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The Most Interesting Gaming PC - iBuyPower Snowblind

huge thanks to blue apron for sponsoring this video what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to my full review of the ibuypower snowblind PC the configuration I have features the new 8700 k-6 core processor we got 16 gigs of ram from a data and the gigabyte gtx ten atti my first impressions were wow that's actually a pretty good-looking PC despite them using the stock PSU cables it's well lit the cable management is on point there's consistency with the color scheme and the case itself looks super clean really the only difference between the snowblind and their element is the color of the case and the side panel they are still using a modified version of the s3 40 elite however this time you get a clean looking white and black version of the case with white LED fans the main selling point of the snowblind PC is the side panel which has a built-in display that's right guys this isn't just a clear side panel it actually has a transparent LCD display built in with a resolution of 1280 by 1024 and I'm gonna talk more about it later in this video the motherboard that's inside here is the gigabyte Z 370 XP SLI which is one of their low-end boards but it does support overclocking and support for XMP profiles up to 4000 megahertz it also comes with two MDOT two slots and a few parts of the motherboard can be lit up using their RGB fusion software personally I like the motherboard choice it fits nicely with the rest of the build with its black and white stripes gigabyte was also kind enough to provide a gtx 980ti with a custom white backplate okay so before I jump into the benchmarks and performance I do want to say a few things about the PC there are things I like and there are things I don't like and just want to get those off my chest the things I don't like so first off I'm not a fan of the RGB RAM sticks because not only are the colors not accurate or bright enough but the entire design of the RAM stick is horrible if you're a manufacturer out there that wants to make RGB products please for the love of God and I feel like I speak for everyone when I say this keep your main color or the base color or whatever product you're working on a neutral color don't go with random colors like red or pink or blue I mean that the kind of the feasts the purpose of going with RGB these adata xpg Ram sticks have a red base color not only on the sides but on the top as well which is the part that's visible in the PC black white silver or even gray or neutral colors any of those colors would have been fine with those RAM sticks why on earth would you go with red it just doesn't make any sense another thing I don't like about the PC is the fact that it came with a single 120 millimeter fan now if this was a locked CPU obviously I wouldn't have mind but this is an 8700 K that runs pretty hot once overclocked especially in a high-end bill like this a 120 millimeter radiator just seems a little comical I was expecting at least a 240 millimeter rad and this beast and because of this I was only able to push the 8700 K to 4.7 gigahertz at 1.3 5 volts which is what you would get on the turbo clock anyways if there was a beefier cooler I would have gotten it to at least 4.9 maybe even 5 gigahertz if I'm lucky enough however this isn't really a big deal now before I continue guys I do want to give a huge thanks to the sponsor blue apron for making this video possible blue apron allows you to create delicious chef design recipes at home and they deliver all the farm-fresh ingredients you need right to your doorstep the best part about this is that they send you the exact proportions you would need to create your meal which is awesome because you won't be wasting any food near the end blue apron offers a large selection of recipes and they're always adding new dishes to their menu every week my personal favorite so far is their fried chicken and kale slaw recipe all the ingredients are fresh and sourced from quality local suppliers and artisans and the recipes are so easy to read even someone like me who doesn't know how to cook can do it right now the first 50 people to sign up will get $30 off their first blue apron order so check it out at blue apron Comm slash tech source or click on the link below there is no commitment and cancelling is free so if you don't end up liking it you can always cancel so these next few things are just me nitpicking so please don't take them seriously it's not a big deal I'm just mentioning them for the sake of the video I noticed that there were bubbles on the screen near the bottom portion but you can't really tell unless you look at it in the light and finally the cable on the fan attached to the radiator is visible whoever put this PC together didn't put too much thought into it considering it's not a huge deal for most people but I noticed it and it bothers me I'm weird guys I've accepted the fact I get picky at the dumbest things possible and there is no explanation I just feel like it's a disease that I have luckily this was an easy fix all I had to do was remove the four screws and rotate the fan over to hide the cable on the other side alright let's talk about the things I like about the PC I loved the case design the black on white contrast is really nice and the side panel opens up very easily all I have to do is press down on these two tabs and it slides right open I personally don't like when cases have thumb screws on the sides because it's always a hassle when I need to go in and out of my PC the lining of this case is fantastic and I don't think I've ever seen something this bright before and that's because there are three really bright LED strips behind the side panel that light up the inside and it looks really good at nighttime of course there is a switch in the back to turn it off if it's bothering you I do want to point out that iBUYPOWER specifically built this configuration for me using the 8700 k but if you were to buy something similar on their website using these skylake X platform instead it's gonna cost you around 20 950 and to compare prices I put together a list using the same exact parts in this build and it came out to a little over two thousand dollars so you're basically paying an extra nine hundred dollars if you were to buy the snow blind with these specs so