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Top 3 Laptops for $200 - 2015

I remember today when I used to spend a thousand bucks on a laptop only for it to break down a year later all times I've definitely changes you can actually now purchase a really solid laptop for just around two hundred bucks so when I picked up three of the best laptop so you can currently buy for around two hundred bucks and I spent a long week with each one of them so this video is basically an in-depth comparison between all three of these laptops so if you're in the market for a budget laptop for around two hundred bucks then you came to the right place alright so first off let's go ahead and introduce the contenders first off we have the Asus 10.1 inch transformer book coming in at 199 even and then next up we have the Asus 11.6 inch ebook for the same price and lastly we have the 13.3 inch HP stream coming in at 200 $9.99 let's go ahead and jump into the specs real quick so the transformer comes equipped with an Intel quad-core 1.33 gigahertz processor with 2 gigabytes of RAM the asus eeebook has an Intel Atom quad core 1.33 gigahertz processor with 2 gigs of RAM as well and the HP stream has an Intel Celeron 2.16 gigahertz processor also with 2 gigs of ram so we get a glossy plastic design for the transformer and popping it open we are greeted with a very compact keyboard with a textured feel for the palm rest area even though they used up the entire surface area for the keyboard which is great the keys however are still small especially for me since I have large hands I definitely wouldn't recommend this laptop to a student or writer as typing for long hours would really be inconvenient the keys feel a bit spongy but a good thing is that if you are typing at least all the keys are within reach so you don't have to constantly move your hand if you have especially tiny hands then you can probably pull this off the trackpad is very small and works well for the most part it's very unresponsive in certain areas and I noticed it doing pop-up windows like these but on everything else it works great with no complaints and the top feature is also very sensitive and works 100% of the time so there's really no need to physically click the buttons the asus eeebook has a plastic design as well for both the outer shell and the inner and it comes in an optional dark blue color the keys are spaced nicely and are very firm when pressing them and offer great feedback I can easily waste my Pall Mall typing the backspace button is a bit far but I can still reach it however if you have smaller hands that are might be inconvenient for you I can easily type for a long period of time using the keyboard the comfort level is definitely high on this laptop the trackpad on the e-book is probably the best I've experienced in any budget laptops by far not only is it really sensitive but it's spot-on in terms of scrolling it can register the gestures really well and determine how fast I wanted to scroll which is really impressive however just like the Asus Transformer the scrolling feature doesn't work in some pop-up windows as well and must have something to do with these software since it's consistent throughout the asus models but please keep in mind that it's not like this on all the websites just a select few that I have tested the tap to click feature is also 100% accurate and I experienced zero problems using it in these past seven days the HP stream features an all plastic build with a smooth plastic surface inside with a dotted design that comes in pink as well the keyboard is slightly bigger than the asus eeebook and has a much larger surface for the palm rest which means that you can comfortably type for long periods of time the keys are nice and big with a very clicky feel and they are really easy to type on with great feedback the only issue I have is that the backspace button is a bit far which forces me to reach a little more for each key press which really isn't a big deal the trackpad on the HP stream 13 comes in a very close second it's sensitive but not as responsive as I would have liked sometimes it wouldn't register my scroll gesture so I would have to do it twice and and our time is where it doesn't even scroll at the speed I wanted to scroll for example if I want to scroll down the page faster by swiping my fingers down quickly it would scroll slowly instead the issue is not consistent but I do notice it from time to time the type to click feature however is accurate and I haven't experienced any problems with it this past week in terms of using it on the lap I found that the ACE this transformer is way too small to achieve a comfortable typing experience you need to have both of your legs really close together to support the laptop and it just isn't natural not to mention that it's top-heavy so the slightest shift and weight can tip over the entire thing plus it doesn't help that you can tilt the display as much compared to the other laptops it's much better to use the tablet option in this situation the asus eeebook is a lot more comfortable to keep on your lap it is the most flexible among the three allowing you to tilt the screen to an angle you are more comfortable with and because the laptop is balanced nicely you won't run into tipping issues at this point I'm sure you guys have already deduced that the HP stream 13 would be the most comfortable because of its sheer size well you are correct not only is it the most comfortable but it feels the most natural you can even set the laptop further away since it has a much larger palm rest area now let's talk about ports the Asus Transformer features a micro SD card slot for expansion a micro USB micro HDMI and an audio jack on the other side you have your