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They Took Everything

all right so here goes nothing on August 10th around 9:30 p.m. my office was burglarized so two guys in a white van pulled up in front of my office they got through the door somehow without breaking anything and it was abled my cameras and then they opened the garage door down below the van then proceeded to back up inside finally closed in the gate and then they were in there for about thirty minutes taking everything from my office both from downstairs and upstairs my camera equipment computers laptops monitors a bunch of PC parts and pretty much everything that had value a very empty room as you guys can see the only left here was the lighting some acoustic panels on this desk there was the razor corex there was a bunch of PC parts that actually went into that build I'm surprised they didn't take the case they left that there but all the parts are gone the LG grab was on there that's gone as well and most of the stuff in here is gone actually almost everything is gone we had the LG 65 inch super UHD TV over here that stolen ps4 pro the LG ultra wide we had a custom PC MacBook Pros on the desk there as well and all the lenses camera equipment batteries a lot of stuff is over here is economy even took the router the wireless router I don't really care about most of the stuff that was taken the only thing that was really close to me that I really cared about that they stole was my red cinema camera that entire camera with the lens and everything cost cost me around 30k that I had to spend out of my own pocket but anyways afterwards they got into the van and left I found that about it a few hours later I called the cops and I reported the incident and Here I am one month later making a video about it so this is the downstairs you can tell where they pulled in the van they opened up the garage gate and they pulled in backwards with the back facing inwards obviously and I just started throwing everything inside they moved my shelf which was all lit over there in the back everything on there is gone as you can see how the quad stellar case on there all the PC parts two actually three full shelves of computer components PC parts are all gone 1080p is Titan XPS all the high-end CPUs eight port and for all the water cooling gear for the two and one PC all that is also gone that was like a fifteen thousand dollar PC that I was gonna be building but the only thing the left on is some soft tubing custom cables and that when the coolant so yeah everything else is gone yeah just shelves empty to add some components but everything in here's is that be what's ransacked the funny thing is I know who did this I am 99.99 percent sure who did this but I can't do anything about it without evidence the detective that's on the case for almost a month now is taking her sweet time I'm she hasn't really done anything there's a traffic camera right here at the intersection next to the office where all the cars passed through and it can easily read the license plate off the van going through it and she hasn't even pulled that out yet so I don't know what's taking her so long that's fine she's probably busy with other more important cases but as of now I'm still waiting the worst part about all this is that I had no insurance for this office building if I did have insurance I probably would have covered most if not majority of items that was stolen every single tenant in this office building is required to have insurance but for some reason I don't know why they did not tell me that when I moved in I've been here for almost seven months and no one has told me anything about having insurance I told myself I wasn't gonna make a video on this I hate making these drama type videos I honestly didn't nobody knows about this except me and like two or three other people me my own family doesn't even know about this my mom was watching his video she's probably freaking out and she probably called me at this point but nobody else knows about this I kept it all to myself every day that went by it became harder and harder keeping it a secret I felt like I was carrying this heavy weight on my shoulders there's a lot of thing revolving around the channel that has to do with this incident and the more questions that I get asked about it the more I have to lie to my subscribers and to brands and other people so that's kind of why I'm making this video I'm making it public so I can address those questions and concerns and always refer people to come back and watch this video so they know exactly what happened I was even briefly considering opening up a GoFundMe to see who was willing to pitch in a few dollars to help me purchase some of the equipment that was stolen but ultimately I decided not to because personally I just don't like asking for money regardless of the type of situation I'm in it just doesn't feel right to me if I'm ever gonna be asking for money it's gonna be help to help somebody else okay now for some channel updates the first one is a two-in-one gaming PC obviously I can't do that anymore because all the parts for that build is gone so I can't do part two anymore I also wanted to address the Nvidia gaming PC giveaway so winner should have been selected at the end of August obviously no winner has been selected yet because the PC in fact was stolen that's kind of why it's taking longer than expected I don't know if they're gonna rebuild the same PC and then do giveaway on that or if they're just gonna cancel the giveaway but if they do cancel it it is my fault so what I'm gonna do is pitch in money from my own pocket and build a similar spec PC and do a giveaway on that instead now because of the recent loss I'm gonna be doing a few sponsored videos for the month of September to help me recover some of the equipment that was lost I won't be able to buy another red camera obviously it's just too expensive for me right now and I can't spend that kind of money on a camera but the sponsored videos will definitely help a lot towards recovering I would say majority of the filming equipment that was taken from me I'm not asking for sympathy or pity or money from you guys the only thing I can ask for is just supporting the channel whether it's just simply watching the videos dropping likes positive feedback in the comments section or even sharing my videos any of that would mean the world to me I don't care about any of the stuff that was lost they could all be replaced eventually the most important things to me right now are my family my health and of course you guys as long as I have all that honestly I don't care what happens next okay there's one more thing I want to say before in this video and that's never let your guard down no matter how well you know someone no matter how safe you feel bad things tend to happen when you least expect it that is one thing I've learned that I've taken away from this experience and I feel like it's made me a stronger person there will be no follow-up video to this if the investigation concludes the most I'll do is maybe tweet about it but I hate putting up videos like this but I had to for this one for obvious reasons I'm just I'm not a fan of these type videos but anyways that's it for the video thank you guys so much for watching I do have some really awesome content planned for the channel so make sure you guys stick around anyways I love your faces and as always I'll see you in the next one
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