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The Return of #ELECTROBOX - Part 5

ladies and gentlemen welcome to the build log part 5 I believe of my water-cooling journey is taking longer than expected to get this thing done my apologies you went into some hiccups so anyways let's try and get a lot of stuff done this episode so I'm not going to I'm not going to even edit this video until I have at least the tubing them because I know a lot of you guys are upset because I only do like a few things per episode so anyways I'm done rambling let's go and start alright so I got the new radiator in as you can see it actually doesn't have a piece of the radiator sticking out or slanting out so if I put this on top and match the holes we are good as you can see nothing is sticking out so that is perfect and also lighting here is we're seeing two telling me to swap the radiators so basically you want to be 240 on top and you wanted a 360 on the side trust me guys I did that it does not work that way in fact that way is actually a lot worse so you got to give me some credit so believe me I've tried everything to make it work so now that we got the nigredo 2n let's go and put this on the bracket and finally move on to the tubing you you you how long has it been holy hell guys I am so sorry pshh I mean I don't even know if I I'm sorry because it smell like it was my fault you know I think it's been two months since we started this freaking build and here's the real story guys I was waiting on a few parts part one was the cables which I got two weeks ago let me uh so the cables that were sent to me he worked for the wrong power supply so that I didn't want to touch I didn't want to continue to build unless I got the cables that that just OCD problems that's just me I didn't want to progress progress progress with the build without the gripe cables the second issue was at the pump bracket did not align with the holes on the bottom of the case so that plus the cable issue just you know what the motivation so I'll put it to the side and I was waiting for the cables to arrive and it did it came two weeks ago but at that time I only had so many projects lined up that I just had to push this entire build to the side and work on the most important ones because there was some sponsored content and stuff that I had to get out this is not obviously you know 100% sponsors so this is kind of like a side project I'm doing but anyways the we have to drill some holes on the bottom as you guys can see this freaking thing can focus so there you go the four screws on there were drilled and so now they align with the holes on the bottom of the case because literally that's the only place I can mount the pump that's it there's no other place unless I go with maybe one radiator but I don't know is whatever whatever the point is it's been done let's just move on with the build I'm sorry I dragged this low this long guys but hopefully I can bring you more videos and I'll try and do a lot in this episode instead of just putting on a few things and I'm calling it a day so so before I start plugging things in I have to figure out the looping pattern which I kinda have a good idea about but the only things really bother me right now is that radiator in the back the reservoir once it's filled and pump is just it's I don't know it looks weird I feel like there's really no purpose for this to even be there and then I could add some space with this and I could actually put it against that yeah I don't know guys I don't know I'm not just dropping stuff now but I might just remove this to be honest arriving is a little overkill so yeah looping wise so obviously n to the GPU blocks down here to the pump from the pump to the radiator and rater to the top of the CPU yet assuming that I'm not going to use this radiator but I don't know I honestly don't think I need it and it just seems too cramped right now stop texting me Jesus so yeah that's it just looks cramped to be honest especially with the two being everywhere and the cables it's going to look really really cramped guys I think yeah you know what I talked myself out of it I'm going to move this thing there you go much better well ah just looks like there's an empty space back there I just can't win as well alright guys so this is what I have so far finally connected all the cables reservoir and pump is in place all the fans are there and cable management looks disastrous that's even a word I'm going to work on this next episode right now it's really late and I'm getting extremely tired but hopefully this will keep you guys busy until then and no it's not going to take a few months for the next episode I promise next episode we can do the tubing fill in the liquid and then thing that's pretty much it and then the build will be done so maybe one maximum two more parts and then you guys a lot of the finale for sure but yeah Kiel Myers was going to be fun in the next episode that's for sure but actually I guys I can go in and put on the fittings and then we can go ahead and end the episode so let's go ahead and do that so yeah guys I'm going to end the video I did a lot today looking very clean I'm loving the way it turned out couldn't be more happier but the tubing is going to be the hardest part of course and then afterwards pulling the liquid and we have pretty much done and yeah so this is my first water cooled build so we got the intake over there sucking in or I should say blowing in cold air inside the case and then you got exhaust on the top blowing out warm air so that's the configuration I went with and I'm actually really happy that I went with the fans over there on that side instead of just leaving it empty kind of makes the case look a lot better it'll be able to look a lot better instead of having like an empty section over there I can sleep better at night knowing that but anyways let me know what you guys think about the build so far let me know your thoughts in the comment section what you like what you don't like I would say the only thing I don't like about this build are to GPU blocks it just blocks of black rectangular I just kind of take away from the rest of the build about just my opinion but yeah guys there's one of apologize again for the delay in the project Electra box realizes the problems that's one of the reasons why I push it to the side it's not as it wasn't done on purpose but anyways I I'll see you guys in a few months now I'm skating don't expect the next part to be like next day guys it's going to be a few days maybe a week for the next part but it's not going to be a month that's for sure anyways it's been doing a series leave a like if you hate it and you hate me feel good to dislike I'll see you guys in the next video peace
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