volume controls and a power button and on the bottom you'll find a single USB 2.0 port the e-book features two USB 2.0 ports on one side and on the other we have the charging port micro SD card slot micro HDMI and an audio jack the HP screen features two USB 2.0 slots and the charging port on one side and on the other you will find a computer lock a full HDMI port USB 3.0 an audio jack and a micro SD card slot also on the front of each laptop is the front facing camera and here's a quick sample of each one so here's a quick sample of the HP stream 13.3 front facing camera and it's actually being shot in 720p which is its highest resolution and also notice compared to the other two laptops that has a much wider field of view all right now I'm looking at the asus eeebook laptop and it's currently being shot in 480p which is its highest resolution and by the footage it's pretty obvious that it has the worst palm facing camera compared to the other two laptops now I'm looking at the Asus Transformer front facing camera it's being shot at 720p and actually a lot better than the HP stream 13.3 and first place for camera quality I would give it to the Asus Transformer followed by the HP stream and then lastly a single on the bottom of the laptops you can find the rubber feet on all four corners which prevents the laptops from sliding while typing now if I had to rate which laptop has the best grip it would definitely be the asus eeebook on top followed by the Asus Transformer and lastly the HP stream 13 also on the bottom you can find the speaker's the HP stream has them located near the front whereas the asus eeebook has them closer to the corners the speakers on the transformer however are located on the tablet portion near the edges Windows 8.1 is great on laptops only if there is a touchscreen feature or a mouse attached otherwise using the trackpad on a Windows 8.1 laptop is hell for me and annoying for most people now I've mentioned this many times in my previous videos but I always install start 8 as soon as humanly possible it's basically a Windows Start menu and it helps me out a lot since I don't use a mouse the windows 8 menu is still there in case you still want to use it however now the Windows Start menu pops up when you press the Windows key and it's just a lot easier navigating around with that installed now having a touchscreen feature is a completely different story it eliminates the need for a Start menu since you can simply use your fingers to navigate around much quicker but it's still nice to have and if you guys want to check out start 8 I'll go ahead and leave a link down below windows 8.1 also runs really smooth on all three of the laptops I mean there is still some lag present when scrolling through large websites however it's very subtle and shouldn't bother you at all I'm really impressed at how well the laptops multitask you can basically have a game playing on one side while you browse through a Twitter feed without any problems or lag both of the Asus tablets are outstanding when it comes to multitasking however I can't say the same for the HP stream lag becomes more noticeable when splitting screens and playing a game at the same time however if you don't have a game open or graphic intensive programs then you won't experience any lag while multitasking and I've only noticed that on the HP screen 13 now let's talk about displays the Asus Transformer has a 10.1 inch eye pS glossy display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 P the asus eeebook has an 11.6 inch glossy display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 as well an HP stream has a 13.3 inch LED matte display with the same resolution using the laptops outside however is a different story on the Asus Transformer you get lots of reflections due to its glossy finish so I recommend using it on the shade instead of under direct sunlight the e-book is very similar it too has a glossy finish but there are slightly less reflections when comparing it to the transformer lastly we have the HP stream and as you can see there are no reflections thanks to its matte coating anti glare displays are ideal for outside use especially under direct sunlight however all displays have a trade-off having a glossy display means that you get more vibrant colors and contrast and having an anti-glare display like the HP stream means you get bad viewing angles and colors appear more dull the viewing angles are the best on the Asus Transformer because of its IPS glossy display you can tilt or turn the laptop any way you like and there will be very minimal visual distortion the other two don't even come close the e-book comes in second tilting or turning the laptop slightly will begin to wash out the colors as you can see here and then the HP stream comes in third and has the worst viewing angle among the three mainly because of its matte display as you can see the colors become washed out even by slightly tilting the screen here are some pics i pulled up on each laptop and you guys can compare the differences as you can see the colors are more vibrant and saturated on the Asus Transformer whereas it's kind of washed out on the HP stream the e-book is right there between the two slightly less saturated but not to a point where the colors are completely washed out no laptops experience backlight bleeding but the blacks are much deeper on the transformer because of its glossy display second place goes through the e-book and once again the HP stream comes in third by the way I should mention real quick that neither of these three laptops come with backlit keyboard so you have to rely on the brightness of the display to light up the keyboard texts are super sharp even when scaling on all three of the laptops and I don't