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This Desk Will Prevent Back Pain! - Ergomaniac Furniture

also guys it's that context doors and this is the ergo maniacs office desk as crazy as it sounds it's not only meant for comfort this was actually designed to also minimize all the pressure on your spine standing desks which I've blown up in the past few years actually do worse in this regard as there's always pressure being put on your legs knees and back and even withstand their desks there's still a considerable amount of pressure being put on your lower back when you're sitting down so yes this is definitely more comfortable but how practical is having this in your office or home well as a pen it takes up a lot of space with the working panel giving you about 24 by 58 inches of usable real estate which is enough to mount a few ultra-wide so we're talking about the whole desk size into consideration it's not that much they do have a smaller version available as well and it's cheaper and has enough space to accommodate a single large monitor it comes in at $700 and personally this is the one I would go for but options are always nice to have these desks are handmade in California from solid oak and coming a light wood finish through custom order however orga Maineiacs can make custom desks with different wood and painted finishes because I'm definitely not a fan of the wood look although I'm sure a lot of people are into that I would personally have mine painted in white there's actually a lot more storage than you would think at first glance there's a rack hidden away near the back that works great for cable management also the angles panel is hinged and it can be held up to reveal a spacious area and this is where we put our MSI Trident PC I do wish however they would have incorporated a locking mechanism so I wouldn't have to hold or prop this up this would make accessing the storage area a lot more convenient and Notley enough that's actually the only complaint I have about the build the wood is really well put together and you can tell someone spent a lot of time on it the moderate amounts being used here actually comes included with the price of the desk so that's really nice as well the keyboard and wrist rest are being held up by Velcro which is great if you ever want to change the positioning of your peripherals for instance if you need to look down at your keyboard when you type you could easily move it up without a problem a cool little trick that easily came to mind when using the desk was to use a keyboard itself as a holder because let's face it you can't really put stuff on the desk without it sliding off so I put my phone up there my mouse when I'm not using it and even a bottle of water with complete faith in the holding power of the Zeljko of course this also depends on a thickness of your keyboard if you have a very slim keyboard then you probably don't have enough surface area to hold up things on the desk getting in a comfortable position and using the desk was enough to have me sold I could seriously be here for eight hours without any fatigue after all I'm just laying down the best way I can describe it it's like laying in your bed with some elevation my weight was being evenly distributed on my back and not just on a single point which left me feel weightless in the chair as a person who spends the majority of their day in front of a computer something like this takes comfort to a whole new level it even has a footrest there's one thing I couldn't get used to though and that was using the mouse at such an angle especially if you have a heavy Mouse and if it is wireless you're constantly fighting against gravity to try and keep it upright and on the surface and because of this I cannot recommend this desk for any hardcore or competitive gamer as this will definitely affect your accuracy and responsiveness but if using a wired mouse to remedy the situation we attached a mouse bungee which supported most of the weight so in my case all I had to do was move the mouse left and right I would use the desk more for long editing sessions or if I just like kick back watch some videos or even do some casual gaming it's really great for all of that so what that said I would strongly recommend this desk to people who get uncomfortable from sitting for long stretches at a time especially for people who have back pain this is also great for companies that wants to give its employees a more relaxed working environment I personally think it would be sweet going into work and being able to use this bad boy to get my job done now this model does come in at $2,900 which is steep but when taking into consideration the competition these tables actually start at six thousand dollars so this is actually not a bad deal however like I said before this is actually really large and as you can see there is so much more real estate that I did not end up using and we strongly recommend going with the smaller version instead that starts at $700 that's actually one of the reasons why the guys that Olga maniac started this company to give the consumer a more affordable reclining workstation the pretty much wraps the video if you guys want to check out their cool desk I'll drop a link to them to below let me know what you guys think by dropping your comments as well thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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