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Top 5 Apps on Android/IOS - January

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to another installment of my top 5 favorite apps for the month of January all of these apps that are featured in this video are not only free to download but they are also available on both iOS and Android devices and I'm gonna leave a link down below if you guys want to check them out so first up on my list is an app called my mail and I recently started using this over my default mail app on my iPhone for several reasons for one it looks a lot cleaner and offers more features and two I get notified as soon as I receive an email whereas it takes minutes longer using the stock mail app on iOS here's a quick example of sending myself an email as you can see my mail receives it first whereas the default app on iOS requires you to refresh it in order to retrieve new mail Apple does this because of their fetch system where every 15 minutes the iPhone will refresh the mail app in order to push through new emails that's one of the main reasons I use this app the beautiful and clean interface is also really nice plus you also get some extra options when you select an email thread like marking it as spam which includes all future emails as well and throwing it straight into the trash instead of archiving it you'll still get an option to view emails that have attachments if you want to narrow your search and lastly you get options to clear your spam and trash bins directly to the app which is a nice feature overall it's a great alternative to the default email app you have on your smartphone so if you're not happy with the one you're using now like me then you should check these guys out the next step on my list is called a coda it's basically an app that pays you cash for everyday purchases the concept for this app is simple to completely ditch coupons and use an app to get paid in cash either via PayPal venmo or get a gift card you simply log into the app search for your favorite store or retailer and unlock the rebates you are interested in once you go to the store and buy the product you can just scan the product barcode and take a photo of your receipt and it will send you the money to your account within 24 hours it's pretty much that easy there are a lot of stores and retailers already available including grocery stores clothing electronics Beauty restaurants and a few others I boto is actually running a ten dollar welcome campaign for the rest of January so if you guys are interested in signing up you will receive ten bucks once you redeem your first rebate but more info will be listed in the description section down below waise is another app I use to replace my stock Apple maps for one reason and one reason only it shows traffic in real-time and quickly finds a faster and alternate route around so you don't get stuck in traffic you also have the option to avoid freeways toll roads and even dirt roads I mean the iOS maps don't even have one of those options which is extremely disappointing another feature I find very useful is the police warnings that's right guys it will warn you if there is a cop hiding in front of you or driving nearby which can definitely save your ass in getting a speeding ticket I'm sure most of you already use Waze but if you don't check it out that's pretty awesome the last two apps are games and I got to start off and say that I'm a huge square Enix fanboy so when I found out that they made a free game on iOS naturally I downloaded it in a heartbeat I've only been playing the game for about a week now but I'm extremely addicted so this isn't your average RPG on a mobile device it's an RPG game with a twist it's kind of like hearthstone made love with Final Fantasy and this game is its outcome each player takes turns summoning monsters that have attack and defense points in order to defend their hero and take down the opponent's monsters once all the monsters are defeated or if there's no monsters defending the hero you can go straight for their main hero and attack them there's more strategy involved as in you play on the 7 by 3 grid where you can move your players around and even activate special buffs on the ground as you play you unlock more stronger characters and leaders which also have special abilities to help you win there's also two ways you can play on multiplayer either in a league where you slowly climb that ladder ranks or battle players in the same room as you magic rush heroes is the last game on this list and this is something I also started playing and can't get enough of so this is your standard 5 player RPG game where you go through levels and kill monsters to level up collect new heroes and power up using runes but the reason why I'm featuring this in my top 5 apps video is because this game also has a tower defense style gameplay this is great because as you play the game you come across levels that you can use your heroes in to defend your crystal which is kind of like a tower defense game so in other average RPG games once a hero has enough power simply tapping on their portrait will activate their special ability but in this game you have more freedom in a sense that you can actually select where you want to use your special ability for instance the Rangers ability I can basically target which monster to use it on another example is using an AoE spell for my other characters in a dedicated area I feel like this not only adds a new level of interaction with the game but so adds more difficulty because you have more room to make mistakes for example using a stun at the wrong time and having the boss unleash their special ability or using AoE blast on single targets instead of a group of mobs those are just a few examples and of course you get your PvP with other players by entering the arena so that's it for my top 5 apps of the month if you guys enjoyed this series make sure to smack the crap out of that like button and if there's an app you guys want me to check out let me know by dropping a comment down below and maybe I'll feature it in an upcoming video thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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