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The PUBG Gaming PC - PC WARS EP 27

what's up guys it's ad from Texas and welcome to PC Wars I've officially relaunched the series so if you guys want to participate and have a dope looking a custom PC make sure to watch the video linked below with that said let the set that's what I say let them set up words let the PC war as it begin the first two bills are from quarry and since I haven't done any episodes in a while his crazy custom pcs that he submitted has been piling up in my folder so with that said let's take a look at project pirates which is a Pirates of the Caribbean themed PC it's built inside the tower 900 from thermaltake and it's packing the 7700 carry and a single Asus GTX 1060 but the start of the show is obviously the custom modification of the case itself the attention to detail is something I've grown accustomed to from Cory's previous build the chains hanging from the top of the case to each individual suckers on the tentacles and just the overall paint job of the case really gives it that rusty buried treasure vibe that fits perfectly with the theme the actual parts of the PC aren't modded aside from the backplate from what I can tell which kind of distracts me from the rest of the build but this is definitely a masterpiece I can see why he went with black and blue cables but honestly they'll stick out to me the most I think that a mix of brown and beige colors would have blended with the build even better but overall a fantastic job as always thank you Cory for submitting this PC now if you thought the last build was one of the coolest pieces you've ever seen well you haven't checked out the pub GPC that's why guys APC built with a player unknowns battlegrounds theme in fact most of the PC is actually the cosmetic work you can barely see the rest of the components if I didn't tell you this was a computer you probably wouldn't have noticed it's packing the I 580 600 K 16 gigs of ram from a pacer and 2 NVIDIA GTX 1080s and sli I don't know where to start on this build I thought the attention to detail on the last PC was insane but this one takes it to the next level just look at the detail of the furniture they built a table with a pad on top then we got the red bricks on the wall which have a very realistic texture on them and even the hard line tubing has a rusty look to it that resembles old pipes beautiful work from quarry and the GeForce garage I didn't expect anything less from those guys knocking down the fire level a little bit we have project Z on which is a beautiful white and red custom loop PC now the parts may be a little outdated since he's rocking the e5 1660 Xeon processor and a GTX 780 Ti but damn does this look awesome some custom mods include a custom painted backplate we got the custom made power supply cover custom painted front grille of the case and custom made bracket to hold the reservoir and pump I gotta say the color contrast in this build is perfectly balanced the red is being used like an accent color inside the case while there is more white but that's easily balanced with the red case if I'm being really anal and critical some of the bends aren't perfect but I do have to give you props on that crazy loop that you made near the bottom I'm sure that was harder to pull off but thank you very much custom gtp for entering Eric is up next with a very clean hardline build featuring more darker and neutral colors he's calling the build adamantium you know the stuff that Wolverine claws are made out of it's packing the i7 6800 K which is overclocked at 4 gigahertz we got 32 gigs of ram and a gtx 1080 founders edition i gotta say it's very refreshing to see a bill like this something that is impact with RGB lights or LED fans that you see in pretty much every single build it straight to the point very clean and aesthetically pleasing to look at the bands are done very well and I just love the overall theme of the build some of the custom mods include a custom built and painted PSU shroud by him we also got a custom reservoir mounting plate to hide the drivetrain mounting holes and some more custom paint jobs on the front and the top grills with the dust covers very very clean PC and excellent choices on the parts Thank You Erik for entering last but not least we have hamster teacher and his PC that is calling white cube at first glance it definitely looks very cramped and also what's up with the sli bridge just hanging from the GPU I mean what's the point of that if you don't have another GPU it's packing a 4790k that's overclocked to 4.6 gigahertz and the galaxy gtx 980ti hall-of-fame graphics card the pc also has 24 gigs of ram two sticks of eight and two sticks of four so there's that one thing I really like about the build is the CPU block and the reservoir it actually looks really cool when it's turned on and glowing white regardless of the few minor gripes I have with a PC I think it actually looks pretty cool Thank You hamster for entering so before I end this video I do want to 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