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The Lightest Laptop got even Better! - LG gram 2018

this is the new gram from LG it's one of the lightest most powerful laptops on the market and if you're an avid watcher of the channel then you already know that I reviewed the gram lineup highly in the past and spoiler alert this new model improves on some of the shortcomings I noted in my previous videos but is it worth it let's jump right into the review so the 15-inch model I have here features an eighth gen Intel processor 16 gigs of DDR 4 RAM and a total of one terabyte m2 storage with a 1080p touchscreen IPS display with the retail price of $2,000 it's definitely aiming for a certain group of individuals however they do have other models starting at just $1100 the build is comprised of magnesium alloy the same material as last year's model but it does feel sturdier around the keyboard and trackpad area the display does have a good amount of flex which is to be expected with the gram being so thin and algae likes to flex on their website by showcasing the 7 industry test that the laptops have passed and have to admit it's pretty impressive the gram is tested against shock pressure extreme low and high temperatures and the list goes on to boil the numbers down I feel confident throwing this in a bag and going on with my day something that is surprisingly hard to find in any laptop that shares similar dimensions connectivity is an area that has been improved when compared to last gen it's mostly the same but they did give us an extra USB 3.0 port up from 2 from last year's we also got a single HDMI port Kingston Lock an audio jack and a micro SD card slots but this year the USB C port is also Thunderbolt compatible finally it works great with higher resolution monitors but I see that they're both really coming into play is when you want to attach an external graphics card it makes the laptop the perfect solution for me when I'm on the road and I still want to edit videos and even put on a few games another area of improvement is the battery life they've increased the battery size from 60 watt hour to 72 watt hour which gave me a considerably higher score and the see mark workbench when compared to the last year's model my typical day with the grammar will start at 9 a.m. and consists of a lot of emails where documents media consumption and web browsing at the end of the day around 9 p.m. is when I would usually run out of juice the screen is the same as last years but that's not to say it's bad it still gets bright at around 390 minutes which I also found was good enough to use outdoors it also has great viewing angles with no noticeable color shift or banding the display is also touchscreen which is a great addition the touch screen feature is really nice and I still prefer it over the trackpad because of its accuracy I find myself using that a lot more when scrolling through my Twitter timeline and long pages the 1080p resolution is nothing mind-blowing but for the 15-inch panel it's plenty sharp and when it's moderately vibrant colors I found it great for enjoying content but I wouldn't rely on this for any professional photo work unless you calibrate it the camera gets you 720p recording at 30fps and finally LG has moved the camera from the bottom to the top of the screen and because of this you get a normal viewing angle compared to what I like to call the up the nose angle from last year's grab unfortunately though the speaker's take away from the whole media consumption aspect as they are located on the bottom and they're firing downwards I'm guessing they went with this design because of the constraints due to how thin and light the laptop is but unfortunately the end result is subpar audio quality its tinny and doesn't have much of a sound profile it does get reasonably loud but again it's impacted by the surface so if the laptop is laying on anything that isn't a flat surface for example like a carpet then the sound that just gets more muffled however the headphone jack does have DTS which stands for digital theater system and it sounds so much better when listening through headphones it's really a must when you're using a laptop in noisy environments or if you just want better sound quality the keyboard is mostly the same as far as I can tell it's still backlit which is great the keys are spaced out evenly for comfort and there's very travela stands with great feedback there was also a numpad cramped to the side which as they must have for me I don't care how cramped or tiny the numbers are as long as there's a numpad on the laptop I am happy now the trackpad uses Windows precision drivers so it's very accurate one thing they did add is the fingerprint reader that's located underneath the power button which I absolutely love logging in has been a breeze and it's very accurate as well I think it didn't recognize my finger just once out of the entire time I've been using it this past week and finally let's get into the performance given the size of the machine I was surprised it was able to run games at 1080p at decent frames I did have to use low settings but still for something this small it's impressive lowering the resolution down to 720p made the games more enjoyable with higher frames but with that said this laptops main purpose should not be for gaming we've also included Premiere Pro rendering test and here if you guys plan on doing light video production we rendered out a 1 minute and 5 minute 1080p files for your reference in case you want to compare them to your current laptop or PC the fans rarely kick up and when they do you can barely hear them LG owes in a fine job on the cooling solution for the Graham lineup the LG Graham has a lot of things going for it it's thin and light all while packing in some decent performance and a full day battery life but with that said the price is a little steep for what you are getting especially if you get the max that one that I have in the video for $2000 if you don't plan on using the touchscreen or don't care about the fingerprint reader then there are more affordable options starting at just eleven hundred dollars and honestly that would be my personal recommendation for anyone looking for a powerful thin laptop with incredible battery life LG is currently running a campaign where you can enter it for a chance to take home a 13-inch lg gram or a $50 Amazon gift card and all you guys have to do is participate on any of their social media channels you can increase your chances of winning by participating in all three but the choice is yours I'll drop a link to their socials down below as well as a link to the laptop if you guys want to check it out thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one
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