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Top 3 Apps You Must Try - February 2017

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome back to another episode of top three apps you must try just like all the previous episode with all these apps are available for free and the links will be in the description down below starting up the list we have picks off this is the perfect app to have if you were using an Android device that has an AMOLED display what makes picks off different is that the app allows you to change the amount of pixels that are powering on to save battery life instead of having just a black wallpaper on the home screen of the device picks off takes effect in any app that you are using you can actually choose how many pixels are used and even the type of pattern filter the app displays a helpful guide that shows the percentage of pixels your device is keeping on which is the amount of power you are saving there's also a customizable night mode to adjust the tint of the display which can be very helpful in reducing eye strain at night all the pixels features can be automatically enabled when the battery reaches a certain percentage so next up at number 2 is quartz this time on Android as well as iOS this app is aimed at making worldly news more personal by focusing on text-based conversations with actual journalists some messages include a link to read a more in-depth article pertaining to a story but if you're not interested you can always skip to the next one each chat is also packed with emojis gifts and other forms of media so feels more and more like you're having an engaging discussion quartz will send periodic push notifications to keep you up to date as well the app also has support extended to the Apple watch making news available at a glance the complication for quartz will display a different emoji on your watch face indicating the direction of the stock market when there isn't any news left for the day the app will continue to keep you entertained with activities such as quizzes the last stop for this episode is in kit available for Android and iOS in kit prides itself on providing thousands of free novels from independent authors there are titles from a wide variety of genres whether that be sci-fi mystery action and even erotica for example you won't have a problem finding your next read as each book is selected as a topic by many readers that use ink it every book is in English and you can download them offline for later reading as well you can also customize the look of the text and background to create a reading experience you are most comfortable with so that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed the series make sure that leave a like and feel free to leave any app suggestions you guys have in the comment section down below and I'll have a look before my next episode if you guys want to watch my next video on tech stores which isn't available yet you guys can download the app nice and watch it on there a few days early I'll drop a link to them down below thank you so much for watching again and I'll see you in the next video
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