have anything bad to say on either one of them here's a quick video sample we their volume maxed out so you can see and hear the differences between all of them is from now where were you when they took over the planet it's over I'm sorry you may lose your faith in us but never in yourselves from here the fight will be your own productivity wise I found that the HP stream to be the best option simply because of the screen size I recommend either a 13 or 14 inch laptop for students to take advantage of the entire screen real estate whether it be using a split screen feature researching or even simply typing up an essay for a project alternatively you can hook up the laptop to another monitor using the full HDMI port located on the side of the laptop you can either add a duplicate screen to mirror everything you do on the laptop or extend it and use it as a second monitor if you need extra space the same can be done using the other two laptops solver instead of an HDMI cable you will need a micro HDMI cable and I'll go ahead and link a few them down below for those of you that are interested as long as you keep the resolution of the monitor the same as your laptop you won't experience any lag so make sure to keep that in mind now let's take a look at the performance of each laptop starting off with the geek bench test both of the Asus laptops are running on a 32-bit architecture whereas the HP stream is running on a 64-bit architecture which is why around the 32 bit benchmark on all the laptops to keep it a fair test and here are the scores the HP stream on top followed by the e-book and then the transformer and third place rest assured I did one the test three times on each laptop and I pick the highest scores here is the same test using the 64 bit benchmark on the HP stream for those of you that are interested and as you can see the single core and multi-core scores are much higher when it comes to streaming videos unfortunately 1080p is the highest resolution you can watch in without stuttering or lagging and that goes for all the laptops now let's talk about gaming I want to recommend gaming on these laptops at all since they don't have the specs to support it however if you were to play a similar game like Minecraft and maximum field of view you can expect an average FPS of 21 on the Tran former and 17.5 FPS on the e-book on the stream if you're lucky you will get around 15 fps and even though all the laptops have an Intel HD graphics chip the HP stream seems to have the worst gaming performance this is how much battery was drained after gaming for 30 minutes on each laptop and you guys can apply the same principle for graphic intensive tasks if you want to get an idea of how long the laptop will last from 100% to 0% all right now let's talk about the actual battery life in real life usage in order to get very accurate results this is what I did I started the day at 12 p.m. with a fresh full charge on all the laptops the brightness was set to 50% with balanced power plants selected and the laptops never showed off nor went to sleep I watch the same video on YouTube for one hour exactly on each laptop then I listen to 30 minutes of music on Spotify and then the rest of the time the laptops were left on the homepage of YouTube until they ran out of battery the transformer lasted from 12 p.m. to 907 p.m. which gave a total battery life of 9 hours and 7 minutes the e-book lasted from 12 p.m. to 11 4 p.m. which was a total battery life of 11 hours and 4 minutes and lastly the HP stream lasted from 12 p.m. to 7:30 - which is a total count of 7 hours and 32 minutes for battery life so based on the test the laptop with the best battery life goes to the e-book and these results are actually really similar to what the manufacturer claims on each of the laptops which reassures me that their claims are very accurate so in conclusion all three of these laptops are amazing in their own category you can't go wrong with either one of these the Asus Transformer is perfect for someone whose mobile and travels a lot also someone who really doesn't need a laptop and prefers a tablet with a keyboard add-on as a bonus the HP stream 13.3 is perfect for students and everyone that prefers the largest screen size they can get for around 200 bucks the large surface area on the keyboard makes it the best choice for productivity lastly the asus eeebook is for everyone else and personally my favorite choice out of the 3 the 11.6 inch screen is the sweet spot for both portability and productivity not to mention the awesome lightweight design and out Landing battery life I went ahead and put an entire list of pros and cons for each laptop and you guys can pause the video if you want more time to read it but for the sake of time I'm gonna go ahead and finish the video so yeah that's basically my comparison between the three best budget laptops that you can currently buy for around 200 bucks if this video was helpful please leave a like on the video to show your support it took me more than a week to get this video together for you guys or those of you that have a larger budget then you guys should definitely check the link in the description section because I've gathered three amazing laptops that I personally recommend if you're looking for a larger screen with better specs and they're actually under the $450 price tag I also put together a list of accessories that work well with these laptops and you guys can find a link to that down below as well but that's basically it thank you guys so much for watching if there's a specific type of video you want to see next let me know by dropping a comment down below but this is at from tech source I will see you in the next video
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