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Top 3 Apps You Must Try - November 2016

what's up guys it's Kevin from tech source and welcome to a new series on the channel this is top three apps you must try so we're kicking off the first episode with three games which I think you guys will really enjoy now all these apps are available on Android and iOS but more importantly they're all free at number one we have Pali Forge the objective of the game is actually very simple just Forge each side of the shape by tapping the screen but be careful not to tap aside twice the game gets fairly tricky after level 20 but if you keep grinding at it you will eventually be rewarded with achievements from Google Play or even Game Center there's also an Endless mode where you can build up your high-score and challenge friends through Facebook the game has a very calm and immersive soundtrack so if you get the chance try it out with your headphones on you will occasionally run into some ads but trust me they're very unobtrusive and it shouldn't turn you away next up we have tactile Wars which is one of my favourite mobile strategy games the games a bit slow progressing at first but once you're in tune with the controls it actually gets really addictive the objective is to kill the enemy soldiers and capture their bases while at the same time keeping your own base secure throughout battles you can call in more troops and unlock tons of achievements which keep this game alive and fun no matter how many hours you sink into it the game also isn't very graphically intensive so you won't experience any lag or major battery drain last we have fun1 - which is personally my favorite game on a list because of the multiplayer aspect it takes many elements from arcade style games and brings it to a platformer the result is a track of obstacles that your character races on you can join random matches or create your own party with up to three other friends these matches are short which makes it really ideal to play with friends between classes or really whenever there's a good handful of maps to choose from which players can pick by voting and the power-ups actually make the in-game experience very enjoyable each match can earn you coins which you can then use to customize your character this game kept me entertained for hours on end and it's definitely worth taking a look at guys feel free to leave any app suggestions for the next episode in the comments below that's all for this video thank you guys as so much for watching please leave a like if you enjoyed and I'll talk to you in the next video
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