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Top 3 Apps You Must Try - January 2017

what's up guys it's Kevin from tech source and welcome back to another episode of top three apps you must try just like the previous episode all these apps are available for free on Android and iOS so with that being said let's start off the list first up we have prismo which is a really cool photo editing app with tons of unique filters and tools the standout feature of Prisma is being able to transform any image into a work of art there's tons of styles to choose from my favorite being the van Gogh and Picasso but there's also Leviton for example the filters can really help your photos stand out and the best part of this all is that you can easily upload these on to social media a cool little trick that I found with this app is actually to go to the discover section where you can check out other people's pictures and get a sense of how they're using the filters so at number 2 we have wonder list this is a great heavy to do list app that actually makes getting things done a little bit more convenient so in addition to creating tasks you can add subtasks notes and also add files to each one so you can have all the info you need on a note every to do tasks can be sorted into their own lists and you can even share them so you can collaborate with others on the same note the app also lets you set due dates and reminders for important deadlines but best of all wonder list syncs across all of your devices so whether that's your desktop smartphone and even your SmartWatch you can check your notes anywhere lastly at number three we have digit travel which is a trip planner app this app is super useful for those of you who would like to travel a lot since it actually allows you to find the crisp itinerary and guides in the application itself what separates this app from all the other travel apps in the market is it actually goes deeper than that by providing you weather forecast distance and time estimates for your routes as well as some other filters that allow you to find interesting things based on your searches just like with wunderlist phidget travel also allows you to share your trip info with other people so you can plan together there is a premium version at 25 bucks which is kind of a ripoff but luckily you won't need it at all and the free version gets the job done anyways guys that's all for this video thank you guys so much for watching please leave a like if you enjoyed and I will talk to you in the next episode
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