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This will change the way you experience content! - Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

what's happening guys Adam Tech's auras hope you're doing well I just came back from CES and I want to share some cool stuff that I found at the doggie booth so in the first showroom they introduced me to Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision which completely changes the way you experience movies TV shows music and games the technology is actually very impressive but let me break it down for you guys just so it's easier to understand so Dolby Atmos changes the way you hear sound unlike stereo which is limited to two channels Dolby Atmos can arrange individual sounds in a 3d space to position sounds all around you I mean I was hearing sounds above me around me and even sounds that are moving past me all the sounds fill the entire room and I felt like I was inside of it all Dolby vision on the other hand changes the way you view content it enhances the image on your screen to give you ultra vivid picture quality and it does this by giving you deeper blacks better highlights that are up to 40 times brighter and of course contrast that makes everything pop out combine both Dolby Atmos and a Dolby version together and you truly get an experience unlike anything not just for listening and watching content but also gaming as well I had the chance to play shadow of the Tomb Raider in Dolby Atmos and it was the most fun I had gaming when I'm gaming back at home using speakers or my headphones it sounds really tame and flat it doesn't really grab my attention so I'm more focused on the actual gameplay but with Dolby Atmos I felt like I was pulled in the game suddenly everything came to life there's this one scene in the jungle where it felt like I was right there walking through the jungle myself I could hear birds chirping above me and leaves shuffling around me kind of gave me goosebumps to be honest this is really something you need to see and hear for yourself to truly experience the right way of gaming or watching content whether you have a large family and get together for movie nights or you're someone that games a lot I feel like Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision will enhance your experience regardless of the type of content you're consuming Dolby Atmos is available in a growing range of sound bars and headphones while Dolby vision can be experienced across multiple platforms like your TV pc and mobile device also there are a lot of partners that support both vision and Atmos currently you have to check them out make sure to click the link below by the way Dolby is offering 100 of my subscribers a free download of dolby atmos for headphones and you can redeem it on Xbox one or Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store I'll leave the promotional code down below if anyone is interested I really feel like this is the next step for anyone that's looking for something a little more instead of just watching your content be truly moved by your entertainment I hope you guys enjoyed this video leaving a like would let me know that you did and if you didn't you know what to do thanks again for watching as always I'll see you in the next one
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