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This may be your new browser! - Maxthon MX5 Overview

what's up guys aside from tech source and today we're going to be talking about this pretty cool web browser called Mac's 10 and also huge thanks to them for sponsoring this video all right so let's jump right into it so max 10 is a 13 year old brand that's been making browsers since the start after a decade their company evolved into Mac's 10 which is a multi-platform browser that's fast secure and easy to use Maxton has now built MX 5 to upgrade their browser into an information assistant and take the user experience to a whole new exciting level MX 5 is basically a one-stop browser to give you all the information you need it was completely redone and features a new dual core design that switches between the two cores based on the website you're on compared to before MX 5 now looks extremely sleek and modern info box is a new key feature in MX 5 it's basically simple and easy to use way to store anything you find online by clicking on this little button you get a pop-up with a few things you can do you can save any page to your bookmarks or you can even save an entire website to view later by using a web content option with a snapshot function you can take screenshots of anything and either save it to your computer or to your info box home page info box is similar to Evernote in a sense that you can have everything you need on there and you can organize your info in any way you want also similar to Evernote you can take notes and organize it accordingly info box is also in the cloud so you can access it in your MX 5 browser on Windows Mac or your mobile device that's pretty much infobox it's basically your second brain to help you remember whatever contents and information you see in the browser you can filter collect and process with it anytime and anywhere another feature with MX 5 is pass keeper which is actually one of my favorites now in pass keeper you can save all of your accounts passwords safely so if you ever forget them in the future you can simply go back and find them this is perfect if you have tons of different accounts and can keep track of all your passwords path keeper is the perfect home page to view all of your accounts and password safely in an organized fashion so you can never forget your password again oh and also past keeper uses aes-256 and additional multiple encryption methods to ensure your passwords are stored securely also with UML you can create a shadow email account when you set it up you pick your new shadow email so let's say you go to make an account on a website you can actually use this shadow email instead with this new feature you get all your real emails forwarded to your actual email account but all the spam emails will go to your shadow email by entering your shadow email into websites that actually protects you from all personal info or your real email from getting leaked but you still receive the mail you want at your real email address there's also a night mode feature where your screen will dim whenever you want it to this is much easier on your eyes when you are browsing at night and you can actually also configure this to automatically enable and disable at certain times with splitview you can cut the screen into two parts and browse two pages at the same time which is perfect for multitasking source sniffer is another one of my favorites it automatically finds all audio photos or even video on the web page you are currently on and actually gives you the ability to download them also with mx-5 ad blocker actually comes pre-installed to natively bring you a non disturb browsing experience and finally you can also customize Mouse gestures to do whatever you want making your browsing experience customized to your liking mx-5 certainly has a lot of great features and I see myself using it more and more as I get more comfortable with them but if you guys want to give it a shot you guys can visit Maxton comm or click on the link down below again everything is completely free and you guys have nothing to lose so definitely give it a shot and who knows maybe it'll be your main browser but they'll go for this video thing you guys so much for watching as always I will see you in the next video
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