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Top 3 Cool Tech - CES 2016

my CES 2016 coverage is sponsored by master ah they are an online community that allows enthusiasts to harness the power of group buying for amazing tech products the more people that join a group buy for a product the more the price goes down right now my strap is sponsoring a giveaway for the chic smart s1 electric scooter and all you guys have to do to enter is sign up using the link in the description section down below so went over the top WTF tech I saw at CES 2016 already on my channel so it's time to go over some of the cool tech that I saw this time around let's do this LG is always turning heads every year at CES and this year is no different I my number 3 spot is the ultra-thin g6 TV which is as thin as for stacked credit cards the frame is just point 11 inches thick and they were able to achieve this by using an oled display you also have to get rid of the integrated speakers so instead the TV sits on top of a large forward-facing speaker which will provide clean and detailed audio without any Distortion it's also equipped with extra woofers to bolster the power of the speakers and the g6 is set to go on sale later this year in both 65 and 70 7 inch screen sizes with no firm price points or release date the number two spot in this video goes to the razor blade stealth and the core add on unit this is razors new ultrabook that they announced which is available now in stores and starts around a thousand dollars it's insanely thin measuring at point five inches at its thickest point and weighing only two point 75 pounds it sports a multi-touch 12.5 IGZO display that's available in two resolutions either 3840 x 2160 or 2560 x 1440 p you also get a core i7 6500 you processor 8 gigabytes of ram and an intel HD graphics chip but that's not even the cool part the cool part is that you can use the razor core and hook up your own pcie-based graphics card to the Ultrabook if you want more power it connects via Thunderbolt 3 which is a USB type-c connection and practically transforms your notebook into a desktop gaming experience at the number one spot of cool tech that I have seen this year at CES goes to these guys at maybank's collectibles they essentially make collectible versions of everyday tech products for this demo they actually partnered up with blizzard and created docking stations and power banks based on the new warcraft movie which is being released this year the idea the behind it is this tech products get obsolete over time whether they wear down or a better version gets released so if they create collectible versions of these tech products instead then people are more inclined on keeping them since they are well collectibles they were showing off some horde and Alliance power banks in the form of weapons and stones and the idea behind this concept is cool enough for me to feature this at that number one spot so there you have it my top three picks of cool tech from CES 2016 now I'm sure there were a bunch of others that I did not get a chance to see but out of everything I came across these were the top three if you guys enjoyed the video make sure to leave a like and as always I will see you in the next video
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