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The Holy Grail of Monitors + Gaming PC (Giveaway)

I do want to give a huge thanks to Nvidia for not only sponsoring this video but also hosting a giveaway on this custom-built gaming PC from GeForce garage to learn how to enter stay tuned for more info ladies and gentlemen right here in front of me is any gamers dream set up we got a dope custom pc built by GeForce garage that's rockin a 70 20 x8 core processor we also got 16 gigs of ram and the mighty 1080 TI founders Edition but what I'm really excited about and what you should be excited about is this the new Acer X 27 predator gaming monitor this thing has all the bells and whistles any game mode wants I'm talking 4k resolution g-sync HDR 144 it's refresh rate all on an IPS panel and that is what's got me really interested I've seen similar specs like these on TN panels but I can't really use those because of the poor color accuracy as someone who loves gaming and also making a living on content creation this monitor gives me the best of both worlds alright guys so before we jump into the gaming performance we're gonna try and overclock the CPU it is using a 7 a 20 X 8 core processor so I usually can hit around 4.5 to 4.6 gigahertz easily so I'm gonna try and see how much I can push that so let's do start the PC and get it to BIOS alright guys so we're able to push the CPU to 4.6 gigahertz at one point to five volts anything after that the pce becomes unstable and keeps crashing so I'm gonna lower back down to four point six and I'm gonna put the CPU core voltage back to one point two to five I'm also going to set the frequency of the DRAM to 3,000 megahertz I'm also going to increase the voltage of the RAM to one point three five as well we'll hit f10 save the changes and run some benchmarks alright so after the CPU overclock we got a score of 2007 compared to 1624 on Cinebench r15 that's a 20% gain just by overclocking the CPU alright guys so now it's time to overclock the 1080 Ti to try and get more performance out of it gonna be gaming in 4k resolution so obviously makes sense to overclock it so I do have MSI Afterburner open enough person we're gonna do is increase the power limit all the way to the max and down here we're going to be basically messing around with the core clock any memory clock until we hit a stable number so we're gonna gradually increase the core clock until we hit a stable amount so usually I try to increase it by 25 megahertz increments and I run the heaven benchmark in the background to see how stable it is if it crashes obviously we have to lower the amount if it doesn't then I can go back and slowly increase the amounts so I'm going to mess around with the core and memory clock until I find a stable frequency and I'll be right back alright guys so we got some impressive numbers off the 1080 Ti I was able to add an extra 125 megahertz on the core clock and an extra 600 50 megahertz on the memory clock all keeping the GPU between 80 to 83 degrees so very impressive numbers more importantly we want to see the performance difference before and after the overclock so here is a chart with the full benchmark numbers comparing before and after benchmarking as well as benchmarking with HDR enabled because HDR does in fact impact GPU performance speaking of HDR let's take a closer look at the X 27 uh guys this is one of the very few gaming monitors out there that not only has a 4k resolution but also 144 Hertz refresh rate IPS panel and because of these specs you're gonna pay a premium on top of that it does have g-sync HDR and very accurate color space making it perfect for gamers who also do professional work it uses quantum dot technology and has a 384 zone full array direct backlight it's also got dcpip three color gamut which translates to over 99% srgb I mean this is all around the perfect monitor for me because not only can i game on it but I can also use it for professional work because of the color accurate display I no longer need to use two separate monitors one for gaming and one for productivity this is pretty much the olden one for me design wise it's not a bad looking monitor I mean fan of the thicker than average bezels or the aggressive stand which by the way has the predator DNA written all over it I know it's made for gamers but personally I prefer a more minimalistic design luckily it does have a VESA mount option so I'll be mounting this to my desk so the stand itself has a lot of adjustability it can swivel it can tilt and of course it's height adjustable as well and on the back you'll find a handle which makes it easy to carry around also behind the monitor underneath this cover you'll find all the ports you get usual one display one HDMI and four USB 3.0 ports you can actually use them as pass-through if you use the provided USB pass-through cable you get two USB three on the side and two more on the back and of course it can't be a gaming monitor without LED lighting this monitor actually has two points of lighting you got one going horizontally