mean which cards perform the best looking at the average FPS across all four cards we can see that the 5700 XT and RT X 2070 are pretty much neck and neck for both 1080 and 1440p gaming however the 5700 I've performed the RT X 2060 but only by 5% in 1080 and 1440p gaming between the 5700 XT and the Arctic's 2070 based on MSRP prices alone the 57 XT is clearly the obvious choice when it comes to bang for your buck since it's $100 cheaper than the our Tex 2070 and offers similar performance you are paying only a dollar 90 cents per frame compared to two dollars and 37 cents for the r-tx 2070 for 1080p gaming but then you end up paying way more for 1440p the best bang for your buck card goes to the radion 5700 you are paying less per frame for both 1080 and 1440p compared to the rest of the cards on the list now with that said the 5700 isn't quite ready for 1440p gaming so I do recommend this card only for gamers who are on a budget looking to max out their games in 1080p also someone who has 144 Hertz or fresh great monitor to take advantage of the high frames this card not only performs better than the RT X 2060 but it offers more bang for your buck so obviously the clear winner in a 1080p category I would say is the 5700 now if you look at the jump into 1440p gaming or maybe you have a really high refresh rate monitor like 165 or higher than the 5700 XT is the perfect card for you now for similar performance compared to the RT X 2070 but it cost $100 less of course this is all based on MSRP pricing and performance on the reference models prices can change and other board partners can offer different pricing for their own cards this video is kind of just an overview to show you guys what type of performance you can expect from aim these new cards and with that said I hope you guys enjoyed the video I'll drop a link to all the parts I mentioned in this video down below including the parts are used and build consider subscribing because I have some pretty awesome builds coming up especially some budget builds from a and B as well thing he's getting so much for watching as always I love you guys and I'll see you in the next video once again I'm gonna give a huge thing snort VPN for sponsoring today's video make sure to click the link below to get 75% off a three year plan plus an extra month for free using the code tech source
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