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Top 10 Power Banks - 2015

what's up guys is that back again from tech source and in this video I'm going to go over ten of the best power banks that you can currently buy ranging from smaller more compact power banks all the way up to larger and more powerful ones that can juice up all of your devices all the power banks I mentioned in this video will be linked down below in the order that they appear so without wasting any more time let's start the video so starting from the bottom we have the very popular lithium card this is the perfect sized portable charger for anyone who is always on the go and he's a slight charge to survive until they get home but I like about the charger besides it's super thin profile is the fact that it comes with the cable tucked in on the side so you don't need to carry around extra cables it does come in several different colors and there is a microUSB version for Android devices and a lightning cable version for Apple products which is the one you are seeing here clicking on the power button will initiate the charge and will also indicate how much juice is left by flashing the LEDs either white for full charge blue for under 90% and red for under 10% simply pop out the USB and connect it to any USB port and it begins charging and that I mentioned it's super thin they can practically fit inside a wallet next up is the older brother the lithium card Pro and it's essentially the same thing but with more than double the milliamps and size I actually did a video on this charger on my channel showing off the charging speeds and a lithium card Pro actually charges your devices faster than a traditional wall outlet it's called a hyper charger for a reason but you guys can check out the video for the actual results so comes equipped with a lightning cable or micro USB cable depending on which version you pick up and a USB cable tucked in the sides the USB cable is used to charge the actual power bank by connecting it to your laptop or PC in addition to more milliamps the pro card features an additional USB out on one side and a micro USB in on the other if you decide to charge a power bank using a micro USB cable instead of the standard also since it comes with a USB out you can practically connect any device to it and charge two devices at the same time another really cool feature is the bypass system which means that you can access the files on your phone by connecting one end to your PC and the other end to your phone and actually find this feature pretty useful another great portable power bank is the VIN stick tool battery charger for under ten bucks you get a tiny rectangular shaped power bank with 3,200 milliamps of power on the go it has a single one amp output and comes with a bunch of colors hitting the power button will activate the LEDs indicating how much juice is left and it's definitely a great portable power bank for travel next up is the water resistant power bank from Koo Chi R an aluminium body wrapped in tough silicone makes this an awesome power bank for the outdoors it comes in an optional silver color and it's built to take a beating seriously though I tried destroying this thing and I couldn't even get a single scratch on it the USB ports are located on the bottom with a rubber seal to protect it from water damage and it features a single one amp output and a 2.1 amp output for larger devices and you can charge two at the same time holding down the power button will activate the built-in flashlight and pressing it once will indicate how much juice is left but overall a very solid power bank for people at camp and hike outdoors oh and did I mention that it's waterproof the next three power banks win in the aesthetics department and are personally my favorite out of the ten showed in this video starting off as the I mix 10,000 milliamp hour bank that comes in a stunning black and red design and there's also one available in yellow and blue so besides the sleek design it features two smart icy USB ports on the bottom and a power button on the side that will show how much juice is left in the power bank then we have the 10,000 milliamp tech tribe power bank a super-thin full aluminum design with an inward curve on the side that gives it a really cool look and it features two USB ports and a power button for the built-in flashlight the tech tribe also comes with a lifetime warranty the last of the three is the anchor efore 13,000 milliamp power bank that features power IQ technology that detects your device and delivers the fastest charge up to three apps you can pick one up in a few color options and it also features a built in flashlight with a glossy finish which as you can tell is a finger prynt magnet the next power bank has been featured on my channel before because of its unique design this is the Vivi's Knight v3 13,000 milliamp power bank that features an attached micro USB cable which is great since you don't need to carry around one unless you have an iPhone and in that case you just have to use the USB port on the top on the side you have the LED indicator button along with the micro USB port needed to charge the power bank but what's so cool about this power bank is that it comes with a slot for your smartphone which means that you can charge your phone and watch hours of video without worrying about the battery life this next power bank is no stranger and it's been featured many times in my past videos but it deserves a place in this one as well simply because this is the best bang for your buck power bank you can currently buy it features twenty two thousand four hundred milliamps of goodness and three USB ports that you can use to charge up to three devices at the same time by the way if you guys are digging these awesome carbon fiber skins I have on all my devices you should really check out the first link down below you won't be disappointed so the power bank also comes with a built in flashlight and it's available in a bunch of colors last but not least we have the mother of all power banks the ultra high capacity twenty-five thousand six hundred million portable charger from anchor it features three USB ports with IQ technology that will once again detect your devices and deliver the fastest charging available up to three amps per port or four amps through the three ports if you decide to charge three devices at the same time like the e4 this two has a glossy finish which will attract fingerprints easily and has a built in flashlight as well anyways that's it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did let me know by leaving a like on the video if you guys want to see a similar video like this done on a specific type of product let me know by leaving a comment down below also if there's a specific power bank that deserves to be on this list and I didn't mention it let me know by dropping a comment down below as well and I'll go ahead and add that to my next video but anyways thank you so much for watching this is that from tech source I will see you guys in the next video you
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