underneath the base of the monitor and there's also one on the back it's not fully RGB but you do have the option to choose from several different colors as well as several different effects now the lights don't get that bright guys so you can't really notice them during the day the only time you'll notice that even if it's at full brightness is when you're gaming at night it kind of gives off this nice ambient effect all right now let's look at the screen because at the end of the day that's what matters the most once I turn it on I immediately noticed how vibrant the colors were also because it's an IPS panel it's got great viewing angles all right let's talk gaming so once I overclocked the screen to 144 Hertz through the Nvidia control panel things got heated combined with the four millisecond response time and gsync everything was smooth it was night and day coming for my 75 Hertz ultra light back at home I noticed a huge improvement in my reactions I was also responding quicker to enemies and overall increased my accuracy in games let's take a closer look at the HDR technology inside the monitor on paper it's supposed to enhance the viewing experience it's supposed to give it vibrant colors and lifelike colors as well so I'm gonna load up some content and watch some Netflix videos and play some games and see if there's a real difference between SDR and HDR alright guys so I loaded up black mirror my favorite series on Netflix to show you the difference between SDR and HDR by the way guys the camera does not do any of this justice if you really want to see an experience that do you have to see it in person this is the best scene that we can find to really show you the difference on camera between SDR on the left and HDR on the right the first thing you guys can notice is the level of contrast the colors on the right are more vibrant compared to kind of the washed out colors on the left side if you guys take a look at his face you can tell that the shadows are more prominent and the orange is actually more vibrant on M compared to the SDR image the darker scenes obviously are more darker on HDR and the brighter scenes are more brighter you guys can tell by just looking at the sky and also these shadows on his jacket it really does come down to personal preference if you're someone who likes to watch content that has more contrast and more poppy colors than Asia it's definitely something you're gonna enjoy alright so now let's load up some games and see the impact that HDR has on the games destiny - looks incredible on HDR the colors definitely look more vibrant with great dynamic range I can actually see the different colors in the sky compared to SDR another thing I noticed is the level of contrast once again the darks are much darker and some colors even look slightly saturated which gives it that extra lifelike look I want to switch back down to SDR I immediately noticed the difference in the level of contrast the colors don't pop out anymore and they seem pretty washed out destiny 2 is definitely one of the games you want to play in HDR so in conclusion this is by far the best gaming monitor I have reviewed on the channel but it's not for everyone not only do you need the hardware to take full advantage of this monitor but you're gonna be paying a pretty penny for it in order to take advantage of the full 144 it's refresh rate and play in 4k resolution with maxed out settings you're gonna need some high-end hardware I'm talking a multi GPU set up at least and even then most games aren't optimized for SLI support so hitting that 144 FPS cap is going to be difficult with the current hardware that's available otherwise for those of you who are just looking for the best of the best out there and don't care about the cost then this is it ladies um you cannot get anything better than this right now in the market in terms of gaming and productivity this pretty much has the best of both worlds all right guys now it's time for the giveaway if you went into for a chance to win this badass gaming PC from GeForce garage all you have to do is share this video on a social post and let me know in that post what game you would be playing on this PC make sure you guys are using the following hashtag on that post and make sure you're tagging NVIDIA GeForce and myself I do have different handles for different social media accounts so make sure you guys are using the correct one I'll post them on the screen as well as in the description section down below dropping a like is not required to participate in a giveaway but it would be highly appreciated if you guys want to pick up your very own g-sync HDMI monitor I'll drop a link to that down below also Asus made a similar SPECT monitor with g-sync HDR 4k resolution and a 144 hertz IPS panel now if you guys want to check that out too I'll drop a link below as well the winners of the giveaway will be announced on August 31st best of luck to whoever enters thanks again for watching and I will see you in the next video
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