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This $4000 Gaming Laptop Has It All! | Razer Blade Pro

the razor blade Pro is nothing short of extra and with a price tag of $4,000 we expect nothing less we do have the premium model over here that comes with an upgraded 4k display a gtx 1080 the i7 7820 HK processor and 32 gigs of ram the only thing we can configure is the storage and we have one of three options either a 512 gigabytes 1 or 2 terabyte drives all configurations are fitted with two MDOT two SSDs in a raid 0 configuration making for some incredible read and write speeds but more on this laptops performance in a bit one thing about benchmarking new systems are using new computers in general is the hassle of logging back into all my accounts so I want to take a brief moment to thank the people over at dashlane for introducing me to their password manager - Lane has a bunch of features built in but let me tell you about my two favorites the first one being the auto log-in and fill feature the program will keep all your passwords and personal information backed up securely so when you go to log in it presents you with all of your accounts this also works for payment information shipping details or any forms that need to be filled out which brings me to my second favorite feature the multi device support so with - Lane premium you can sync all your passwords across multiple devices including your laptop phone and tablet and it does all of this securely so you don't have to worry about anyone going through your notepad and coming across any sensitive information and again this is a premium feature but if your security buff like me this could definitely be an important tool for your everyday life if you're interested in checking this out you can use the code youtube' 2017 to get a 30-day trial of their premium service for free as well as 10% off if you decide to stay I'll drop a link to it down below let's start off with the build quality it has an aluminum unibody design with a matte black coating and I think that razor did a great job over here Julie is very robust and sturdy there is no give anywhere around the body and there is very little flex to the screen it's also very easy to open with just one hand but while it's beautiful to look at it collects grime and fingerprints like crazy so be sure to carry a microfiber cloth with you if you want it to be looking clean the laptop is also packing a lot of connectivity on one side we get a full sized SD card reader eight Thunderbolt three ports we also get three USB threes and HDMI 2.0 port as well as a THX certified audio combo port THX certified basically means it plays high fidelity audio which is great if you're using a pair of studio-grade headphones with this opening it up we are greeted to this low profile mechanical keyboard which is the first I've ever seen and really the experience is a mixed bag you're either gonna love it or you're gonna hate it it feels like typing on blue switches but with a shorter throw at first I found it uncomfortable to use because of its short travel distance but after some time it's kind of grown on me the keys are also individually lit with all the cool Razer lighting effects we've come to expect my favorite would have to be the in-game specific lighting mode now this isn't supported by a lot of titles out there but it's pretty amazing in games that do like overwatch for example to the right of the keyboard we see that Razer has ditched the number pad and instead has moved the trackpad over here that's actually a big deal for me because I always need a numpad in all my laptops I just hate using the numbers above the keyboard I wish razer would have done something like Asus with their laser numpad on the zephyrus which I took a look at not too long ago any guys you guys missed a review I'll drop a link below besides that the trackpad has great accuracy and responsiveness as well as being able to recognize gestures there are also left and right click activation points but they're very sensitive and I found myself accidentally clicking them at times which got to be annoying above that there's a scroll wheel for audio which is great to see and it's much more convenient instead of using the function buttons however razer did leave the function buttons on the keyboard in case anyone prefers to use those the laptop also comes with a two megapixel webcam that shoots 1080p video at 30fps I mean it's good for Skype calls but I wouldn't use it to stream and the microphone is also subpar here's a quick audio test so this is the video test for the front-facing camera on the razer stealth pro and as you guys can tell it's not that great it has two upward firing speakers on both sides of the keyboard which I was pleasantly surprised with sound actually gets very loud and bacey and you can crank the volume up all the way to the max without any distortion tying in the multimedia experience is this beautiful 4k THX certified display being THX certified it comes with great color accuracy out of the box making content creation on this laptop awesome the colors are deep and they pop which made watching movies and consuming content at joy the viewing angles are good and it also gets extremely bright 435 minutes to be exact oh and it's touchscreen by the way which was a feature I didn't use much but it's nice to see included I mean if you're going all out with a 4k display why not add a touchscreen the only problem I have with a display is that it's glossy a little too glossy for my taste which means it's very reflective if you're in bright environments and also because it's glossy it picks up fingerprints super easy which makes the touchscreen feature even less appealing alright so let's get into the performance and as you would imagine this thing is a monster as expected it handles games like a champ but I'm really interested in its performance and Premiere Pro so let's load up some gaming benchmarks and get those out of the way first so needless to say you can play any triple a game on this thing maxed out without any stutter if not at 4k due to poor optimization on the developers part then 1080p and 2k resolution for sure now let's talk about productivity specifically video editing jumping into premiere and loading up 4k footage we see that there is no lag during full resolution playback which is very impressive for such a thin device add some light color grading and effects and it still has no issues rendering times of 4k at 30fps video or almost one-to-one with the time of the project itself so a 5 minute video would render in under 6 minutes that's pretty impressive cooling all of this hardware are too small fans underneath the laptop since the fans are thin and are designed to be minimalistic there isn't much air flow under load you can definitely feel the heat emanating underneath your hands just near the keyboard area and it definitely gets loud guys and I'm talking really loud here's a quick sample and things get even louder and hotter when performance mode is turned on through the razor app honestly I feel like razor could have done a better job at cooling this thing even if it meant adding a few millimeters to its thickness this is probably the biggest gripe I've had with this laptop the cooling performance body life isn't so great either with just under 4 hours of moderate usage but with such heavy hardware inside honestly I didn't expect much here anyways overall I would say this is the perfect solution for us at tech source when we need to be mobile and get some work done on the go it has a color accurate for Cadis play which is great for content creation it's got powerful components that can handle pretty much any game you throw at it even in 4k resolution as well as chop through 4k video without any hang-ups in addition there's great speakers and high fidelity audio ports for our audio production needs I'm gonna do which the cooling situation was better which would alleviate the jet engine noise that comes from this thing under full load but is it worth it well it is for us because we're gonna be taking full advantage of the hardware that comes packed in the laptop not only gaming but also editing as well $4,000 on a gaming laptop is very steep you guys can build actually a very nice water-cooled PC with that amount so let's come down to your needs do you have the budget for it are you always mobile and you're never home to use your desktop and of course other factors I do want to give you huge things to Razer for sending in the blade pro for review and if you guys want to check it out I'll drop a link to it down below thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one
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