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This is the AVON Gaming Laptop - RTX 2070

what's happening guys I'm tech Saurus and in this video we'll be taking a look at the Avon which is digital storms new lineup of r-tx gaming laptops this model here has a ninth Gen six core processor 32 gigs of ram and the r-tx 2017 on max-q so you're getting a desktop grade 2070 in here and Before we jump into the rest of the review I do want to give you huge things to Noor VPN for sponsoring this video guys it's 2019 it's time to take your internet more seriously with a virtual private network your data gets encrypted your location stays private which means you get to surf the web anonymously this means all of your information is protected while you are online funny enough story I've actually had my credit card information stolen while I was in Vegas using hotel Wi-Fi and it took about $2,000 from my credit card with unauthorized transactions so now every time I travel I don't go online without using a VPN just simply turn it on and tunnel into any of the 61 plus countries available on their superfast servers it's available for iOS and Android as well so you can secure your mobile browsing experience and now you guys can get 75% off a three-year plan by using the code listed on the screen so make sure you guys visit Nour VPN comm slash tech source and get protected today okay so the laptop is built really well the frame is made out of metal polycarbonate hybrid material with a brushed surface and we also got a digital storm logo that's illuminated it's a pretty good-looking laptop very minimal flex on a display and the keyboard deck which is great now even though this has a 17 inch screen the overall footprint is similar to a 15-inch laptop and this was made possible mostly from the super thin bezels and the keyboard spacing speaking of the keyboard he do get a full sized keyboard with a 10 key and they are not only RGB lit but they are mechanical as well they are using a proprietary design from a manufacturer however they are very similar to Cherry MX browns here's a quick typing sample now even though the keys are crammed together I didn't experience any issues typing all the keys were easily within reach and personally I prefer this type of key layout if it means they're gonna squeeze in a 10 key one thing that can get really annoying really quickly is cleaning the keyboard there's barely any space between the keys so getting in between them to clean the dust and dirt might be a challenge and the lighting for the keyboard and the light bar on the side can be controlled via their gaming center and you can also control fan settings and monitor system as well which we'll get into later I gotta say I don't like the placement of the trackpad because sometimes my left hand will activate the mouse while I'm typing and it kind of gets annoying luckily there's a button on the keyboard that lets me the say below even though it's very inconvenient and I shouldn't have to in the first place but other than that the trackpad works as it should it is using Windows precision drivers and it recognizes all of my gestures without any issues the 17 inch display is really nice it has an IPS panel with really great viewing angles and it gets really bright at 400 nits with no backlight bleed whatsoever it's not the best for color sensitive work but for gaming it's amazing you get 144 is panel with a three millisecond response time the art x27 he just makes more sense with a higher refresh rate display the games look so much better and are more enjoyable to play on compared to a display with only 60 Hertz speaking of gameplay with the Avon you can game comfortably over a hundred FPS on less intensive titles like overwatch csgo and even apex Legends however for more demanding titles like battlefield 5 and black ops 4 you will be getting in the high 60s and 70s on high settings it's still kind of disappointing to see that even with an RT X 2070 you're not gonna be taking advantage of the 144 Hertz panel on the more demanding titles now battery life is pretty bad which is to be expected I was getting a little under two hours of use on the balance power plan then again with a ninth Gen 6 core processor and an RT X 2070 you really shouldn't leave your charger at home also guys is it me or is it really pointless measuring battery life on a gaming top I don't know a single soul on this planet who games on there gaming laptop without having their charger plugged in I just kind of find a pointless one of the things I love about the Avon is the amount of connectivity so you have your audio ports Ethernet jack and a single USB 3 on the left side and then we got two additional USB threes and a micro SD card reader on the opposite side and then in the back is where you'll find two mini display ports an HDMI and a single USB type-c which is done about three compatible can I just say one thing I love it when laptop manufacturers put the charging port in the back of the laptop it doesn't get in the way of the ports and it just looks way cleaner in my opinion now the speakers I don't even know where to begin with the speakers these are probably one of the worst if not the worst sounding speakers I've heard on any laptop I've just gaming laptops but just laptops period they are so quiet that you can barely hear anything on max volume so if you're outside or in a loud environment good luck hearing anything from these especially when the fans kick on I mean it is just I want to show you guys an actual example because you need to hear this so I'm gonna put out one of my videos okay the laptop is max volume and also the volume on the YouTube player so check this out guys of money in kidding compared that sound to my sound I mean it's it is really really low you can't even hear anything I should only recommend using earphones headphones or even a headset with the iPod so it's really easy to get access to the components inside the Avon just remove all eight screws and pop off the back cover there's a 62 watt our battery down here and you can get access to both MDOT to SSDs and RAM if you wish to upgrade my nvme based m2 SSD is currently getting around 1,400 megabytes per second read and 1600 megabytes per second write which is blazing fast one of the things that his laptop does great is the cooling design we got to decently sized fans split between multiple heat pipes and four exhaust vents we got two on the sides and two more in the back and because of the great cooling design the laptop does not thermal throttle the fans do get pretty loud but they do a good job keeping the components cool enough to a point where there is no thermal throttling during heavy workloads or gaming I also love the fact that you can control the fan speeds through the gaming Center so if you need to lower the fan speed because you're in a library or somewhere quiet and you can do so there's even a dedicated button above the keyboard then let you switch between office mode and game mode so to sum it all up the Avon gaming laptop has really crappy speakers I mean the worst speakers I've ever heard and poor battery life which is to be expected but honestly everything else it kicks ass great thermals and gaming performance amazing build quality I love the mechanical keyboard and the awesome 144th screen which gets really bright and that does it for my review I hope you guys enjoyed it I'll drop a link to the Avon gaming laptop if you guys want to check it out and also consider leaving like if you want to see more gaming laptop reviews like this and leave a comment below on what laptop I should review for my next video I don't know why I'm doing this thank you guys so much for watching as always guys I love your faces and I will see you in the next one
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