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The Making Of VAPORION - VLOG #7

I'm awake my hair is a mess it's time to build another PC all right so for the case we're gonna go with the fractal core 1000 CPU we're going to be using is none other than the AMD x4 860 K it's going to storerooms see what other parts you can pick up yes I still haven't done the shelves I am slacking I have so many projects to do that our priority right now um but I will get to it I don't know where I put my other stuff oh here we go the sniper ram from g.skill 500 watts of goodness see what's in this box oh there we go I guess we'll use this for the GPU got a sapphire vapor-x online 270x they should do just fine and then the motherboard we can use gigabytes f2a 8:8 XM d3h lots of you guys ask me what I do my PC parts everything why is that missing so a lot of guys have been asking me what I do my PC after I'm done building them I take them apart and I put them in the storage unit until I need to use the parts again for another PC build so yeah that's what I do there you have a ladies and gentlemen and that right there is the 450 dollar budget PC build for the month of December I know I'm supposed to get this out for November but other pilots came and I had to get those done came at the cheese so it's not time to put the parts together and I'm gonna be filming the time-lapse build like I do on all my PC builds you guys seem to like that stuff so I'll continue to do that and then after that it will be the benchmarks video and then the how to build videos so yeah that the budget builds always have to be videos the time lapse the benchmarks and the how to build in case you guys want to buy the parts and do it yourself will there be a giveaway I don't know so a budget builds are a bit trickier to do in the sense that have to do the time-lapse build and then they help to build guide at the same time so while I'm doing the time-lapse build I have to stop slow down and then get some close-up shots to use for the how to build guide so it does take longer to do much longer than the ultimate gaming pcs right just do the time-lapse build put it together in the new the benchmark so yeah it's never fun doing these guys but I do it because you guys like watching them so let's do this all right so far everything is going great I just finished putting in the motherboard the RAM sticks and CPU heatsink so now I'm going to do is just screw in the motherboard into the case and I can finish up with the power supply grab his card hard drive and that thing that's basically it go to power this bad boy and do the benchmarks just a quick tip on anyone that's building pcs it's always a good idea to pick up a power supply testing unit like this I picked this one up way too late after receiving like two or three dead power supplies just made my life so much easier testing it before I actually begin the build so I'll leave a link down below one where you guys can pick it up but I'll show you real quick on how easy it is to use this so it's quite easy to get this set up all you do is make sure the power supply is hooked up to the wall make sure it's off of course and then you can be plugging and the 24 pin connector on one side and then your other motherboard either 4 pin 6 or 8 pin on the other side depending on what the power supply you have so everything is hooked up turn on the power supply and then you just look at the display and make sure all the numbers are correct that's come with a piece of paper basically telling you guys what numbers look for or what codes to look for if your power supply is not functioning correctly so basically if it shows LL or HH on LCD then basically the power supply is not running correctly and it's going to make sure that the power supply is delivering enough voltage as you can see the ranges are listed here we have based on everything uh functioning normally of course because I tested this before so yeah let's move on with the build taking a break will quick and eating some delicious cake that Brianne made for me guys it's finally here the final two pieces to finish up my acoustic wall god damn it looks like I need another freakin gray one to finish this ah I swear it's like an endless battle I'll never win so just notice I'm shooting a time-lapse video of me shooting a time-lapse video of the PC build time my perception Vaporeon is now complete now it's time for the fun part the cable management so it's looking pretty good so far it's gonna split up the cables a bit got my trusty little spinning table turntable thing on the bottom to help with cable management a lot of you has been asking me where I got this alright I get this from and I'll go to leave a link down below but I picked it up from Amazon it makes building pcs so much easier because I can turn them around basically and work on the cables we also all of the parts for this will be linked down below if you guys want to check out what parts I'm using for the PC if you haven't seen my PC build already here we go is the first ever boot three two one whoa did you see that boot speed that was ridiculous crazy-fast boot up speeds for Vaporeon way faster than Zeon or any other PC I've built alright so love the games and drivers have been downloaded and updated the only thing else left to do is basically run the games and do the gaming benchmark but it's getting late now so I'm going to leave that for tomorrow and I'm gonna go and end this vlog but actually I want to show you guys something real quick look how quiet the PC is right now I'm going to shut up for a second this is how it this is how quiet it is on idle mode pretty damn impressive especially with the stock heatsink way more quiet than big red over there speaking of big red I guess I'll give you an update since I'm talking about it that's a Titan X in there at the moment probably won't even run dual tines dual 10 X's in my PC just because I don't really need it I think one is fine for now until I finally build my skylight PC which I hope I can get done by the end of December so got my two 780 Ti is over here as you can see probably locked them up somewhere but I don't know the green just doesn't look nice there so I would update video on how to mod GPOs coming up soon so that's kind of why I'm leaving this open for now because I'm gonna be working on that video soon anyways I'm done thinking as much watching as always yeah as always if you enjoy these vlogs make sure that I like lime he'll see you in the next video you
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