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Top 20 Desk Setups - Setup Wars 2015

we've seen some pretty crazy setups on set up boards this past year and what a better way to end the year than to go over 20 of my favorite pics from 2015 let's do this never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below let's begin with episode 1 the setup that started it all the first ever winner of set-up wars which went to expert on awesome black and red set up with 324 inch a suits martyrs I also really liked the way the monitor riser blends in nicely with the gear dropping straight to episode 4 we are Raven ro with the first ever man cave I really love this setup because of its atmosphere I felt like dropping everything I was doing and just started gaming it really looks like a cool place to chill and hang out with friends the only thing that's missing is a second PC setup for co-op play from episode 7 caliber not only one with this amazing triple display setup but also gets my pick for the top 20 setups of 2015 simply because of the combination of the desk the PC case and the fact that he went with the Samsung sync master multi display system instead of picking up three individual monitors Kayle management isn't the best but everything else I really liked mark from episode 10 easily gets to be in this video it's one of the very few black and white builds that I really enjoyed the color coordination was off of the charts great gear choices clean cable management and the PC he was rocking was beast the only thing I didn't like was that random GPU just sitting in the middle of the desk but everything else was really pleasing to my eyeballs who could forget valve from episode 13 easily one of the most unique setups I've ever seen on setup wars I can't help but to feel calm and relaxed looking at this nature-themed setup the wallpaper in the back plus the green LEDs and the gaming gear really blend well together the wallpaper on the monitors and the green LEDs also blend perfectly together with this entire set up winning episode 13 was an easy task although Aalto didn't end up winning episode 17 LG addition I really liked his music production setup and even though I didn't recognize half of the gear and equipment he used everything was so damn organized and very clean from the symmetry to the acoustic foams on the walls to the cable management and the way his desk was set up I mean everything was flawless and if it were up to me I would have given him the ultrawide monitor easily of course we all know who won episode 17 our shishun his brother Manish made history on setup Wars to not only receive the very first setup war seal of approval but also end up winning a brand new LG ultrawide monitor for this amazing custom made desk that they both had made in 40 days if he just custom made logos with built-in LEDs and the drawers have their very own dedicated power outlets with great cable management not only did they win the set-up wars LG sponsored edition but they also want the LG cardboard dream setup edition and here's a quick update of their setup that he actually sent me a few days ago winner of episode 18 and my favorite setup as well is Abdul with his breathtaking man cave full of nerdgasm agir multiple gaming setups across the gaming room with enough LEDs that make any wave look like a boring chuck-e-cheese party definitely a really dope place to chill friends and game all night episode 19 was a triple monitor edition which Yazeed ended up winning with a unanimous decision I mean do I really need to say any more just look at this setup this is the best black and red setup that I have seen on setup wars the color coordination symmetry and cable management easily gave Yazzie to win for episode 19 oh let's not forget about that beast PC episode 20 was my favorite episode of all time not just because I co-hosted with snowy but because to the set ups from there were my favorite as well I even was the runner up with an amazing quad display black and red set up with the Logitech racing gear set and glossy with a beautiful triple display setup the chrome on underarms combined with the glossy table really made this setup shine no pun intended no wonder at one episode 24 episode 21 Caleb ended up taking the win with an interesting black and green setup I definitely haven't seen speakers quite that size on a desk before but I think the custom PC is actually the one who stole the show a gorgeous black and green custom loo build with a freaking fan inside the power supply which is blowing air into the case I don't even know how he did that who could forget episode 24 we had some really amazing setups Shawn from prostate gaming is no stranger to setup wars he was featured before as a special guest but in episode 24 he was a contestant an amazing white team set up with three issues 23 inch monitors and a samsung 4k smart TV above for console gaming I mean this dude even has dragon balls in his badass PC and he still didn't end up winning that episode which should say something in fact the winner of episode 24 went to none other than mahmud with a very clean and sexy triple display setup Mahmood was really close to receiving the setup or seal of approval if it weren't for a few things but nonetheless this setup is out of the world the white backdrop and the desk itself really contributed to this elegant setup one of the few things that turned me up was the stock CPU cooler in that PC build of his Harry was my top pick for episode 25 with that quad display setup also having the ROG logo was a huge plus an awesome black and white gaming setup with great cable management other than having a headset on his table this was a pretty easy decision for me for episode 27 Falco ended up taking the win for having a very clean white setup those extremely thin bezels are what did it for me along with that awesome monitor riser there are other things that contributed to the wind like having a micro SD card reader mounted in the middle the white speakers on both sides and the wireless keyboard and mouse it's really rare that I enjoy an Apple based productivity setup simply because there's nothing cool or unique about it but an episode 29 I really liked Sebastian's setup I can't quite figure out the real reason but maybe it's the combination of minimalism the cable management and that view I think all those aspects from the set up came together any perfect balance catching up to the most recent episode of setup wars on episode 30 Hyrule not only took the win but also received a second ever setup board seal of approval for many reasons the very clean color-coordinated organized setup with exceptional cable management and that amazing water-cooled PC to put it simply I had no reason not to give him the seal of approval my man Martin came in a very close second with his impressive ultra white setup I have not seen cable management quite like this before and I can really tell he spend lots of - setup and that's one of the reasons why he deserves to be on my top 20 list and finally we are back to the most recent set of boards video and the last one for 2015 my favorite setup by far goes to Julian with that amazing view lots of people think it's fake because it looks stunning but if you guys pay attention to what's outside you can see that the view changes from each angle also having a projector that doubles as blinds really made my decision easy and just by glancing in the comments section Julian will most likely be the winner of episode 31 so that's it for the top 20 setups of 2015 from setup wars for 2016 would you guys like me to do a top 5 setups every three months if so let me know by dropping a comment down below I also left a strawpoll link in the description section you guys can go and vote on who has the best that's setup for 2015 the winner will receive 250 bucks and a custom-made plaque I'll go announce the winner on the 15th of January on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there if you promote this video or you're set up outside of YouTube and encourage votes for your setup you will be disqualified just a quick reminder if you guys like setup wars make sure to slap the crap out of the like button and as always I'll see you guys in the next video
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