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This Keyboard Might Make You Better At Gaming | X-bows

what's up guys it's ed from tech stories and welcome back to another keyboard video however this one is gonna be very different and interesting from the other keyboards I reviewed on the channel so this is the expose organ on my keyboard and I've been using it for about two weeks now and all I gotta say is this is not your typical keyboard it hasn't been released yet but judging by the high demand for it on Kickstarter I think it might be the next big thing for PC users so first off let's talk about the design and as I said before this is a very different keyboard than what you're used to the layout is pretty much the main thing that separates itself from the traditional keyboard there is definitely a learning curve you guys can't just switch from a traditional keyboard layout to this one and expect no difference when I first started using this my typing speed went down drastically I went from about 70 words per minute to 19 wpm which is about three times less than what I'm used to but after using it for about a week my speed did increase gradually as I got used to where the keys were located and I don't have to look at the keys as much while typing it may turn some people off by looking at the layout but after using it for some while I gotta say it has some great aspects about it the best way to explain it is that there are two major sections for all your letter keys unlike a traditional keyboard where all your letter keys are compacted and close to each other this keyboard is more strategically scattered what I think is neat is that there are two space keys one is on the left side of the keyboard and the other one is on the right making it convenient to reach either key from either side while you type I like the large space key on standard keyboards but those are not the only different key locations for example the delete enter ctrl and shift keys are in between these two sections which is what I had the hardest time getting used to the keyboard is not too long in fact it's very compact it is mechanical and it has RGB lighting so that is a plus for me personally the buttons feel nice and clicky and there is good key travel it also has gator on switches that I've been rated up to fifty million clicks which is the highest on the market however there are different switch types like red blue black and brown depending on your preference the model we have however has red switches which feel a lot like the Cherry MX's there are 15 lighting movement effects with controllable brightness speed direction and even color according to their Kickstarter page there's also this blue arrow type symbol at the center which I think gives it a pretty cool unique look now there is one thing I do not like about the keyboard because of its form factor and how compact it is it does not have a ten key now for gaming I played some pub G and overwatch and as expected there was definitely a learning curve but after a few games I wasn't doing so bad at times I thought maybe I couldn't pull off what I usually do with a regular keyboard for example due to the more slanted layout and how compact it is I was able to be more focused on handling my controls I feel over time the more you play with this keyboard the more you will see an increase in your performance I can see how this can be an esports keyboard given how small it is and how some key locations can benefit you having an upper edge against your opponent I would say if you're a gamer and want to try something different then you should definitely check out the expose keyboard because of the keyboards layout there are some keys that are closer and also easier to press compared to traditional keyboards and I feel like that can benefit you in your gaming now if you're someone who types a lot and writes a bunch of essays or scripts for example then the ergonomic form factor of this keyboard can definitely benefit you more than a traditional keyboard but like I said before there is definitely a learning curve so please be patient with it if you're gonna pick one up and I would say give it about a week to test it out and if you still don't like it then you can switch back to the traditional layout so this begs the question is the expose organ AMA keyboard worth it and honestly I wish I had an answer for you guys it really comes down to the person and what they're gonna use the keyboard for as well as their budget personally I think I'm gonna stick to the traditional keyboard layout because I don't think I'm gonna be gaining much switching to the xposed keyboard first of all I'm not a hardcore gamer so I'm not gonna be gaining much from that category and - I don't type a lot so from the ergonomic standpoint I don't think I'm gonna take advantage of its ergonomic design the Corsair k70 Lux keyboard I'm using right now works just fine and honestly I have no complaints but they're pretty much wraps up this video if you guys enjoyed it feel free to toss a like to show your support the channel it's a very simple gesture takes less than a second but if you guys didn't like the video feel free to dislike as well and let me know your feedback in the comment section if you guys want to check out the keyboard I'll drop a link to it down below thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one
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