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Top 5 Best Desks | 2016

what's up guys as mtech Soares and welcome to another highly anticipated video the top 5 best desks for gaming or productivity if there's a desk that you guys really think the Zips to be on this list and I didn't feature it make sure to drop a link to it down below because I will be doing a part two and maybe even a part 3 depending on how many likes we can get on this video also everything I mentioned in this video will be listed down below so without wasting any more time let's check these out so starting off the show is the mom desk which is an overall solid desk and I used it for my perfect desk setup episode one and I completely fell in love with it it's 55 inches in length and 25 inches in width nothing really too big but large enough to fit a couple monitors and even your PC the things I like about the desk cable management is extremely easy there's a rack that allows you to dump your perish trip on and keep majority of the cables in there so that they are not hanging down it also comes in black brown and white and it has two drawers which can be used for storage there is a perfect organizer that fits the mom desk that will help keep things separated if you do decide to go with it I also like the flexibility during installation IKEA actually gives you the option to put the drawer on the left side instead if that's what you prefer things I don't like about the desk most monitor mounts won't work with the desk since the back end of the table is blocked off with a backboard which means the use of clamps are impossible and since most modern amounts use clamps you are pretty much sll mounts like wall-e are pretty much your only option since it just sits on your desk like this without any drilling or clamping also the price is pretty steep but I assure you that you are getting what you pay for just overall a very solid and awesome desk I highly recommend it next up you have the extremely annoying yet popular linman desk that we see so many of in setup wars the reason why it's so popular because it's simple it's cheap and it gets the job done for only $30 you get a solid table that will hold up your minimalistic setup things I like super small compact doesn't take up much space in your room comes in a ton of colors to choose from we got black blue white brown and even the legs can be modified in the color you want which is great since can match the color theme of your setup and also the price it's only $30 not including shipping things I don't like to small and fragile it's not really sturdy enough to hold up a heavy gaming PC nor does it have enough space for a multi-monitor setup this desk is perfect for minimalistic and/or laptop set ups number two is that there are no drawers you're basically Sol when it comes to keeping stuff off of the desk however I do suggest picking up a pencil drawer and installing it under the desk because this way you have some storage space for miscellaneous items no dedicated cable management area however picking up an Ikea Signum rack will surely remedy that situation if this table is way too small for you guys the Big Brother version is only 15 dollars more and much wider instead of 39 inches you get a 59 inch surface so basically 20 inches wider than before giving you much more room to work with whether you have more monitors or speakers whatever it is you got space for it since there is no support in the middle putting heavy things in the center will make it Bend slightly so be careful about that number three on the list is my own desk and the reason why I'm including this is because not only have I had this for almost three years but this is still my favorite desk even till today for several reasons number one it's motorized giving me the option to lift and lower whenever I want and 2 which is the main reason the surface area it's 72 inches in width making it one of the few if not the only motorized desk that wide even till today I haven't come across another motorized desk that comes close to 72 inches I love having all that space since I have a bunch of stuff on it and I feel like it doesn't really limit my ability to add whatever I want later in the future things I like the enormous surface area 72 by 30 inches to be exact ability to lift and lower the desk with a press of a button extremely sturdy and well built this table has been through hell the past two and a half years and it still works like new things I don't like the price it's extremely expensive ranging up to almost 900 bucks depending on the configuration you get no dedicated cable management trays or drawers so you have to be creative when it comes to cable management what I do with mine was pick up a cable Raceway and slap it on the roof and routed the cables through it with the help of cable clips 3m tape and velcro straps you guys can check out my cable management video for more info if you must have a motorized desk my second recommendation would be the stand desk it's more affordable comes with a cable management rack and drilled holes making it a lot easier routing cables through it's also smaller measuring at 56 by 26 inches back to Ikea we have the Halas dad what IKEA has amazing desks this is more of a modded desk since it requires the hallstatt tabletop and to Alex drawer units you basically use the drawers as support and slap on the tabletop I really like this top specifically because it has an aluminum brushed finish which looks really good Aalto from set up wars episode 17 rocked this exact table layout and it just looks so damn good things I like very large surface area this tabletop comes in either 74 or 98 inches for its width that's crazy long the premium feel and look flexibility you don't have to buy IKEA drawers you can actually place it on top of two objects that have the same height and finally the sturdy build even with all that stuff in the middle it still as straight as Mel Gibson things I don't like it's over 100 bucks just for a tabletop you don't get any legs or space for cable management and finally since it's just a tabletop there is a possibility of it sliding or moving around if enough force is applied to it finding a way to secure it from moving would be a great idea and finally for people out there that prefer a glass desk for god knows what reason the crowley desk is one of the most popular ones out there mainly because of how simple and clean it looks the only real problem with this type of desk is the cable management there's really no way of hiding it getting a rack and putting all the cables on it will be kind of pointless since you can still see the cables through the glass table the only other option I see is to pick up a cable sleeve like this one and hide all the cables in there and maybe even a cable box to hide the power strip on the ground the other problem is that glass tables are expensive this one goes for a little over 300 bucks for something this small so basically you are just paying for aesthetics as I mentioned before all of the desks and cable management items be linked below if anyone wants to check them out and also link me a desk you think deserves to be in this episode so I can feature it in my next video leave a like if you guys enjoy my top 5 videos and as always I'll see you the next video
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