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This Laptop Bag Costs How Much? | Ghostek NRGmessenger

so laptop bags I've gathered quite a collection over time through Amazon this first one is the one I've been using for about six months from my cozier it's a great one as a very sleek design it's good enough for a 15-inch laptop it was ok a company sent this one a year ago so it's called nutsack believe it or not and this one is actually fairly small doesn't really fit much inside Kevin to the laptop but it's a nice bag it's well made not a fan of it and this one is the more recent one that I picked up from Amazon it's the cool Bell one it's fairly big it sets up to a 17 inch laptop I think it's got a bunch of pockets sleek design again gray I love the color grey but I just wasn't feeling it but in this video we'll be looking at something that quite possibly might be my new favorite laptop bag with water resistance a sixteen thousand milliamp hour battery and a solid build the NRG messenger separates itself from a lot on the market but am I willing to pay $120 for it stick around till the end to find out the outside of the bag is made out of polyester and although it's not as soft as cloth it's a necessity if it's going to come in contact with liquid there's this leather like plastic on the handles and the front zipper pocket I would say overall it has a simple design also on the front we have a power switch and an indicator one click will turn the battery pack on and it will start showing the remaining battery level unfortunately it doesn't seem like we have a way to turn the battery off from here so instead we have to unplug all the connected devices but on the plus side it does turn off by itself after 12 seconds so no worries about it if you do forget so under the indicator is the microUSB port that's used to charge the battery pack it's protected by this rubber seal that shields itself against liquids we get a single large zipper pocket on the back the zippers are made of metal and glides smoothly so I'm not too worried about them breaking off inside the bag we'll find some extras we got a padded strap for hands-free transport as well as two micro USB cables there isn't much padding on the strap though which as the bags price point is kind of a letdown all four pockets are lined with a very similar polyester material found on the outside it's not going to be as soft as fabric but it does kind of sensor with the water resistance and improved durability to protect your devices there is a soft gelatin type foam that adds a little shock absorption in here in total there's 8.5 liters of space in this thing and to put that number into perspective I fit a 15-inch gaming laptop in here which is the max size supported we also got a smaller Chromebook a tablet mouse my wallet and a lot of extras in here with still room to share the smaller pockets definitely help with organizing things like batteries and sim ejection tools is definitely made with plenty of storage and compartments for organization the best part is you can even charge up to three things at once with the included battery pack we get two USB ports running at 1 and 2 amps respectively as well as a DC out that can be used with the DC 2 micro USB cable included the front USB and micro USB headers are routed through the bags built-in USB pass throughs all the way to the battery you can even use these to route your own cables to devices not in the battery pocket which was pretty cool with the retail price of $120 it's hard to recommend this product you can find a similarly sized laptop bag for around 40 bucks just at a 16 thousand million hour battery pack for only 15 bucks and you can jerry-rig yourself something very similar to the ghost tech for about half the price but it isn't ill for $100 I'll drop a link to a below in case you guys want to check it out personally for me it is a bit overkill because it's got three slots for laptops I don't carry that many things with me in the first place but it is better than the other three laptop bags that I currently have so I will be using it as my main driver can even say main driver on laptop bags but that will be my main laptop bag obviously as I travel to events like CES or you're on vacation I love the build design the built-in power bank is really nice ghost tech did an amazing job on building this laptop bag but anyway you think you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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