what does that get you well first of all you get their three-year warranty which consists of three years of labor and one year of parts should anything go wrong with the PC and also along with that you get a peace of mind something you will never get building your own PC and you guys can trust me on that one you also save time and frustration from building your own PC or learning how to build a PC and running into problems along the way you also get exclusive access to there's no blind chezy's which isn't available anywhere else ultimately it does come down to your decision if all of that is worth an extra nine hundred dollars on top of the original price for those parts okay so let's take a look at performance this configuration is obviously built for 4k gaming and productivity with a six core processor and a 1080 Ti it just doesn't make sense playing in 1080p I mean if that were the case the i3 8100 what I've been the better option as far as overclocking I was only able to push the 8700 K to 4.7 gigahertz at one point three volts using this tiny cooler and the thermals weren't bad either I stress tested the PC using either 64 and the temps were in the low 80s which is actually really good the noise also wasn't that bad I loaded up GTA 5 and the final is cranked up a bit on the GPU which was audible but it wasn't too distracting especially if you have headphones on for gaming I was able to play over 60 fps and 4k settings maxed out on GTA 5 I was getting around 100 FPS and maxed out settings north modeling or lag what soever very smooth gameplay during story mode switching over to destiny - I was easily hitting an average FPS of 84 and 4k resolution on high settings I did join an event with several other players and even would all that chaos that was happening none of the frames dipped on their 60 overall very smooth gameplay very happy with that and finally for pub G I was hitting slightly over 60 fps in high settings once again in 4k resolution I mean this game is horribly optimised so I didn't expect any triple digits for editing 4k video I was able to render out a three-minute 4k file in exactly 14 minutes on the dot so productivity on this thing is a beast I was able to screw up to the timeline and the video playback was extremely smooth maxed out in 4k resolution so overall very smooth experience using Vegas Pro 15 the final thing I want to talk about is their side panels so as I mentioned before it has its own built-in display and it comes with a DVI cable which you will need to plug into the GPU and in the back of the enclosed unit that's connected to the side panel so on this display you can set live wallpapers which is what I've done here there are many ways of obtaining live wallpapers for free but actually purchased wallpaper engine through the steam store for only $3.00 and it actually gives you access to thousands of users submitted wallpapers ranging from anime all the way to abstract art I mean there are so many options out there it's ridiculous but some of my personal favorites are the abstract ink wallpapers I think there's like three different ones that I really liked and I downloaded also anything to do with Dragon Ball super I had to download those I'm a huge fan as you guys know there's a bunch of different ones out there with Vegeta as well as Goku and there's a pretty cool matrix theme one that I found there's also a bunch of anime dancing girls apparently that's very popular for some reason there are two negatives that I found while using this feature so first off the wallpaper has to have bright colors the darker and less transparent that is the harder it's going to be to show up on the side panel I mean there's a reason why the inside of the PC is mostly white and it's also well lit so the image on the panel can easily be seen and the second negative is unfortunately it does consume additional GPU power from what I've noticed it's around five to ten percent from the GPU that goes to the live wallpaper and the number can be higher or lower depending on the resolution of the wallpaper and also how demanding it is this also affected FPS unfortunately I tested GTA 5 with and without the live wallpaper enabled and I saw an average 3 FPS difference with that said it's not a huge deal I mean you can always disable that while you're gaming if you want every single precious fps so my final verdict on the iBUYPOWER snowblind PC it's definitely not for everyone especially considering the fact that you're paying almost $1,000 more than what the PC would normally cost you if you were to go out and buy the parts - the exclusive case I'm not really sure how much it would cost I buy power to build a side panel like that and also why they're charging such a high premium for it and with that said if you're not impressed with the side panel and you can live without it then I would not recommend snowblind because there are so many other alternatives out there that will give you more bang for your buck instead I would recommend checking out the iBUYPOWER element series considering those are more fairly priced I feel like snowblind is priced this high because of the display itself and because there isn't anything out there quite like it however if you don't mind paying the high premium and you're absolutely sold on their amazing side panel display and can't wait to have this PC next to you in your setup then I see no reason not to buy it especially considering that there is nothing else quite like this in the market keep in mind that you also get their three year warranty you get peace of mind knowing that the PC is stress tested and ready to go and should you run into any problems customer service is a phone call away after MIT though I was pretty impressed with the snowblind I've been playing with the display for a couple hours finding some pretty cool wallpapers to use and it's gonna be kind of boring to go back to my original PC after all this I might even actually switch to this until I build my custom water-cooled build but anyways that wraps up the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did feel free to toss that you like to show your support but if you guys didn't like it please leave a dislike I encourage you huge thing so I about power for setting this and as always and thank you guys for watching I will see you in the next one you
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