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This Device Can Save Your Life - DOSIME Overview

what's up guys is that from tech source and today we're going to take a look at the dose of me a hybrid smart home and wearable device that detects radiation this thing can literally save your life as you probably know the human body can sense any form of radiation including ionizing radiation which is harmful to the human body when exposed to high levels the body cells usually die or mutate incorrectly and possibly become cancerous pretty scary stuff let's find out how effective this device really is so we here at million technologies to expose the dohsa made to a source of radiation and to see how accurate this is or if this is just a gimmick let's go the tests are pretty straightforward we attach the dose of me to a block that was across from a source of radiation and one side of the room we flipped the switch which exposed a radiation to the entire room through the app we see that the device picked up an accurate reading of twenty-two thousand two hundred twenty milligram per hour this exceeds the federal Occupational limit of five thousand milligrams it's hard to say what would happen as everyone's body reacts differently but the dose was high enough to say that it would be bad news so now that we know it works let's move on to our next location so guys I am now officially in Santa Clarita California and I'm standing right on top of my new home as you can see I was going for more of an open look novel all seriousness I'm starting on top of the home which is being built for me in Santa Clarita and so far they've built the foundation and I actually was really curious to see the radiation levels of where they are building my home so I thought would be really cool place to test out the dose MA which is right now on my collar because I don't have any other place to hold it as you can see them kind of occupied so I'm going to open up the app and check out the radiation levels right now so the app is showing point zero zero eight millirem per hour which is good looks like I won't be leaving planet Earth anytime soon that's actually one of the reasons I wanted to test out the dose of a in the first place because I was curious to know how much radiation I'll be exposed to once I move in here but anyways I'm going to get out of here before I start swinging back to my crappy apartment I don't get paranoid and start radiation proof your home being it's pretty hard to come into contact with levels that pose any threat to you I see it as more of an investment than anything else really it's a one-time purchase and you can carry with you wherever you move you're essentially paying for peace of mind at this point the benefits of only one far outweigh the benefits of not owning one I guess it's better to be safe than sorry put that pretty much wraps up my video on this pretty interesting device if you guys enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and I'll drop a link to the dosa me down below if you guys want to check it out for yourselves huge thanks to those to me for setting this end and sponsoring this video thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next time you
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